Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


32. Chapter 32

Laurel's POV

Justin seemed pretty upset with whoever he's on the phone with, so I'm in the bathroom I wanted to give him some privacy. It's been a while I hope everything is okay with him, mostly I hope that it's has nothing to do with me. I just don't want this whole situation to make everyone's life so hellish. Well I guess it's been long enough I should head back. When I enter the room I notice right away that Amanda and Louis are no where to be found. I guess things are going good with them because I haven't heard any yelling, well I hope it's going okay? I then notice Justin sitting in one of the overly large recliners he was texting on his phone like a mad man. "Justin are you okay?" I asked as I sit in the recliner right next to him.

"I broke up with Amelia just now." He said quietly still texting away.

"Oh why? Wait don't answer that you don't need to tell me it's not like were close." I said. I don't know why he would open up to me we're I guess friends but not close.

"Actually it's fine, she thinks that I'm distracted by my family drama and that I'm not paying enough attention to her. I don't care I didn't really like dating her she's just to HOLLYWOOD it's annoying the sex was good but that was it. Also we only stated dating because she needed good press. We've been fighting all day and I'm just tired of her shit." Justin explained.

"So people really get together just for press?" I had no clue about all this celebrity crap I only hear from what Amanda tells me.

"Yeah some start that way but not everyone. It's not like she won't find someone else by next week." He said with a snicker.

"You don't seem very heart broken, well I bet you'll find someone who really cares about you and not what being with you brings to their image." I just smiled at him he was already smiling at me when I looked up. "Justin, I don't know how to bring this up but I guess I should just ask. Do you like me? Like really like me? Amanda thinks you do." I looked at him he started to turn red in the face but just as he was about to say something Amanda and Louis walked in holding hands.

"So we're like dating now!" Louis said with a huge smile on his face, I can tell they have been making out both of their lips and chins were red.

"Congratulations you two!" I said as I place my hand on Justin's bare knee. "We'll finish talking later okay." I said as I smiled at him. I walked over to Amanda and Louis giving them each a hug. "Finally I thought she was never going to ask you." I laughed.

"Oh shut it!" Amanda laughed.

"Hey can't you guys keep it down, I need my beauty sleep!" Charlie mumbled from the chair.

"Then you should sleep for about five years!" Amanda snickered.

"Ha ha your so funny, why don't you come here and give me a kiss good night or we can spoon." He said still not moving from the set.

"Sorry my kisses are saved for someone else!" She said looking at Louis his face turned so red.

"Can I watch?" Charlie said looking up from the chair. "Do I know her? Is she hot?" I laughed at his questions.

"No! Yes! and Yes but it's not a her it's a he!" Amanda said as she grabbed on to Louis hand, Charlies mouth dropped.

"Oh hell how long have I been sleeping? When did you become straight?" He chuckled.

"I'm Bisexual not straight!" She stated.

"Damn dude your going to have some hot ass threesomes!" Charlie said, Louis just laughed.

"Don't you even think about it!" Amanda said in a stern voice as she turned to Louis.

We all laughed at Charlies jokes about them even Justin, he was really fitting in with all of us. Another movie started in the beginning I heard Amanda and Louis giggling and kissing I tried to ignore it but it was like watching a car accident you can't look away. Soon enough they fell asleep in the same recliner holding each other, it was nice I'm glad their happy. Charlie is already asleep again in his chair oh goodness he's a snorer. My eye lids are getting heavy I try not to yawn but I can't help it, I look towards Justin I notice him turn his head quickly back at the screen I smile. He is really good looking who am I kidding he's hot and knowing that he is not my half brother makes it okay right? I don't know I just feel so close to his dad would that be weird it's not like incest by default right? Okay I'm thinking to much into this, my mind is going to places I do not want to visit…eww! It is time for bed I really need sleep. "Good night Justin!" I say as I look at him while I get comfortable in my chair, I huddle up to keep warm but a shiver escapes me.

"Do you want a blanket?" He asked I didn't know if he saw but I guess he must have. Before I could say a word he was already up walking towards a old wooden chest. He opens it grabbing an arm fool of blankets setting them on his chair. He unfolded one and laid it over me, I whispered thank you and he smiled saying no problem.Then he did the same for Charlie then unfolding two for Amanda and Louis. "I guess anything can happen right?" He said as he covered Amanda.

