Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


30. Chapter 30

Laurel's POV

The car ride has been so fun, ha Charlie and I were flirting the whole way I kinda wanted to kiss him again hmm we'll see where the night takes us. Amanda and Louis have been quietly talking in the back then laughing all of a sudden hmm I wonder what their talking about. "Okay turn right at the end of the street then it's going to be the third gate I'll call Jeremy now." I quickly noticed at the last minute my curiosity of them distracted me.

"What are you guys talking about back there?" Charlie asked it was like he read my mind.

"Oh just about how cute you two are, so when are you two going to kook up?" Amanda asked.

"Ha your funny and how do you know we haven't already?" I heard Charlie say with a laugh. I grabbed my phone to tell Jeremy that we were about to get to the gate. As we got closer we saw that there were so many paps outside waiting. They started taking pictures when we got closer the flash was so blinding I'm surprise Charlie didn't run into anything. The gate was opened when we pulled up Jeremy, Margo and Justin were all waiting outside. We got out of the car and walked over to them. 

"Hey guys this is our friend Charlie, Charlie this is Jeremy, Margo and..." 

"Justin, yeah I know, hey!" Charlie waved at them all. 

"Here lets go inside away from the madness." Jeremy said as he put his arms around me and Margo. Charlies mouth dropped when we walked inside the house. "So Charlie do you play football with Louis?" Jeremy added.

"Yeah ever since pee-wee, we've been friends since before then." Charlie said as they talked I couldn't help but stare at him he was gorgeous.

"Hey, is there something going on between you two?" Amanda whispered to me, I couldn't help but blush damn I felt like a fool. We walked off to the side as the guys talked about sports.

"We made out a few nights ago, you remember the night you guys couldn't find me. I walked over to the pier and we uh yeah, oh my god Amanda he's a great kisser." I giggled as she stood in complete silence with her mouth open for once she had nothing to say. "Amanda are you okay?" I asked. 

"Are you two going to get together like be a couple?" She whispered after voice suddenly came back.

"I don't know it was fun and I really liked it but maybe we can just have fun without being serious." I whispered. Then I noticed Justin was watching us with a confused look on his face.

"So Laurel what did you want to talk about?" Jeremy asked as he walked over to me placing his arm around my shoulder.

"Um can we go sit in the family room? Oh and whoever wants to join us can." I said Jeremy held my hand as we walked into the family room while Justin and Margo followed. "Are you guys coming?" I stopped and asked my friends.

"No were going to go hangout in the backyard while you have your family moment. Don't worry we're okay and plus we already heard everything. Oh Margo is there anything to munch on?" Louis asked as he ran in the room he had a huge smile on his face as he looked towards Margo waiting for an answer.

"Of course you guys help yourself the fridge is full, gosh I'm going to regret saying that ain't I?" She chuckled.

"It's okay we'll send him a bill." Jeremy said loud enough for Louis to hear, a few seconds later I heard Louis and Charlie laugh. I was looking around the room and that's when I noticed the picture I gave Jeremy the day we meet. It was weird seeing mom and us in his family room.

"It looks good there doesn't it, I've had the frame for awhile and I finally had the perfect picture for it." Margo said I didn't think anyone noticed me looking at it.

"Yeah it's nice but your okay with having a picture of my mom...in your family room?" I said as my voice cracked.

"Oh Laurel your part of our family and Anna is part of both of you I'm totally okay with having a picture of her in our home." Margo said as she placed my hand in hers, it was nice her hands were soft and warm.

"Thank you Margo!" I said as she nodded her head. "Okay so you know I met with Mark today and it went great, he was really nice Aunt Terri was with us and and we did the test. He drove me to Mr. Machol's office and we were told that the test would arrive sooner then two weeks." I explained everything about my visit with Mark, Jeremy looked like he had a ton of questions brewing in his mind.

"How much sooner?" Jeremy asked quickly.

"In the next day or two, but there is something I want before we read the results." I turn fully towards Jeremy I don't want to hurt him but I just think that this would be easier if they meet before.

