Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


31. Chapter 31

"Hey Tommy is coming over with pizzas for dinner he'll be here in a few minutes." Margo said to everyone. 

Louis cheered of course it was over the sound of food even though the bowl of fruit was almost gone because of him. We all just laughed at him, Amanda was talking to Justin but I noticed that he kept looking over to me and Charlie. I smiled at him when he looked over again I wonder how he's doing with all of this. We all just hung out and talk telling stories, eating pizza Louis kept joking that Charlie was in love with me and now Uncle Tommy and Jeremy wouldn't let us be alone which was okay. Even though I did want to kiss him again and I knew he did too. Ugh Charlie…Charlie…really I guess you can't help you fall for. The guys were playing video games, while the adults were in the kitchen discussing things for tomorrow. Amanda fell asleep on the couch with her head in my lap I sat in quiet watching the guys play some football game. I smiled every time someone looked back at me, I gabbed a pillow and placed under her head as I got up from my seat. Charlie asked me where I was going, I just said I needed some water. Justin asked if I wanted some company but I said I was fine and that I'll be right back. I walked towards the kitchen but stopped when I heard my name. 

"This must be so hard for Laurel." Margo said in a soft gentle tone. 

"It makes me so mad why didn't Anna do this before…" Jeremy said in a harsh tone his voiced cracked he must be crying.

"Guys Bug is strong she was amazing handling everything when Anna died. If anyone can get through this she can and your going to learn that every time your around her." Said Uncle Tommy, I don't think I'm as strong as he thinks I am, I just didn't want things to go wrong I wanted everything to be perfect like mom did everything. Well I guess not everything the whole dad thing was a mess I totally agree with Jeremy on that. I walked pass the kitchen making sure they didn't see me, I didn't want to go back to the guys it was to loud in there how in the world could Amanda be sleeping ha she's probably pretending. I walked down the hall and sat on a window sill it was so quiet I looked out of the window I could see the men at the end of the driveway just standing there. How boring it must be to just sit and wait for there target to pop out so they can get a paycheck for snapping pictures. I felt kinda bad for them they had dreams but there they are taking pictures of people living theirs it's sad. Louis must of won the game because I heard him yell "Oh yeah!" ha what a dork. Just then I heard Amanda scream "LOUIS PUT ME DOWN NOW!" The sound was coming closer but then turned then I heard a splash. "Oh no she is going to kill him." I ran through the house and stopped on the patio Amanda looked like a drowned rat everyone was laughing Louis was standing on the edge of the pool I knew this was my chance. So I ran towards him like a bull seeing red I wrapped my arms around him and we both fell into the pool. When we got to the surface there were flashing lights everywhere no one cared everyone was having fun Jeremy grabbed Margo and jumped in. Justin pushed Uncle Tommy in, and I had a plan I went to the side between Charlie and Justin.

"Hey can someone help me out I'm freezing?" They both gave me their hands, I grabbed them both with a smile and pulled them in ha. This was so fun everyone was smiling, dunking one another and of course the guys all got me back each taking turns dunking or tossing me around.

"Well I hope they enjoyed the show and got great pics out of it." Uncle Tommy said waving at the men at the fence.

"Ha I should ask them for doubles, you know the first family pictures." Jeremy laughed as he helped Margo out she went to the pool house and came out with towels. I was the only one in the pool just floating around just then I felt a some one at my side it was Justin I looked over at him and smiled. I looked towards the patio everyone was inside laughing I turned to Justin. "How are you with everything?" He smiled at me he had a beautiful smile. 

"You've definitely brought the excitement into our lives." He laughed. I didn't find so funny I'm the cause of this craziness, he must of noticed the sadness on my face. "Laurel please don't be upset, you make my dad so happy and Margo loves you…so do I your amazing." He gave me a hug it made me fell better to know I'm not some burden. 

"Thanks Justin, we better get inside." He agreed he got out first and grabbed me a towel covering me quickly as I got out. The whole area was lit from the flashing cameras, we got inside everyone was dripping wet. "What are so going to sleep in?"

