You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again

Ally is a 17 year old girl who has had a lot of bad things happen in her life. So much that she can't take it any more and decides to end her misery and jump, but when she is about to leap to her death the boy of her dreams (Sam) pulls her back. What will happen when Ally finds out that Sam has eyes for another girl???

(Even thought the title is from a 1D song and I love 1D it's not about 1D


1. Life how I know it

I woke up with my pillow soaked from tears, I guess I should be used to it by now. Seeing as I have been crying myself to sleep every night since my parents divorced when I was 5. Now I'm 17 and yet I still am not.


   Some days I question why I am still here, a couple of times I have even planned ways to end my misery but every time I think of my father in London and that he will be back in Australia with me when his chemotherapy is finished, which makes me change my mind. I miss him so much, if only he had gotten custody of me instead of my slutty mother. Who I never see because every night she has a new guy and has to spend time with him, while all day she works.    As I drag myself out of bed I can hear my mother fighting with her new boyfriend Max. I guess this will just be another one night stand.    Luckily as I was walking down the stairs I heard Max walk out the door yelling " this is over". I walked around the corner and saw my mum leaning on the kitchen bench crying.    "Mum, are you ok?" I said in the most caring voice I could.   "I can't believe he walk out on me, I loved him so much." Cried mum.   " Enough about that idiot" mum reassured herself " aren't you going to be late for school"    " I'm was just about to get dressed now, then I'll leave" I lied. I haven't gone to school for at least a year now, instead I stay at home, the school thinks that I moved with my father, so I do not have to worry about excuses for not going. I'm worried that if I actually go to school people will see the cuts on my arms and find out about my severe depression, I am not going to a councilor again, I hate counseling.  I tell my mum that I go to school because she doesn't know about my depression either, no one does.   After getting dressed I said goodbye to mum and walked out the front door, then I waited at the back of the house until mum left, like always.

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