Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


28. chapter 28

It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm the only one up. I look over and  Amanda and Louis are spooning ha they so need to get together. Well I really feel like going to go for a quick swim. I really need to chill out for a little bit, so much has happened so fast I need to grip my mind around everything. I grabbed a apple on my way out, the apartment was so quiet Aunt Terri was asleep on the pull out we should start putting moms things away so she can have a bedroom. I'll try to mention it later to her. I take a quick look around the pool and I'm so happy to see that no one is up here yet, I love having it all to myself. I jumped in and started doing laps the sun was shining bright already and I could smell the salt water in the air. "Hey at least your not sleeping this time!" I was startled when I heard a familiar voice from behind me. When I turned around I saw that it was Max from the other night when I fell asleep in the lounge chair.

"Well good morning!" I smiled.

"Do you mind if I join you?" He asked, he just stood there looking all hot and amazing god he's gorgeous.

"No, go ahead, I already did my laps." I said as I swam around trying to act cool as he jumped in.

"So what's going on in the world of Laurel?" He asked as he splashed me.

"Ha ha, a whole lot, I don't think you want to know." I laughed.

"Come on, give me a try!" He smiled.

"Okay, well I never knew my dad, I have pictures a of man that I haven't seen since I was two and it turns out my mom wasn't sure who my dad was. So in her will she gave me two names so at the moment I've met with the guy in the pictures and after lunch I'm meeting with the other man a spring break hook-up. So yeah there it is!" I explained as I floated around.

"Yeah...Damn that is a whole lot!" He just stood there watching me. "So you never meet the guy coming today?"


"Are you freaked?" He asked as he ran his hand through his shaggy brown locks.

"I'm a little nervous but my Aunt will be with me when he comes over." I bit my lip as I turned towards him. Wow he has the most amazing blue/green eyes. I was sure I didn't want to go inside any time soon we talked and swam for a while. He told me about himself, his crazy roommates and about his previous night out.

"Oh yeah that reminds me did you see all of the paparazzi out at the gate they were trying to get people to let them through the gate. Ha ha my roommate Chuck all most let them in, huh I wonder who they wanted?"

"Oh they didn't say a name or show you a picture?" I asked, I really hope no one lets them in but I hope they just got tired and left.

"Yeah they said a name but I was so drunk I don't remember what it was." He said oh gosh I was a bit relieved he didn't remember. The topic changed and we just swam together it was nice just hanging out. Just then a man that looked familiar but I couldn't place him and then I saw the camera in his hand.

"LAUREL!!!" I instantly froze in my spot, I looked over to Max and he had a confused look plastered across his face. Just then two more man showed up. "Is this your boyfriend? Does he know about you and Justin Davis?" They all started yelling questions at me.

"I'm sorry Max, I have to get out of here!" I  said quickly to him as I got out. He also jumped out and grabbed my towel, so I wrapped it around myself as he shield me from the cameras leading me to the door that lead inside.

"Laurel just go home!" He shouted as I opened the door he was still blocking them as I got away. I ran down the hall as fast as I could, I shot through the door and slammed it shut almost running into Aunt Terri as she was walking to the kitchen. I noticed that Luke was sitting at the table with Andy drinking coffee.

"What's wrong are you ok?" Luke asked as he walked over to me trying not to slip on the water that was dripping from my hair. 

"Paparazzi! I was swimming, they got through the gate, they took pictures, Max helped me get away." I was out of breath as I spoke, I looked over to Aunt Terri and she was pissed. 

"What their still here? Wait who is Max? Luke can you get them out of here!" She said sturnly. Andy walked over to me I was happy he let me lean on him as I caught my breath.

"Thanks! Aunt Terri I don't want Mr. Kindle getting freaked out about this." She nodded her head and turned towards Luke.

"Don't worry we'll take care of this, we'll be back." He gave Aunt Terri a kiss then He and Andy left. Right before the door shut two men ran by. "HEY YOU TWO, STOP!" He yelled as I shut the door. 

"What's going on down here?" Louis said as he and Amanda came down the stairs rubbing their eyes.

"I was swimming when the paps found me in the pool. Someone must of let then in or they climbed the fence."

"Oh yeah who is Max?" Aunt Terri asked, the other two stared in my direction.

"He's just a guy I met a few nights ago at the pool, thats all. What time is it anyways?" I looked over at the clock it was 8:30 I should really get ready for today. "Oh yeah Aunt Terri do you want to start on your new room today?" I asked as I turned to her. The question took her by surprise I saw her mouth fall into a frown, it must be to soon for her.

"Laurel I'm fine on the pull out" She gestured over to the unmade bed in the living room but I know she doesn't mean what she's saying. "I don't want to rush you…really this is fine." She said softly.