"You girls come with me and Jeremy take the boys and your brother to go find something for bed. Then pile your wet things in the hamper so I can wash them don't worry undergarments first." Amanda and I went into the laundry room got undressed then wrapped the towels around ourselves and put our clothes in the washer then we followed Margo through their bedroom into her closet and OH MY GOD it was beautiful. The shoes, purses, dresses everything was so gorgeous and set up like a museum. "So what would you like to wear for bed?" Margo asked as we were still looking around at everything.

"Uh we usually wear tanks and shorts or bottoms but whatever you have is fine." I answered, she smiled and walked over to a dresser and pulled out the top drawer. We walked over and looked inside there were tanks and shorts.

"Grab whatever you want, I'll go check your clothes to see if their ready for the dryer."

"Thank you Margo!" We both said in unison. I grabbed a light purple tank and some black shorts and put them on I really hope our underwear dries real soon. "So what were you and Justin talking about earlier I noticed that he's been watching me all night?" I asked as she picked out what she's going to wear.

"He just asked me if you and Charlie were hooking up or something, I think he likes you but since you think Mark is your dad it's not really weird is it? Also what is going on between you and Charlie?" She asked as she got dressed. I couldn't help but smile, I know I started to blush I can feel the heat on my cheeks. "You slut you are hooking up with him, aren't you?" She squealed.

"Shhh the whole world don't need to know and plus we've only kissed…a few times. God he's hot and he's an amazing kisser but it's not like I'm going to date him." I explained Amanda was jumping at the gossip.

"If you like him then why not go out?" She asked. 

"I just don't want to be in serious relationship I just want to be free and have fun no commitment and we're so young be serious?" I looked over she looked hurt I know she wants to be with Louis, I gotta say something to make her fell better. "Hey Amanda don't listen to me that's just my opinion about myself. Louis and you your different I don't know if anyone can make it you two can." I said as I threw my arms around her we started laughing and fell to the ground. Then we heard them laughing the guys were standing in the doorway.

"Can we join?" Louis said in laugh.

"Sure why not!" Amanda laughed, just then he dived for us on the floor tickling us we tried to tackle him but he's so strong. 

"HELP!" I yelled, Charlie shrugged his shoulders to Justin and they both smiled and jumped in I couldn't tell if whose side they were on. Arms and legs were in every direction the laughing was so loud someone was tickling my side as I was in someones lap not sure who it belong to. Amanda had got Louis in a good hold so I tickled his side, his laugh was so loud and his face turned beet red I thought he was going to pee himself. Justin picked me up and over his shoulder as Charlie grabbed my foot giving it a tickle. I tried to get away I was grabbed Justin's sides as I was upside down and started pinching and tickling him. 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" Margo yelled but then smiled Jeremy and Uncle Tommy were behind her in the doorway laughing and taking pictures on their phones. We all stopped attacking on another and I looked from behind Justin's back still hanging on. They were laughing so hard we couldn't help but join in this was so fun it was nice to get away from the craziness of the outside world.

"Um Justin I'm starting to get light headed!" I said as I dangled behind him.

"Oh yeah sorry!" He laughed, he leaned forward till my feet touched the ground and held on to me till I was stable enough to stand on my own. "You better now?" I nodded my head yes and he let go of my hands.

"Well I guess we have to figure out sleeping arrangements?" Jeremy said, Margo handed us our bras and panties in a bag. 

"Hey we should sleep in the media room, we'll turn on a movie or something?" Justin suggested, we all agreed. 

"Ok and I'm guessing you don't need parental supervision?" Jeremy said in a fatherly tone.

"No we'll be fine!" Justin answered, they all headed downstairs while Amanda and me headed to the bathroom to change again.

"So when are you going to tell Louis?" I asked, as I fixed my hair.

"Well soon I guess but I just don't want to take away from the excitement of you finding out who your dad is?" I looked at her in the mirror I was sad that she was holding back her happiness cause of me and my drama.

