Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


6. Chapter 6

Louis's POV

*Yawn!* I'm so tired it's been a long couple weeks. I looked down, Laurel still her had arm's around me it was so nice waking up to her. She's so beautiful, I always get crap from the guys on the team because here I am always with the hottest girls in school and I've never been with either of them.

We'll I've kissed both of them but I don't think Amanda counts we only kissed to see if she was into guys. I felt like crap when she decided that she wasn't, Laurel told be it was probably because I was like a brother to her I hoped that was why.

Laurel was my first kiss well it was a first for both of us, we were 13 playing around in the pool. She asked me if I've ever kissed anyone I told her no then she asked me if I wanted to try it. I was so excited but I didn't want to say anything stupid so I just shook head yes, we got close and closed our eyes and I missed I kissed her nose we laughed and tried again I didn't miss this time. It was nice, she just smiled at me since then we all kissed each other. I like her so much but we talked about getting together before and decided that we didn't want to ruin our friendship. We both get jealous when the other date's someone their just never good enough.

I hate seeing my girls hurt, I would do anything for them both.

Laurel's POV

"Good morning." Louis said as he tilted his head down, his hair tickled my nose.

"HA HA...Good Morning Louis" I love his smile. I started to looked around I didn't see Aunt Terri. "Where is Aunt Terri?"

"I'm not sure I didn't see her come back inside last night?"

"I didn't either, maybe she's sleeping in my bed with Amanda, we are on hers." I got up and headed for the stairs Louis was behind me. They were both sleeping tangled in each other.

"Aw how cute, lets wake them up?" He winked 

"Okay" I gave him a devilish smile. We both ran towards the bed and jumped on yelling "Wake Up! It's time to get up!" We laughed  while we fell on them.

"Really, you almost gave me a heart attack" Aunt Terri said laughing.

"Come on Amanda Get up!" I pulled the covers off of her face she just mumbled and put a pillow over her head. 

"I got this!" Louis laughed and stared tickling her.

"Louis I'm going to kick your ass!" She yelled, it was so funny Aunt Terri joined in the fun.

"Ok who's hungry?" I yelled over the laughter.

"I AM!" They all yelled.

"How bout we go to the diner, Sandy should be working." I love Sandy's diner it's amazing, I've been going there since I was little. Mom got a job there when she was 19 after my dad left us. Sandy's dad use to own the place then, he was a great guy I miss him terribly.

"Okay sounds great let's go!" Louis jumped up to go get ready.

We all got dressed and walked over to the diner Louis was making jokes and being well Louis. It was so  busy when we got there but hey it's the best food in town we were happy to wait for a table. When one finally opened up Louis ran for it. Sandy came up to our table and asked us if we wanted our usual meals, we all agreed. It wasn't long before the food came and oh my god it smelled and tasted amazing we all dug in.

"So what do you think the will is going to say?" Amanda said as she spread butter on her toast.

I took a drink and said "I guess it'll talk about my guardianship maybe something about money, I really don't know." I looked at Aunt Sandy she was starting to get teary eyed. "So what's going on between you and Officer Luke? I said quickly to change the subject.

"Wha...what are you talking about?" her face turned red she was blushing bad.

"Oh you know, so are you guys together yet?" Amanda smiled.

"No...but we do have a date this later." A smiled grew from ear to ear on her face.

We started hooting and hollering, Sandy quickly came over wanting to know what was going on.

"What, I want in the loop?" She said curiously.

"Aunt Terri is going to get some this weekend." I laughed as she turned a deeper shade of red.

"Oh girl, he is hot you better be getting some that." Sandy said 

"I know right, I guess we'll see." She said as she quickly turned to look at her empty plate. "hey what time is it, we have to meet Mr. Machol at 2?" She shouted  

Sandy looked at her watch "It's 12:55" She said.

"Ok we better get going." Aunt Terri handed Sandy the money for our meal, and we all got up to leave. 

"Don't worry Laurel everything is going to turn out, your mama took care of everything" Sandy said as we walked out the door I just stopped to look at her kinda confused. Does she already know whats in it. I turned to look at Aunt Terri she looked surprised. When we got to my buildings parking garage I walked up to my car and unlocked it.

"So I'll call you guys later okay" I told them.

"Ok sounds great and good luck!" Amanda said. 

We got in the car and Aunt Terri put the address into the GPS.

"Are you nervous?" I asked her.

"Of course I am I'm not sure what to expect, Do you think Sandy knows you know about whats in the will?" She said looking out the window.

I looked over to her she seem's so sad I know she misses mom they were always close. They have been since their parents died when they were young, besides a grandmother that didn't really want them, they only had each other.

"It seems like she know's, maybe mom talked to her about it."

"Maybe!" she was still looking out.

The rest of the ride was very quite, I got a little lost when I got close, but I finally found the right building with 10 minutes to spare. Aunt Terri and I walked to the elevator Mr. Machol's office was on the 12th floor. When the doors opened we walked out, the lobby huge we walked up to the woman at the desk  she was typing away on the computer.

"Hello we're here to see Mr. Machol are appointment is at 2." Aunt Terri said.

The lady picked up the phone and pressed a button "Hi Mr. Machol your 2 O'Clock is here." Then a pause "Okay" then she placed the phone down and stood up. "Okay he'll see you now" She said as she opened the door. 

"Hello, I'm Mr. Machol you must be Terri and Laurel Bates?" He said extending his hand out. We both said hello as we shook his hand. "Please take a seat!" He said motioning to the two chairs in front of his massive desk. We took our seats and waited for him to say something, he an older man probably mid forties, he was pretty good looking for his age he seemed nice too.

"Okay I know you two are wanting to know whats in Anna's will, and after I'll answer any questions you have."

"I just have one quick question could you please skip all of the legal talk at just keep it simple?" Asked Aunt Terri.

"Sure thats not a problem." he said

All of Anna's Finances are in order she had no debt, her bills were paid in advance, the vehicle's are completely paid for. She stated that Terri is going is to be Laurel's guardian until she reaches the legal age of 18. The apartment that she shared with Laurel is paid for through the next year. All of her jewelry can be split up between you both. The wedding planning business "Two Hearts" can be kept by either of you or sold to Todd Lemming. The bank accounts will be transferred into a joint account to you both. There is a sum of $85,000 between accounts please use wisely. Everything for the funeral and plot is paid for already.   

"Now Laurel your mother left you this note for me to give to you." Mr. Machol said as he handed me the note.

I just stared at him and then the letter, I slowly grab it a lump grew in my throat. I opened it I started to cry when I saw here beautiful flowing hand writing. 

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