Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


27. Chapter 27

"Jeremy I'm sorry, but"

"NO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR BUTS!" I yelled trying not run towards him to punch him in the face. "Let's go to the family room, you all stay here." I demanded. I followed my brother into the room. "How could you take my place in their lives you know how much I wanted them back. You knew all of this time and you didn't even tell me Anna pasted away." I couldn't hold back the tears anymore I fell down on the couch.

"Jer, I'm so sorry, I made sure they were okay Anna was very adamant about not telling you. I should have told you, I'm sorry I know you love Laurel and it broke my heart not telling you about them. Please forgive me I thought I was doing the right thing but you have her now." Tommy sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me. I can tell he meant it all but it hurt.

"You should have told me, that's my baby girl in there I missed fourteen years of her life and there you were playing dad! That's not right, you fucking snake." I couldn't hold it back anymore that's when I felt the rage overcome me my arm pulled back then I released it quickly making contact with his face.

"STOP DON'T HURT HIM! UNCLE TOMMY ARE YOU OKAY?" My heart sank to see Laurel run to Tommy's side.

"Bug I'm fine, don't worry about me I knew this was coming." He said as he held his eye, I couldn't help but notice that they were very close she loved him so much.

"Jeremy please don't be mad at him mom was the one that told him not to, she threatened to take me away from him too I heard them fighting one night."

"I wanted to tell you after her eighth birthday, she told me that she move them again and I thought then you would never find out I was going to tell you when she turned eighteen because then Anna couldn't do anything about it. I promised I would have." He said as he stood up and pulled me into his arms hugging me.

"I believe you Tommy." I said as I patted his back. "Sorry about your face ha, but I think it made an improvement." We both laughed.

"Come here bug." Tommy said holding out his arm to her and we both hugged her.

"You too Justin get in here." I called then Justin joined us as we held each other. "Finally together just how it should be." I said. "Come on you three your missing out on all the love." I added we were all family now. 

"So stretch you eat everything in the place yet?" Tommy said, he was in all of their lives.

"Bug, Stretch does Amanda have a nickname too?" Margo asked. Tommy smiled when I noticed Amanda shoot him a annoyed look then her face turned beet red when we looked at her.

"What is it?" Justin laughed. 

"Aw cheeks don't be shy now." Tommy laughed as he lifted her up in his arms.

"Tommy put me down!" Amanda laughed as he threw her over his should smacking her butt. Just then the oven beeped, everyone looked up and smiled because it was dinner time.

"Tommy you staying?" I asked as he put Amanda down on the floor. 

"What's for dinner?"


"Justin make the sauce?" He asked laying his arm across Justin's shoulders.

"You know it, I am the bast at making the sauce." He laughed.

"Hell yeah I'm in." He chuckled.

"So we good?" I asked since we were the last ones walking to the kitchen.

"Bro, were good I just didn't want her to move them because then I couldn't tell you where they were when Bug turned 18" Tommy explained.

"Your right thank you, oh sorry about the eye!"

"Ha it makes me look tough." We both laughed, when we got to the kitchen it was great seeing all the kids and my lady waiting to have a real family dinner. We all dug in and talked about everything about yesterday and the kids talked about when they were younger.

"So wats with the nicknames how did you get them?" Asked Margo.

"Well Louis is obvious, Laurel loved playing the dirt she would dig around just to find worms, rollie pollies (her favorite), ladybugs just everything she would bring them in the house and diner to show all of us." Anna hated it she even use to carry them in her pockets so bug just stuck. Then there's cheeks well thats easy…"

"Oh god really do you guys really want to know?" Amanda said as she interrupted Tommy. We all shouted yes and she was so red. "Just so you know I don't do it anymore..."

"Whatever you did it to me last night!" Laurel laughed.

"Oh I forgot!" She laughed. 

"Ha I love this girl, ok well it was so hard to get the girls to wear bottoms well Laurel was always running around naked she hated clothes, but Amanda loved running up to people and rubbing her naked cheeks on then. She loves doing it to people but thank goodness she only does it to people she knows now."

"What I have the worlds greatest ass I must share it with the world!" Amanda laughed and everyone joined in.

"So do you still like bugs and what's your favorite now?" I asked.

"Yes I do and it's a tie, Rollie Pollies and Butterflies their just so beautiful." she said as she smiled I loved seeing how innocent she still is. 

"And you don't run around naked still do you?" Margo asked. 