"Yeah I guess so!" I said looking at my best friends. Justin moved to the chair right next to me now in stead of being one away. He was now covered in his own blanket I laid facing away from my friends not wanting to hear them make out when they wake up. I glanced at Justin he was watching the movie his arm was resting on his and my armrest I wanted to lay my hand on his, I guess what Amanda told me was getting to me did he really like me? I like Charlie and he's a great kisser and all but Justin is new and I'm pretty sure we're not related. Ugh I need sleep I rest my hands under my head. I let my lids get heavy the last thing I see is Justin watching me as I fall asleep.

Justin's POV

I think I've been watching her for about ten minutes, I wanted to tell her how I felt but I guess I should wait till the results are read. Then there's Charlie I can't tell if their together the way they talk to each other, how she grabbed his hand and the looks they give one another but then he doesn't sit next to her or stay up to be with her. I don't know last I knew Amanda was into chicks but her and Louis seem happy. Some of her hair fall into her face as she moves towards the edge of her chair closer to mine. I reach over and move her hair behind her ear. As I try to move my hand without waking her she places hers over mine I slowly move both of our hands to the armrest. I examine her hand it's smaller then mine almost like a child's, her skin is so soft. I move my hand from under hers and place mine on top folding my fingers around hers. I wonder if I can sleep like that for the rest of the night. I make sure the last thing I see before falling asleep is her.

Mark's POV

After I got home yesterday my family knew everything about Laurel, Jeremy and me. Jenna my wife was upset but I told her everything but what hurt her the most was that I cheated on her when we were in college while she was pregnant with our oldest Lisa. It was understandable but the guilt from that one time I never cheated on her again. She was better this morning when she got up even though we didn't sleep much. We had a family meeting  where everyone can put in their own comments, I explained everything about Anna's death and Laurel never knowing about me or Jeremy. The more I explained about Laurel's situation Jenna felt sympathetic for her having to go through all of this while being so young. Carrie my fourteen year old on the other hand is taking it the hardest mostly because she's embarrass and worried about what people are going to say. Lisa told her to chill out and to think about what she's going through, hopefully that helps. Kevin my youngest don't seem to care or at least not showing it, the only thing he had an issue was that she's not a boy ha he wants a brother so bad. Everyone was quiet as we got ready to sit down for breakfast it was an awkward silence.

"So do any of you have anything to ask or say?" I asked

"She's not moving in is she?" Carrie demanded. I was about to say something when Jenna started talking.

"Carrie we don't know about her living situation but if she is family we're going to treat her like family. It's not her fault she was just born in to this." Jenna stated.

"Well she's not moving in my room!" Carrie said sternly.

"Grow up Carrie this isn't about you, she lost her mom and she's just trying to find her family." Lisa replied.


"Carrie stop, lets finish our breakfast so we can go to Jeremy's house." I said trying to clam things down.

"This is all your fault dad! Why couldn't you keep it in your pants, she looks just like you! Her and Lisa could be fucking twins! Why did you cheat with that slut!" Carrie yelled as she stood up from the table.

"Carrie sit down and eat please, I know your up set but please."

"No dad I'm done get me when it's time to go." She stormed out of the room minutes later the door to her room slammed.

"Just let her go hun, she's right though Lisa and Laurel do look a lot alike." Jenna smiled as she touched Lisa's cheek, Lisa smiled sweetly.

"I'm sorry we're going through this, but when you meet her she will steal your heart. I can't eat another bite, I'm ready to go whenever you are." I stood up with my plate and walked over to Carrie's spot picking up her's. I kissed Jenna when I walked pass her she's been amazing during this.

"Kids are you ready to go?" Jenna said, I looked at them seeing them nod yes. "Hun call Laurel tell her we'll be leaving soon." She added. I nodded my head as I placed the dishes in the sink. I pulled out my phone and called Laurel instantly she picked up right away. I told her that we'll be there in about thirty minutes depending on traffic, she sounded excited and worried. We didn't chat long but she did say that Mr. Machol was going to be there in a few minutes.

"Ok come on everyone time to go." When Carrie came down I noticed that look she always get when she's really sorry about something, I held her back from the others placing my arm around her shoulders.

"Daddy I'm sorry!" She cried

"I know you are, this is just a confusing time and I know you feel embarrassed but I promise it's all going to turn out." I kissed her on the forehead and grabbed her hand as we walked out. I was shocked to see more then a dozen men with cameras at our gate. "Carrie run to the car!" We ran and got in as fast as we could, it took us a while to get out of the drive away but we were finally on our way.

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