"Rush me, Aunt Terri I'm okay with it I want you to feel it home and then you can have your own privacy. If you don't want to do it yet that's okay whenever your ready, just let me know." I said as I walked up to her opening my arms to hug her, she smelled sweet. "Well I better get in the shower, when do you two go to work?" 

"Oh at ten we have to do inventory Janet always forgets what she's doing and it never gets done, so we have got to go in so it gets done."

"She's such a stoner!" Louis laughed.

"Well I'll be back in a bit." I said but just then Andy and Luke walked in. "Did they go away?" I asked, I noticed Andy checking me out I then noticed I no longer had my towel wrapped around me. I smirked at him and instantly his cheeks turned red, Ha ha I like flirting with him it's fun. "So are they gone?" Luke elbowed Andy in the rib.

"Yeah we told them that they can't be on the property, so they're waiting on the other end of the gate. They said they're here for a hot story that involves Justin Davis, something about a new love interest a beautiful girl named Laurel." Andy said as he eyed me again. I felt my heart jump up into my throat, they think we're dating?

"Laurel hun you should get in the shower." Aunt Terri said, I looked towards her and just nodded my head.

The day was going by so fast I had got ready I was wearing a mint colored tank and black beach shorts I curled my hair and kept my make-up light. Aunt Terri was dressed nice as well she was wearing a Salmon colored crochet top and black skinny jeans her hair was in a high pony tail and her make-up was soft. We cleaned the house when I took out the trash the paps were still there taking pictures as I walked pass with trash. I wanted to yell at them but it was best that I just kept calm. When the apartment was done we ate caesar salads they were pretty good but I just couldn't shake this nervous feeling and it was growing the closer it got. I had been texting Justin and Jeremy through out the day encouraging them that I was fine and Aunt Terri was getting texts from Uncle Tommy he wanted to come over and check out Mark. Somedays I wish that they would get back together, I know he likes her he's mentioned it a few times and when I was younger they were always on and off I always thought they were perfect for each other. I glanced at the clock and Mark was going to be here any minute, I was getting more and more anxious wanting for his call telling me he was at the front gate. He knew the area pretty well he was always in Santa Monica for spring break in college. I kept arranging and rearranging the pillows on the couch and the magazines on the coffee table.


"Oh crap it's him!" I looked over to aunt Terri she was fixing the flowers she bought earlier from a man selling them from a cart on the beach.


"Hey Laurel, I'm actually by elevator what floor do I go to." 

"The second floor I'll be in the hallway waiting for you?" I said oh my god I'm so nervous.

"Okay see you in a second!" He said, at least I wasn't the only one I could hear his voice tremble over the line. I still held the phone to my ear as I opened the door and walked out to the hall I heard him breathing. Just then there he was I watched him as he walked throw the doors. He was tall, in shape I guess you had to be who wants to go to a chunky plastic surgeon. He was really handsome, his blue eyes were piercing like they were going right through me and his dark hair was combed to the side ha he could be a model. My smiled got bigger the closer he got, so did his. "Laurel!" He said.

"Hi Mr. Kindle!" I held out my hand and he took it, his shake was firm but gentle I could feel his warmth we stood there for what seemed ages.

"Please call me Mark." He smiled a beautiful smile I couldn't help but smile back.

"Would you please come in?" I still held on to his hand as we walked in. "Mark this is my Aunt Terri and Aunt Terri this is Mark Kindle."  He turned to look at her and he looked surprised. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Laurel where's your mom?" He asked, I quickly turned to towards Aunt Terri we both stayed quiet. I didn't know what to do I just froze, thank god Aunt Terri spoke up.

"Would you like to sit down?" She asked, he sat down on the couch I sat next to him.

"Um Mark, everytime we talked it was just so nerve-racking but I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you." My throat started to tighten up and tears were forming in my eyes. "My mom was killed in a car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver about a month ago. I'm sorry!" I couldn't hold back the tears anymore and I noticed that he started to tear up as well but I think it was more for my sake. He leaned closer to me and gave me a hug, his hug was so comforting I didn't want him to let go. Aunt Terri put her hand on my knee and gave it a gentle squeeze we stayed like that for a bit.

"I'm so sorry that you two have to go through this, it's not fair." He pulled away slightly to speak. "Did they catch the person who hit her?" I couldn't say anything so I just nodded head yes. "That's good!" He was rubbing my back now it was nice I finally calmed down.

"Mom had a will and she listed your name and the other mans name in it." I explained everything to him and Aunt Terri filled in with the legal parts. He was quiet and just listened to all of the information. "I know it's a lot to take in are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm just…I'm sorry I was hoping to see her too, we had such a great time that week we spent together." He smiled a big smile I could tell he was thinking back to that time.

