You saved me, but when you leave it's gone again

Ally is a 17 year old girl who has had a lot of bad things happen in her life. So much that she can't take it any more and decides to end her misery and jump, but when she is about to leap to her death the boy of her dreams (Sam) pulls her back. What will happen when Ally finds out that Sam has eyes for another girl???

(Even thought the title is from a 1D song and I love 1D it's not about 1D


14. Kiarra's here a lot

"Kiarra has started staying here a lot" i said to  Sam. She has been sleeping over almost every night and staying here all day. 

"i thought you were Bff's, why dont you like her being here, I think she's pretty cool" he shrugged.

"We are bff's, its just weird" i replied

"Well I was thinking about letting her move in, we have a spare bedroom and she doesnt seem to like where she lives very much" I looked at him surprised, does he really want her to move in ?

"If you want" i tried as hard as I could to hide my disappointment. 

I walked upstairs, and sat in my room. I guess Kiarra and Sam are just good friends, I should be happy i can spend more time with my best friend.

At around 3 pm i heard a knock at the door, and then i could hear people walking up and down the stairs. curios at to what the sounds were I walked down stairs . To see Kiarra and Sam bringing in her clothes and furniture. Bit soon isn't  it I thought. 

As Kiarra bumped into me, "Hey, I hope you don't mind me moving in" I smiled at her, reminding myself that i wanted her here.

I helped he take boxes up and then started rearranging her furniture to make it more homely. After her furniture was done we both put all of her clothes in boxes.

I then headed down stairs to say goodbye to Sam who was on the way to work (yep, he got the job)

I grabbed my Iphone and started talking to all of my new friends on facebook. 

I then got a knock at my door, and opened it to find Kiarra smiling.

"hi" i gestured for her to come in .

"Hey i got bored I thought we could hang out" so we sat on my bed and talked.

We started talking about Sam and she seemed to think we were perfect together. We then went to the bathroom and gave each other manicures and makeovers, it was nice to act like we used to.   

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