"Wow that's great, Laurel what is it that you want? I just want you to know that I'll do anything for you." Jeremy said, I want to cry I really do.

"I know you would, what I want is for…you and Mark to meet…before the results I really think you should." A tear escape from my eye and ran down my cheek. Everyone in the room was quiet. "If you don't w…"

"I'll do it!" Jeremy said as he cut me off, I looked up to him. "If you think we should meet then I'll do it. Have you asked him yet?"

"I did and he said yes. There's another issue though I don't know how to handle it. Have you seen the articles about me and Justin? They think we're a couple and Charlie said everyone at the pier are talking about it. Also it don't help when when they get into the complex and scare the hell out of me when I'm at the pool then chase me down the hall." I explained.

"They chased you?" Justin said finally breaking his silence.

"They tried the neighbor I was swimming with held them back so I can run to my place. Aunt Terri's boyfriend and his partner kick them out of the building, he's a cop!" I said.

"We can put out a statement denying their claims if you want?" Jeremy said, I just nodded my in agreement. 

"LAUREL!" Amanda yelled as she ran into the family room, we all looked up at her and waited for her to catch her breath. 

"What is it?" I asked, Jeremy stood up as Louis and Charlie walked in.

"They know everyone knows, It's breaking news!" Amanda breathed out harshly.

"Who knows what?" Justin asked just then his phone rang. "Excuse me!" Justin listened as someone on the other line talked. Then he said something and ended the call, He turned to us Jeremy asked him who it was. "The press…they know everything about Laurel, Anna, you and Mark. They had an anonymous source come to them and they told everything, Todd my manger got a ton of calls asking if it was true but I never told him. Laurel your picture is on every channel maybe you should call Mark" Justin said, I felt like I was hit by a bus everything is falling apart and now I had to call Mark and tell him.

"Honey you need to call him he has a family that needs to know because this is going to explode." Jeremy stated, I knew he was right this is going to be insane. I fumbled around for my phone but then remembered I left it in the car.

"Charlie is your car locked, I left my phone in there?" I asked as I looked at him.

"Come on I'll go with you, there's a ton of people outside." He walked over to me and placed his hand on the small of my back and lead me out of the door. Right when we walked outside the flashing lights from the cameras blinded me. I could tell how much people were on the other side of the fence. Charlie wrapped his muscular arms around me covering my face and walking me to the car. He opened my door then ran to the other side and jumped in right away trying to block my face from the cameras I could see all of the flickering. I reached down and found the phone on the floor, I noticed that I had so many missed calls and text messages from Sandy, Aunt Terri and people from school. I quickly sent Sandy and Aunt Terri a text saying I'm fine and that I'm still at Jeremy's…I know about the breaking news. I'm going to call Mark now, and then that I love them!

"Laurel this is nuts, are you going to be okay?" Charlie looked so concerned, I placed my hand on his and he leaned in and gave my a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm okay I promise! I need to call Mark…Ugh this sucks I really hope he hasn't heard yet!" I said as I dialed his number.


I heard the line click and background noise but yet no one said anything. "Hello…uh Mark are you there? It's Laurel!" I said into the phone but there was nothing. Charlie looked at me with a confused look on his face I was confused as well. "Hello Mark?" I put on the speaker to see if I could hear better, we heard breathing on the other end now.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, THEY WON'T STOP FIGHTING!" The voice shocked me it was a girl's voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" I cried, they knew his kids were hurt.

"YOU SHOULD BE!" The girl screamed then the phone went dead.

"Oh My God!" I was crying harder now, Charlie quickly wrapped his arms around me. So many feelings rushing through me but it was anger that that took me over. I was about to get out of the car but Charlie grabbed the handle he knew what I was going to do. "Charlie it was one of his kids that picked up the phone. Ugh….I hate them why can't they just leave it all alone…WHY ARE THEY HERE!" I cried then I felt his soft lips on my forehead I love that he was here with me. Just then my phone rang I didn't want to answer it, I was afraid of who might yell at me now.


