Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


29. Chapter 29

"Laurel who are they?" Mark asked as we ran to his car.

"I'll tell you in the car, let's go!" He opened my door then quickly walked over to the drivers side and jumped in.

"Okay tell me whats going on before we open that gate." He looked so confused and a bit upset, I know I have to tell him.

"Their paparazzi, they followed me and my friends home last night after I left Jeremy's house…he's the other man and his son is Justin Davis the singer. They think I'm secretly seeing him or something but we were just hanging out and then had dinner at Jeremy's place. They think I'm a big story I guess because they won't leave. If you want me to drive myself that's fine with me." I said as I turned to look out of the window thank goodness there tinted. I placed my hand on the handle waiting for him to tell me to get out, saying that this is just to much for him to deal with and worrying that his family might find out before he's ready.

"Are you kidding, I said I would drive and I'm going to drive you. Let's get out of here!" He smiled I rolled down my window and put in the code for the gate to open they were yelling my name and asking me who I was with. I quickly rolled up my window and went on our way, it didn't take us long to get to Mr. Machol's  office. He was talking on the phone when we walked in, he then told the person that he had to go because a very important client just came in and hung up.

"So I'm important!" I giggled.

"Of course you are Laurel, Mr. Kindle I believe?" They shook hands and exchanged greetings.

"So here's the test." Mark said as he handed it to him. "As I see it I don't need the test to tell me the answer because I already know she my daughter." He smiled as he looked at me, my eyes widen at what he said. "But my wife would like to see the results, so is there any way we can speed up the tests?" He added.

"Actually yes, the lab is not busy at the moment so I'll ask if they can move both of the test to the top of the list and plus one of the lab guys owes me a favor. So it should only be a day or two and Laurel I'll give you a call when I get the results and you can plan how you want to deliver the news. " Mr Machol explained I was so happy I literally jumped up and down but the I thought of Jeremy and how hurt he'll be when he gets the news I stopped jumping and was about to cry.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked.

"Jeremy, he's going to be so hurt he was the one that was there when I was a baby. I don't want to hurt him!" I cried, Mark wrapped me in his arms then he wiped away my tears. "I want to see him, I want you to meet because if I am yours I still want Jeremy in my life he's the only dad I know." I explained, Mark looked stunned then he smiled.

 "If you want me to meet him then I will I don't mind sharing you with him, you two have history." I couldn't help but smile this was great everything was turning out to be less hectic, now I just had to talk to Jeremy about it tonight when I call him. I hope that goes well I really do. "So are you ready for me to drop you off at home?"

"Actually can you drop me off at my friends work, they get off soon so I can get home with them and anyways I don't want to deal with the camera guys outside my place." I said then I noticed a strange look that came across Mr. Machol's face. "What is it?" I asked Mark had turned to look at him.

"That reminds me, my secretary found these online she's addicted to celeb gossip and printed these out this morning." I looked confused as he handed me print outs of articles with pictures of me  and Justin that made it look like we were together. Most of the headlines read 'Justin with new hot mystery girl, Is he done with Amelia?'

"Oh no that's wrong, it's not true Amelia was there with us!" I was hurt I didn't like their lies.

"I'm sorry that's just how fame works, people are always looking for a story even if it's not true." Mark said.

"Can we go, please?" I asked, he nodded his head yes I kept the print outs I wanted to show Louis and Amanda. Oh god what am I going to do, are those men ever going to leave me alone. I wasn't surprised to see two of the paps outside the law office, Mark wrapped his arm around me pressing me to his chest as we walked to the passenger side of his car. It was quiet on the way to the video store but he did walk me in, though of course the paps followed.

"Are you going to be okay when you and your friends leave?" He asked.

"Hey Laurel!" I turned to see Amanda walking up to me with a stack of DVDs in her arms.

"Hi Amanda, Um this is Mark Kindle and Mark this is one of my best friends Amanda." They shook hands and smiled at each other. "Where's Louis?"

"I'm right here!" He yelled as he sneaked up on me making me jump.

"Ugh you jerk I'm gonna kill you!" I screamed as everyone laughed around me.

"Ha sorry but I just had to your so easy to scare, So your Mark Kindle?" He asked extending out his hand towards Mark.

"Yes I am and your Louis I believe?" He shook his hand as Louis nodded his head.

"Wow you two really look alike, this is really crazy." Louis noticed as he looked back and forth from me to Mark. We just smiled at each other then I gave Mark a hug since I knew he had to get home to his family, Hmm I wonder what there like?

"Well I gotta go but please when you get the results call me right away and don't forget to talk to Jeremy?" He said as he gave me another hug. "It was nice meeting you all." Louis and Amanda said the same, I watched him leave as the paps took more pictures of him but he just ignored them and then left.

"Oh my god he is gorgeous!" Amanda Squealed.

"Ew...He's your dad isn't he, I mean you two look so much a like...what do you think?" Louis questioned.

"I think he, he thinks he is...I'm sure of it we'll get the test back in a day or two Mr. Machol says the labs not very busy and that he can bump up the results. So I was thinking I want Jeremy and Mark to meet before the results are read. Plus I have to talk to Justin about this craziness it's annoying." I said as I pointed to the paps standing outside the door.

"Hey guys!" Said Charlie as he walked in.

"Wow dude you have a day off? Your never away from the pier" Louis laughed.

"Yeah your telling me, nah I worked the early shift today. So Laurel I heard around the pier your hooking up with Justin Davis, Is that true?" He laughed, I just looked at him for a second and then the other night popped in my head I can't believe we made out or that it was amazing. "Hello Laurel!"