"Amanda I don't want you to hold back your feelings cause of all this with me, I could use a break from my stuff you should tell him tonight!" I gave her a huge hug, I love seeing her be so happy.

We were all laid out watching a comedy on the huge screen on the wall ha this puts my flat screen to shame. Amanda was laying between me and Louis she decided she was going to talk to him after the movie. I know she's nervous because she won't stop twirling her hair around her finger if she don't stop he's going to know somethings up. The movie is about over just a few more minuets till Amanda tells Louis she's into him and not girls well I guess that she's bisexual. What am I going to do about Justin it's still kinda weird if he likes me but he is hot. He was laying at an angle by Louis I sneak a peek at him and I notice that moves his eyes quickly towards the screen how long was he watching me? I can't help but smile, oh goodness I'm about to have an Amanda moment. I looked over to the screen the end credits were starting to roll up. Justin stood up and turned on the lights, I looked over to Charlie he was sleeping in the recliner he was in. 

"Hey how am I going to get him alone?" Amanda whispered into my ear scaring the crap out of me.

"Oh my god Amanda you've known him forever just go talk to him." I whispered back, she nodded and walked over to Louis and Justin.

"Lou can I talk to you for a second...alone?" I heard her ask him she was still twirling her hair around her finger.

"Sure lets go to the kitchen I'm starving." I walked over to the movies to see what to put in next, Justin was talking into his phone at the other side of the room. I looked over to Charlie he was still sleeping in his recliner. I hope Amanda gets to say everything she wants to say to Louis.

Amanda's POV:

I'm so nervous how am I going to tell him that I like him? Dammit my palms are so sweaty right now it's so gross. Right now Louis has his head in the fridge searching for something to eat, I jumped up and sat on the counter watching him. He had grabbed a piece of cold pizza and took a huge bite out it. 

"So what did you want to talk about?" He asked with a mouth full of pizza.

"Oh I…um…SHIT!" I can't find the words I want. "Louis! I…I think…DAMMIT!" I mumble.

"Amanda what is tell me?" He finished chewing the pizza and stood right in front of me placing his hands on my knees. I can do this, I know I can. "Are you okay?" He asked looking me in the eyes.

"Louis I…Fuck it!" I threw my arms around his neck pulling him closer as I pressed my lips against his. I can tell he was in shock but then I felt him kissing me back. His lips are soft but strong, his hands are on my hips moving up my back hugging me closer oh my god this is amazing. I run my hands threw his soft shaggy hair and my legs are wrapped around his waste. "Louis I like you, I want to to be with you." I breathed into his ear, he slows down now please don't say I just messed this up.

"I thought you…but you like girls don't you?" He asked his arms were still wrapped around me holding me close.

"I've liked since our first kiss but you were in love with Laurel so I just put my feelings aside till you two figured out what you wanted." I said while I looked down to his chest.

"What about liking girls though?" He said as he lifted my chin up with his hand until our eyes met.

"I'm still attracted to girls but I'm also attracted to boys, so I guess I'm bisexual!" I closed my eyes I'm afraid that he'll be mad but he didn't let me go or even flinch. He just stood there holding me not saying anything, I'm getting nervous again. "Are you okay? Are you mad at me?" I asked.

He was looking at me like he was studying me. "Are you for sure you like me, like for real?" I smiled and nodded my head yes. "So do you want to like get together, like officially boyfriend/girlfriend?" He added.

"Yes just like that if you want that is and if not will can still be just friends. The ball is in your court…god that lame ha ha." I laughed.

"Just friends…after that kiss I don't think so because that's all I'll ever be thinking about. If you want to be together then lets do it." He said looking right at me his hands moved up to me face cradling it.

"Hell yeah!" I said excitedly and this time he started kissing me and it was amazing. I think we'll stay in here for a bit longer. I never would of thought I would have a boyfriend nor that he would be Louis. 

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