"Hello!" Charlie said into the phone as he turned the speaker on. I was happy that he choose to answer the call I 'm just sitting here listening.

"Um…Hello is Laurel there?" I heard a mans voice, I knew it was Mark. I looked up at Charlie and mouthed that it's Mark.

"Yeah is this Mark?" He asked.

"Yes it is and you are?" Mark asked.

"I'm Laurel's friend Charlie, Can I please just say something real quick?" I gave him a confused look, I didn't know what he was going to ask.

"Sure go ahead?" Mark answered.

"Please don't be upset with her, she's not behind the press finding out, we don't know who did. She would never do that I've known her since kindergarten." I smiled at him god he's amazing.

"Don't worry Charlie, I never once thought that she did it and I'm so glad that she has a friend like you watching out for her. So Charlie is it okay that I talk to Laurel please?" I put my hand out for the phone.

"Oh yeah sure but first I want you to know that I would do anything for her." I leaned into him and gently kissed him on the lips he was surprised and I liked to see his cheeks to turn red then I mouthed. "Thank you!" I whispered then I grabbed the phone from his hand and he just gave me a cheeky smile as his face turned red.

"Mark I'm so sorry, about all if this!" How is your family handling all of this?" I asked.

"Well Carrie my fourteen year old saw the story and our pictures from today on the internet she's embarrassed because her friends were here. Laurel please don't worry it'll work itself out, my wife maybe upset now but I talked to her and she agreed that all our families should be together when the results are read. I called Mr. Machol and he said that they will be ready tomorrow, so we need to figure out where we should all meet. Oh did you get a chance to ask Jeremy about us meeting?" He asked.

"I agree as well we should all be together. Jeremy said that he would do the meeting, but let me go inside and talk to him about everything and where we should meet. Please don't hang up!" He said he wouldn't. Charlie was already out of the door he quickly got to my side and opened the door there seemed to be even more people at the gate the whole area was lit up by flashing lights. I gripped onto the phone as he put his arm was around me, we ran to the door which was slightly open I quickly felt relieved inside the huge house. "Jeremy where are you?" I looked into the closest rooms but he wasn't around .

"He's in the kitchen!" Justin said came into the hall. "Laurel is everything okay?" He added.

"Yeah, I just need to ask your dad something but you should come too." I said, Charlie was still holding my hand I saw Justin notice and furrowed his brows 'I wonder what that's about.' I thought. Justin followed as I dragged Charlie along but he didn't seem to mind. "Jeremy! Mark is on the phone and he said that the results will be here tomorrow and I agree with him that all our families should be together for the reading. Are you okay with that and if so we need to pick a place to meet?" I looked at him as he thought about it, it didn't take long for his decision.

"Okay and if it's okay with him and his family we can meet here." He stated.

"Mark did you hear that?" I asked as I walked to the counter and grabbed a strawberry from the bowl Amanda was eating out of.

"Yes I heard and that sounds perfect, Mr. Machol should have the results around noon do you want me to call him about the meeting place?" Mark asked.

"Okay that's fine thank you Mark, I'll see you tomorrow." I said.

"No problem Laurel see you tomorrow sleep tight." Mark said as he hung up, it was nice talking to him and being here with Jeremy. I put the phone on the counter then grabbed another strawberry and took a bite. 

"Laurel I called Terri and told her that she should come over, she said that her and Sandy will be here in the morning and they will bring all of you clothes. We have more then enough room for all of you guys." He said as grabbed a strawberry, I didn't think about what to do tonight.

"Thanks, Oh Charlie you need to get home don't you?" I asked.

"Actually my parents are on a romantic trip together for two more weeks so I don't have to go and plus I want to make sure your okay." He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile at him. "So if it's okay with you I want to stay?" He added as he turned to Jeremy.

"Yeah it's fine with me but no funny business." Jeremy said sternly.

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