"I wear bottoms now and it's only when I'm at home, lol mom always said I belong in a nudist colony and that it's nice I love my body how it is. She always said that the body is beautiful and to never be ashamed of what you have."

"Your mom was a very smart woman!" Margo said.

"She was the best mom ever!" Amanda said.

"She didn't want the girls to be obsessed with looks or weight she just wanted them be kids and have fun." Tommy Said.

"It's like Anna raised all of you it seems." Margo said.

"Yeah our parents are crap they don't care about anything we do they just want us out of the way. Anna was our mom she was the best and Uncle Tommy he was is a great guy to have around when your growing up." Louis said.

"She went to every game, play, dance recital, motocross competitions, well anything and everything we had, Tommy too." Amanda added.

It was great hearing them share about everything.


"Sorry I really have to get this, I'll just step outside for a minute." Laurel said as she looked down at her phone. She stood up and I watched her walk out the door. Justin was now talking about singing and and his up coming tour.

Laurel's POV

"Hello Mr. Kindle!" I was trying to keep the excitement out of my voice but I've been waiting for his call all day. 

"Hi Laurel, did you have a good day?" He asked, this time he was talking normal not in a whisper like this morning.

"Yeah I'm having a great day, how about yourself?" I asked as I turned towards the glass doors looking at the people inside laughing and having a good time.

"I had to work today and I'm just leaving the gym honestly I had to think about what I was going to say to you." He said. I heard a car door open just then on the other end of the line. I tried to picture him sitting in his car sorta nervous, maybe messing with his keys, I wanted to know about him.

"Okay so…uh did you think of anything?" I'm still nervous I don't really know how to act with him.

"Um yeah, you said before that me and another man may be your father. Have you contacted him yet?" He asked. I turned towards the glass doors again I smiled when I saw Jeremy. 

"Actually I have contacted him, we did the paternity test yesterday and I took it in today to my lawyer." I explained to him, he was quiet.

"Oh okay, I'm free tomorrow are you okay if we meet? Then we can take the test and get the results back as soon as possible also Laurel I want you to know that if I am your father I want to be there for you okay. I just want to know for sure before I tell my family this is a lot for them to take in, I hope you understand I hope your not hurt about them not knowing right now." He explained, I'm not hurt it's nice that he wants to protect his family.

"Okay Mr. Kindle that's fine I really do understand and I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"So are you free tomorrow? I can meet you wherever you are, where are you anyways?"

"I live in Santa Monica, you can come over to my place and then I can drop off the test when we get done. Does that sound okay?" I asked, I really hope Aunt Terri isn't busy tomorrow.

"Ok just text me your address and I'll get there just after lunch." He asked.

"I'm glad that I get to meet you but I am a bit nervous." I admitted.

"I am too Laurel, it's not everyday you might be meeting a child you never knew existed. If it makes you feel better I'm also nervous. Oh and how long does it take for the test to come back?" It was nice to know that he was nervous too.

"It takes about two weeks or less depending if they're backed up or not."

"Okay sounds good, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I better let you get back to your evening and I'll call you when I get close to your area." 

"I'll send you a text of my address. Have a good-night Mr. Kindle."

"Good-night Laurel!" Oh god I haven't told him about mom…I'll just have to wait till tomorrow. I sat at the table out on the patio the sky was slowly growing dark it was nice, there was a faint breeze. I thought of everything that had happened in the pass few days. I can't believe I'm going to meet Mark Kindle tomorrow, I'm so happy my life is coming together after being ripped apart with mom dying. A tear ran down my cheek just then I heard laughing burst through the door I looked in and saw uncle Tommy picking up Justin over his shoulder. I stood up and just then a flash of light came from the fence that surrounded the backyard. I stood there like a deer in headlights. I snapped out of the trance I was in and quickly ran inside, I must of surprised them because they all looked at me confused.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you but there are paps out there taking pictures they frightened me" I explained. Uncle Tommy and Jeremy walked over to the glass door and they were still snapping away and thats when they closed the blinds.

"They really want to know who you are!" Justin said as he stood up placing his arm around my shoulder, I just smiled at him.

"Who was on the phone?" Amanda asked from the seat next to Louis.

"Umm…It was…!" I looked around not sure if I should tell them but I waited to long everyone was looking at me now. "It was Mark Kindle...the other man!" Everyone was quiet Justin's arm fell from my shoulder and just stood there looking at me like everyone else.

