Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


7. Chapter 7

Ellie my darling,

First of all I want to tell you that I love you. I don't know when you'll be getting this but what I do know is that if you are reading this I'm no longer with you, I'm sorry Elle. You are an amazing person and I'm so proud to be your mother, as I write this I'm sitting in your room while your sleeping. Sometimes I wonder what I did that was so good to get you in my life, I wouldn't of changed anything not even having you so young. 

There is something I have to tell you it's very important and I know you are going to have thousands questions. This is about your father to be honest this is about two men, I was never for sure which one was your father I'm going to give you their names that way it's your choice if you want to search for them or not. I'm so sorry I can't be there with you while you decide what you want to do. Their names are Jeremy Davis and Mark Kindle. I want you to know that whatever it is that you choose to do with this information I'm proud of you. You showed me what love was, and I hope that you and Terri take care of each other you two are the most important people in my life. 

Terri I know your with Ellie right now and I know that your hurt, you are the best sister in the world...Ha ha I know your my only sister but you are the best. I know that you and Ellie are going through a lot right now and well sis I need you more then ever right now. Please help her as she decides what she does about her father it going to be hard at times she's going to need you. 

I want you both to live your lives to the fullest do what your heart tells you, Ellie finish school, go to college, be happy. I want both of you to fall in love and just enjoy it all. I love you, I wish that I would never have to write a letter like this but life happens and as I'm sitting here watching you sleep I know I have to do this. I just want to make sure that you were taken care of, both of you.

I love you with all of my heart,

Mom (Anna)

I was so confused I didn't know what to do, before the other night I haven't thought of my father for years. Not since I was 12 and I couldn't go to the father daughter dance at school.

"If you need any help locating the men your mother named, here is a card of a great Private Investigator give him a call if you decide you want to contact them." Mr. Machol said while he handed me the card.

"Thank you so much, can I keep the letter?" I asked him as I fingered the paper.

"Of course it's yours and I will make a copy of the will for you and I need both of you to sign some forms it'll only take 10 minutes." He said grabbing papers from a folder, we signed everything the bank account will be change next week, I'm not sure what we might do with "Two Hearts". I have no clue what to do about this father situation. I don't know if I want to know him, do I even want to find him. He left us for another family if we weren't good enough then how can I be now. I don't know what to do...

"Is there any questions you want to ask me?" He said bringing back to reality.

"What about the settlement from the man that hit her and the life insurances when do we hear about that?" Aunt Terri said looking at her hands.

"Those will be settled in just a few months I will be in contact with you when I hear anything." He said placing all of the paper work in the folder on his desk.

"Thank you Mr. Machol." I said as I got up from the chair, I feel numb I just want to go home and crawl under moms blanket.

"Thanks for everything, good-bye." Aunt Terri said as she placed her arm around my waist. The walk to the car was quite, Aunt Terri tried to talk about it but I just told her not now. I asked her to drive she was fine with it, the ride was quite I just looked out the window the letter was still in my hand. When we got home I told her that I just wanted to be alone for a while and that I promise to talk to her about it later with her.

I walked up to my room and laid in my king sized bed surrounded by pillows and wrapped up in my mom blanket I read, read and reread the letter thousands of times. Why now really why couldn't she of just told me herself when she was alive. "I'm so mad at you mom how could you do this to me?" I said looking out of my sky light I so mad, confused and sad. I cried myself to sleep.

Terri's POV



"Hey Terri it's Luke, I just wanted to see if you two were ok after the meeting."

"I'm fine, Laurel isn't."

"What do you mean what's wrong is she ok? Do you need me or Andy to come over?" He said you could tell that he was so concerned for her.

"No neither of you need to come over, she just wants to be alone right now. Anna dropped a pretty big bomb on her in a letter she wrote."

"What was it, wait you don't have to tell me."

"It's fine Anna gave her two names of men, one of them is her father. It's her decision if she wants to look for them or not so she's up stairs in her room probably thinking about it."

"Wow that's a lot to cope with but you know she's strong she'll choose the right thing for her, you just got to support her in whatever she picks."

"I know, she's a great kid the best, if anyone can do this she can."

"Yeah she can. Um I'm going to change the subject but do you still want to go to dinner tonight or do you want to rain check?" He asked.

"Can I think about it I want to see how Laurel is doing."

"Yeah thats fine if not we can just hangout at your place or some other time it's not a big deal."

"your amazing do you know that?"

"Yeah I know Ha Ha, I'll talk to you later."

"Okay laters."

I hung up the phone that man is so amazing, he makes me feel so good. I better go check on Laurel, it's quiet up there. I walked up the stairs I tried to open her door but it was looked.


"Laurel are you ok?" I said through the door still nothing.

"LAUREL!" I yelled. I heard a thump then walking then a click from the lock the door slowly opened.

"Yeah." she said, her eye were red I think I woke her up.

"I'm sorry were you sleeping? I just wanted to check on you."

"Yeah I was, but I'm fine well for the most part that is. When are you going to leave for you date?"

"Oh honey,I think I'm going to cancel."

"NO! Don't cancel I'm fine and plus I'm really tired so I'm just going to sleep, please go on your date I'll feel bad if you don't."

"Are you sure, I can stay with you." I said as I placed my hand on her cheek.

"I'm sure." She said as she smiled. 

"Okay, promise me you'll eat something tonight ok." I looked her in the eye.

"Okay I promise."

"Why don't you call Amanda and Louis to come over?" I suggested.

"I don't know I'm pretty tired. Will you lock the door when you leave."

"Yeah I will, don't forget to eat!"

"Okay, thanks! Have fun tonight and tell Luke I said hi."

"I will good night hun."

"Good night." She said as she shut the door and locked it.

"I LOVE YOU!" I shouted at the closed door.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" I heard faintly from the other side.

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