"Oh what, I mean no we're not hooking up. Charlie it's a long story so to make it short his dad might be my dad well it's him or another man we're just waiting for the results to get in." I said as a questionable smile grew on his face he was quiet for a while it was kinda strange he's never quiet. "Charlie are you okay?"

"Okay good so I still have a chance huh crusher!" I giggle at the sound of my nickname I just smile and give him a wink. "Good because these lips are lonely." I smack him lightly in the chest and we both laugh.

"Charlie do you have your car?" I ask, he smiles god I know whats he's thinking.

"Yeah where we going my place or yours?" He winks and I just smile.

"Um maybe some other time Charlie, but um how bout L.A.? I really want to talk to Jeremy and I think it would be better if it's in person. I want him and Mark to meet before we read the test, Mark already said that he's okay with it. So could you give me a ride I'll pay for the gas? " I ask.

"Anything for you, when do you want to leave?" Charlie asks.

"Well when are you guys done here?" I ask as I turned towards Amanda and Louis.

"We just have to put the last couple stacks away then we can go." Louis said.

"Okay sounds great I'm going to give Jeremy a call real quick" I said as I walked off to the side. Charlie was helping them out so I knew we would be leaving in a bit.

Justin's POV

Dad was outside on the phone talking to Laurel we have been waiting to see how everything went with I think his name was Mark. Amelia had the day off so she came over around noon but she's in a mood I kinda want her to go, I'm tired of the bitchiness. Ugh what is she telling him, I can see him through the window as he walking back and forth around the pool. 

"Hey what are you doing?" Amelia asked as she walked back into the room. 

"Uh nothing dad's just out there talking to Laurel."

"Do you think she's seen all of the gossip crap about you two? It's all so fucking stupid why would anyone think you would leave me for her." She snapped at me, I just looked at her thinking about all of the shit coming out of her mouth. "I mean yeah she's pretty but ew she might be your sister and she's not hot like me." She said as she was texting on her phone.

"Would you just shut up!" I said quietly I knew that would piss her off but I didn't care I noticed that dad was walking back. 

"What did you say…" She yelled but stopped when I got up and opened the door for my dad.

"Hey is everything okay?" I asked. 

"She said it went fine with him and he took the test but she and her friends are going to go to the house she wants to talk about some things in person. So I'm gonna get going come over if you want I think she's seen some of the gossip stuff. So we're going to have to figure out what to do about that she's not use to this stuff. Also a handful of paps have been hanging out at her place and following her, right now their outside of Louis and Amanda's work." He said, I was so pissed that they were following and harassing her. 

"Okay I head over soon." I said looking at Amelia I could tell she was pissed off but she would never do anything in front of dad.

"Okay love ya son, bye Amelia? They should be at the house in less then an hour." Dad said as he was walking through the hall.

"Love you too dad!" I said as he was walking out the door. Amelia was quiet until she heard the door close.

"What the fuck your just going to leave me and go running to her. That's bullshit Justin!" She yelled.

"If your just going to bitch why don't you leave!" I said as I rubbed my temples she was giving me a headache.

"Your kicking me out! What is it about her, she just wants your fucking money don't you see it." I just nodded my head, she was acting so stupid. I sat back down on the couch and grabbed my phone to look through the pictures and stopped on the one Laurel sent to dad that Margo forward to me I couldn't help but smile. I didn't notice that Amelia had stopped yelling until she was standing behind me looking over my shoulder. "Oh my god you like her ew she might be your sister. Your disgusting and stupid I am so much hotter then her oh god you need help. I'm fucking getting out of here your incest fantasy is disgusting." Amelia yelled as she walked out I got up from the seat I was in and ran after her.

"Amelia it's not like that you don't know what your talking about." I yelled but what she was saying was kinda true I did like her but if it turns out we are related I know the feelings will disappear. I saw that a pap had stopped her at the gate I hope he's not giving her a hard time, ugh what am I thinking she can handle herself. "Ugh I better get going too, where did I put my keys?" I said to myself.

Amelia's POV

"Hey you want a big scoop no one has?" I asked the pap I recognized him from around town I knew he worked for a really good magazine.

"Yeah what ya got? " He asked.

"I can't tell you here, GET IN!" He wasn't sure what to do,I could see the confusion on his face. "Come on get in!" He finally got in the car and I drove off we didn't say anything until I stopped the car in the parking lot of a park.

"Okay this is strange will you tell me already?" I could tell he was excited.

"Okay you know about the girl Laurel?" He just nodded his head yes. "Well it turns out that she might be Justin's half sister." 

"Oh my god your fucking kidding, you have to be?"

"Nope, she met with the other man today he's some surgeon in Beverly Hills, their just waiting for the paternity test to get back, Jeremy cheated on her mom Anna with Justin's mom but she took him back they were on a break when she got with the other guy during spring break." I told him everything that I knew and all about the past few days but I kept the part about Justin liking her out maybe I'll use that later. I'm not the one going to look like a fool. She has no clue whats coming the shit is so going to hit the fan. The pap Jonathan called his boss right away and told her everything they were going to break the news in just a few hours everyone loves a love child story. He also said that he will keep the source a secret. I dropped Jonathan off at his car and he left to Jeremy's house right away. I know what I just did was wrong but I don't give a shit he was fun while it lasted. I'll just tell him I can't deal with his drama but we can still hook up the sex was amazing.

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