"What are you kidding?" I was glad Louis broke the silence.

"Actually he called me this morning and then just now. He's going to come over tomorrow to take the test he doesn't want his family to know until after it's done and only if he is my father." I explained to everyone Amanda looked hurt I know it's because I didn't confide in her. I walked over giving her a hug. "Sorry I didn't tell you I just wanted to see how it went thats all." She just nodded her head yes as I sat in her lap kissing her forehead.

"Was he nice to you this time?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah he totally apologized this morning." I said as I looked towards him sitting across from us. 

"Your not meeting up with him alone are you, do you want me to go with you?" He said instantly.

"No, I'm going to see if Aunt Terri can be there if not I'll have Sandy come over. I'm not to sure if it's a good idea for you two to meet…yet!"

"Your probably right, will you please call me and tell me how it went?" He asked.

I smiled at him, He was being so fatherly. I really like it. "Yes I'll call you for sure, He'll be coming over sometime after lunch. I'm kinda nervous I can't help but wonder if he'll like me?" I said as I wrapped my arm around Amanda.

"Bug he is going to love you and if he doesn't then he's an idiot." Uncle Tommy shouted out, I just smiled at his words.

For the rest of the evening we all told stories and laughed. It was amazing hanging out with them and hearing stories from Justin, he's had some amazing trips around the world. We had just known each other for only a couple days but it's like we've always known one another.

"It's getting late Laurel, you guys should really get going so you can get some sleep tonight for tomorrow." Margo said.

"Yeah your right and I still have to talk to Aunt Terri. Thank you guys for having us over I had a really awesome day." I said Louis and Amanda agreed. Jeremy lead the way out to the driveway I gave Margo a hug, Uncle Tommy lifted me up giving me a kiss on the cheek then putting me back down. I walked over to Justin giving him a hug he wrapped his arms around me tightly, just then flashes went off like crazy the lights are so bright they're blinding, we quickly let each other go. I then went over to Jeremy I gave him a huge hug and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at me surprised. "I'll call you tomorrow I promise!" I smiled.

"You'll let me know when you get home right?" He asked as he held my hand.

"I will, traffic shouldn't be that bad." I said. We all waved goodbye smiles one all of our faces, I pulled away from the house the gate opened as I approached it. The flashing lights were surrounding us now but I noticed there were less people from before. I finally made my way through the men, Louis and Amanda were talking about our day and how amazing it was, it truly was amazing. We got to Santa Monica pretty quick Amanda fell asleep right when we left L.A. It was only 10:30 so I decided to stop at Sandy's place I wanted a piece of pie really bad and of course Louis was hungry again. I parked the car and started to get out but then three other cars rushed in the parking lot and men with cameras took shots from the passenger side, then started getting out of the car and the flashing started all over again. "SHIT!!! Get back in the car we gotta get home." I yelled.

"Laurel who are you? How do you know Justin? Is he cheating on Amelia with you?" The men yelled. I saw them get back in the cars to follow us. Louis took the phone and pressed the code for the gate as I turned the corner there was a car waiting to get in. 

"COME ON OPEN! FASTER! COME ON!!!" We yelled as the gate took forever to open. "FINALLY!!!" I pulled through the gate and it closed just as the cars approached I parked the car in a spot, Louis poked Amanda waking her up god she could sleep through a hurricane.

"What are we home?" She mumbled.

"Yeah we got to get inside Amanda!" Louis said as he helped her out of the backseat.

"LAUREL!!!" A man yelled, I turned to look at them standing there snapping pictures through the fence.

"Laurel come on let's get inside?" I turned to look at Louis he was holding the elevator door open, I ran to it and jumped in. The flashing didn't stop until the doors closed. We laughed all the way to the apartment. I called Jeremy told him we made it and about the men. He was angry but what can you do, I told him that I'll call him tomorrow. Aunt Terri was home we told her everything about today and she said that she'll be with me when Mark Kindle comes. I didn't push the whole Uncle Tommy thing she said she'll talk to me about it tomorrow though. She even went outside with Louis and told the men at the gate that I wasn't coming out anytime tonight so they should just leave but they didn't. They asked her questions about me but she just walked away. When she came back up we watched a movie and then went to bed I laid there with Louis's arm wrapped around me just thinking that I hope my time with Mark will be good, what am I thinking of course it will be.

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