"Will you tell me about it, well just leave out the intimate parts…please!" I laughed.

"Ha sure, well my friends and I had already been here for two days we went to all the parties and events. We went to get some food at the pier the best mexican food I ever had. It was about noon when a group of girls came walking in they were all laughing and then there she was in the middle of the group she had such a amazing smile. You were there weren't you?" He looked towards Aunt Terri and she smiled as she nodded her head. "I thought so, well all of the guys noticed her and then she looked in our direction and smiled at us then walked by. She then looked back and winked at me, thats when I fell for her. We all kept looking back at their table we would hoot and holler to get their attention they would all laughed, your mom had a great laugh." I smiled when I thought of her laugh, my laugh I'm glad I have her laugh. "We all flirted back and forth for awhile then they said they had to get going, your mom went up to the woman behind the counter I watched her hoping she would look back at me and she did. I tried to act cool so I popped my chin up and told her I'll find her later. Thats when the waitress gave us both tables checks, they left us behind ha ha leaving us with the bill we just laughed and paid it, they played a good game. I didn't think I would see her again there were so many people, but there she was some guy was hitting on her by a keg she looked amazing I started walking up to her. I heard her tell the guy that she had a boyfriend so I took my shot. 'Hey baby sorry it took so long, oh everything ok here?' The guy looked at me then topped off his drink and left. She laughed as she thanked me, we spent the whole night talking on the beach she told me that she just broke up with her boyfriend and that she just wanted to have an amazing week. I know I shouldn't have been with her I had a girlfriend back home but I felt so connected to Anna she was smart she told me she was nineteen and I believed her. We spent everyday together, some just staying inside but I'll skip that part." He laughed and I joined in I loved hearing about my mom. I'm not sure what to think really, I look at him and I start to see the bump on my nose, my ears but bigger and a beauty mark under his eye it's light but still there just like mine. I don't think I need a test to tell me who my father is because I'm pretty sure he's sitting right next to me. He explained even more about that week it was amazing, I want a week like that, well definitely not the getting pregnant part. Aunt Terri was laughing she remembered some of the moments because mom confided in her. "On our last day together she told me not to worry about her that it was just a great week and that it was nothing serious. I was surprised no girl is like that, we didn't exchange numbers we just had one last kiss and walked away. To be honest I thought of her all the time but then life went on I have my own practice, I married my girlfriend I never told her about that week, had kids and have a beautiful home. Then my world gets turned upside down by just a phone call from a girl that I had no clue existed, or that she was hurting because she lost her mom and I'm so sorry about how I treated you on the phone that day." He placed his hand on my knee tears were running down my face I looked him in the eyes and smiled a little smile.

"I forgive you." I smiled, he thanked me and gave me hug it was nice not like Jeremy's but nice. Aunt Terri got up from her seat and brought us some water. So are you two ready for the test she smiled I looked up at her and I wanted to say 'I don't think we need to?' but I didn't I'm sure he's my dad I wonder if he see's it. 

"I'm ready if you are!" He said as he stood up, holding out his hand for me. 

"I'm ready!" I said as I placed my hand in his, we walked over to the island in the kitchen Aunt Terri filled out the the small envelopes with our information, put on the gloves, and grabbed a cotton swab.

"Okay Laurel you first!" I opened my mouth waiting for the weird taste and then the dry feeling. She placed it in the envelope and sealed it. Then she moved over to Mark he open wide as and rubbed the swab up and around on the inside of his cheek then sealed it up and placed the two small envelopes in the larger one. "When do you want to take this in?" She asked.

I looked at the clock on the wall saw it was 3:30 and said. "Well Mr. Machol should still be there I'll give him a call to see if I can drop it off today." I pulled my phone out of my back pocket of my shorts and called Mr. Machol's cell. He picked up right away.


"Hey Mr. Machol it's Laurel I was just wondering if I could drop off the other test today?"

"Wow already, yeah I'm still here come on over." He said.

"Okay great I'll be over in a bit." I said excitedly, we said are goodbyes. I smiled at them both. "He said to come on over so I guess I'll drive over now, so do you want me to walk you out." I asked Mark.

"Actually is it okay if I drive you and then I'll drop you off after then I'll be on my way home." I smiled so big.

"That would be awesome! Are you ready?" I said in a hurry I was so excited. He grabbed the test as I was almost out the door I ran back and gave Aunt Terri a hug, she gave me a quick kiss and then released me. Wow! Here I am with the guy I think is my dad on our way to drop off the test that may prove it. We got to the parking garage we chatted the whole way, he's funny and really smart but are moment was ruined when I heard men yelling my name and the snapping sound of cameras.

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