Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


4. Chapter 4

"Let's find Charlie and we'll go a few times on the Ferris wheel before we head to your place…okay?" Louis said as he moved a stray hair back into place.

"I love how well you know me…let's go." Laurel said as she planted a kiss on his cheek. They got out of the car and walked up to the pier there were so many people on the pier, kids were running around with prizes bigger then themselves it was cute. Just then they heard Charlies voice he was working the wheel, he was on the football team with Louis so of course he is tall, with curly blond hair, huge muscles and hot as hell. 

"Hey man what are you guys doing here?" Charlie asked as he and Louis high five each other.

"Hey could we get a few rides around, L's having hard time right now." Louis said 

"Hell yeah anything for that beautiful face." He said as he winked at her.

"Thanks!" Laurel said to him as he held the door open.

"Hey Amanda baby, are you still into girls or are you ready to try some of this." Charlie said as he flexed his arms.

"Sorry Charlie I'm still a lesbian but you are looking good." She said as she got in the bucket.

"Damn maybe someday, you guys enjoy the ride!" He yelled up to the group.

Laurel loved it up here, She just sat back and watched everything around around. Louis kept shacking the bucket it terrified Amanda she couldn't help but laugh. "I could stay up here all day" Laurel said quietly, Louis moved over on her side after Amanda slapped him in the gut. He put his arm around her she then laid her head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of head. 

"We better get back, Sandy's probably going crazy with Aunt Terri." Laurel said as she lifted my head.

"Okay…Hey Charlie last round." He yelled as they pasted by him.

Laurel sat there staring out to the ocean the waves were crashing there was a warm breeze in the air. She thought of how her and her mom would ride for hours staring out at the same view. She would never be able to do that again, tears started to run down her cheek she tried so hard to not wail but she just couldn't hold it back.

Charlie saw her as she got out of the bucket he grabbed her and gave her a hug, he smelled of salt water he must of went surfing today.

"It looked like you needed one." He said when he let go. 

"Thanks I did, I'll see you around." She said as they walked down the stairs.

they had slowly walked through the crowds then got into the car and headed back to Laurels place. When they got out of the car Laurel saw some of her neighbors, sadness grew on their faces when they saw her. They came up a gave  her hugs and told me that if she needed anything to just ask. It was nice, but wow Mrs. Scott does move fast she always on top of the gossip in the building. She loved her she's always been there for them she's a great lady.She  walked out of the elevator a headed towards my apartment they noticed that there was stuff on the floor and the door. It was covered with cards, flowers, and balloons then came out Sandy she was picking up everything.

"Hey Sandy let me help." Louis said as he ran down the hall then picking up some flowers and cards. Laurel picked up some more then her mouth dropped when she walked in the apartment there was stuff every where it looked like a flower shop.

"Wow where did this all come from?" She asked as she tried to find room on the table.

"People from the building have been dropping off stuff all day the fridge and freezer are even full." Sandy was moving things around the counter trying to make room.

"How did it go, are you doing ok?" Aunt Terri walked up to me her eyes were blood shot she's been crying all day.

"It was her…she looked like she was sleeping, the officers told me that it was a drunk driver that hit her." She was fingering a bouquet of yellow gerberas and white daisies her moms favorite.

"What are we going to do about a funeral?" Laurel looked up at her aunt, she just hung her head low. 

"Don't worry about the funeral my child Anna already had everything set, I already contacted her lawyer he's getting everything ready you two don't have to do much of anything." Sandy said as she walked up grabbing her hand. 

Laurel couldn't help but feel a bit relieved "How is it done? When did she plan everything?" She asked not hiding the confusion. "How could she not tell me that she already planned everything?" She couldn't help but feel a little angry.

"Your mom wanted to make sure you were taken care of if anything ever happened to her. She told me years ago what she had planned it all out and that all I had to do was call her lawyer Mr. Machol and he would put everything into action." She gave Laurel a hug after she explained everything She wasn't angry anymore.

"Mom was always thinking things through I shouldn't be to surprised."

"Ok that make things much easier." She said hugging her back "I love you Sandy I'm glad your here."

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else baby girl."

Louis and Amanda wanted to stay again but Laurel told them to go home that she would be fine Aunt Terri and Sandy were here. Sandy's husband Marcus came by he's a great man the closes thing she had to a father she loved him so much. They ate...well tried to eat she wasn't very hungry still, he made her take a couple bits but that was fine. Sandy and Marcus went home and said that she would be back tomorrow she gave her a kiss and suffocated her again with her breast ha ha they need a warning label.

Laurel went into  her moms room tonight it was the first time since well you know, she grabbed her blanket and took it with her. She shut the door to her room behind her, she didn't want anyone else going in there. 

"Good night Aunt Terri, I love you!" She sat down next her on the pull out couch and gave her a long hug. 

"I love you too Laurel." She said as she released her.

"If you want to come sleep with me just come up."

"Okay I might just take you up on it."

"Okay." She slowly went up to her room and tangled herself in her moms blanket it smelled of her. "Mom I miss you!" She whispered as she cried herself to sleep. 

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