Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


26. Chapter 26

Justin's POV

I was surprised to see Amelia walk in, damn she was pissed, I quickly walked her out of the room and into the hall to explain.

"WHO ARE THOSE GIRLS JUSTIN!" She yelled before the door shut.

"Amelia it's not what you think!" I said trying to calm her down.

"Oh yeah then who are they…GROUPIES! WHICH ONE ARE YOU FUCKING! YOUR NOT GOING TO MALE ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT JUSTIN!" She screamed as she tried to get pass me but I kept blocking her way.

"Amelia stop...it's Laurel and her friend Amanda I told them to come visit me. It's Laurel!" I said, her eyes soften and she calmed down instantly. 

"Which one is she?" She asked calmly.

"The one sitting next to Jake in the white top. Oh yeah I told them that she's a friend of the family okay and nothing about dad. So can you stick to the story?" I explained then gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Okay I got it, I'm sorry that I freaked." She said as we walked back into the room everyone was chatting but then stopped when they saw us. Amelia said hi to Jake and the guys then turned towards Laurel smiling.

"Sorry about when I first came in, how are you Laurel it's nice to finally meet you?"

"Oh hey don't worry about it, I'm doing really good and it's nice to meet you as well Amelia." She said as she extended her hand, Amelia took it and smiled. It made me happy to see everyone getting along Laurel fit in right away so did Amanda and Louis. Jake is still flirting with her and it was pissing me off but I know I can't show it. I went back into the booth to finish my last 30 minutes. I got so much done today it was great having Laurel and her friends here even Amelia is having fun. As I walked out of the booth my dad came through the door.

"Hey dad!" I said walking to give him a hug.

"Hey kid how did it go?" He asked looking towards Laurel.

"It was really awesome we got so much done today." I said.

"That's good to hear son, hey everyone!" Everyone in the room greeted him then he walked towards Laurel and she stood up. Dad held his arms open for her and she let his arms engulfed her. Everyone watched as they hugged with confused looks except Louis and Amanda who just sat there smiling at them.

"Sorry, I just missed you." He said as he let her go still holding her hand.

"Ha ha you just saw me yesterday!" She laughed, he just chuckled.

"Well you kids ready to get out of here, oh and there is about a dozen guys outside so stay close okay." Dad said.

"Justin you rocked it today go ahead and get out of here. Oh Laurel it was great meeting you pretty girl!" Jake said, then I saw dad shoot him a look. 

"Ha ha it was great meeting you too all of you, I hope we can all hangout again soon." Laurel said as she gave them each a hug. Dad kept his eye on Jake as she hugged him goodbye and Jake noticed so he kept his hands in on her back. 

"Marcus, can you please go out there with us just to make sure Laurel and her friends get out of here okay?" Dad asked, Marcus nodded on response. "Oh Laurel do you want to go to my house for dinner?" He asked.

"What do you guys think?" She asked looking towards her friends.

"Hell yeah I'm starving!" Louis said as he rubbed his stomach. We all stood there laughing.

"Okay sounds good, Justin your coming right?" Laurel asked as she turned to me.

"Of course his is, how about you Amelia?" Dad answered and then looking at Amelia.

"I wish I could but I got to get back to the set, maybe next time but thanks anyways." She said as she place her hand on my arm.

"Well dad we better get going." I said. "I'll call you later guys." I said as I turned back to Eddie and Jake. Marcus walked out ahead of us and I fist bumped him and told him thanks. When the door opened the paps came running towards us shoving the camera in our faces. Louis was holding on to Amanda walking her towards the passenger side of their car. I grabbed on to Laurel's hand as my dad rushed to open her door, Amelia was pulling me towards her car.

"Amelia stop let me help Laurel first please." I said.

"Hey what about me!" She instantly got angry so she let go of my hand and walked to her car non of the paps followed her their more interested into finding out who Laurel is. I nodded to Marcus to follow her that way she got out of the Alley okay.

"Justin who's the girl?" A man yelled, I just ignored him. Dad open the Laurel's door when she was about to get in one of the men trying to get a shot hit her in the rib with the camera. She yelped in pain and held her side, dad pushed the guy away. Louis started yelling at the guy as he stepped out of the car. "Louis I'm ok get in the car!" She said as she pulled on his t-shirt as she got in. Amelia was already driving off when I looked her way, Marcus made his way through pushing the guys out of the way.

"Dad come on go ahead, Laurel are you okay?" I asked leaning into her car.

"I'm fine Justin can we get out of here…please?" She looked frightened by the madness.

"Yeah just follow me okay! Thanks Marcus!" I yelled over the men asking ridiculous questions.

The guys moved to the side still taking pictures as we were leaving. Laurel was following as I made my way to dads house. We were there in about 10 minutes dad and  Margo were waiting outside for us. I wasn't surprised to see that some of the paps had followed us to dads. We all walked up to the house.

"Ugh this is the annoying part of being in the spotlight, they just want to find some scandal."

"Wait aren't I some form of scandal." Laurel laughed, then we all did.

"Ha ha I guess you are but I hope they don't find out till the test come in or until the time is right." Justin said as we walked inside.

"Gosh me too, yeah your life is pretty exciting but I'm not so sure about the crazy guys with the cameras." She said as she placed her hand on her side wincing as at the pain.

"Are you okay dear?" Margo asked pointing down to her side.

"I'm ok it's just sore, one of the cameras hit me in the rib that's all."

"Oh my can I please take a look?" Laurel then lifted up her top and there was a large purple swollen bruise on her rib.

"Dammit!" Dad yelled. "Are you ok?" Dad put his hand on her shoulder, she nodded her head yes.

"Jeremy…Can you please go get a towel and ice pack?" Margo asked dad he calmed down and headed to the kitchen.

"I'm fine I promise it looks worst then it really is." She pleaded. 

"I'm sure it is but this will for sure let the swelling go down faster." Dad handed her the ice pack and placed it on Laurels side. I couldn't help but be angry here we are just knowing her for a little more then 24 hours and she's already swollen and bruised.

"So whats for dinner? I'm staving!" We all stood there looking at Louis I would figure he would be the most pissed off. "Oh don't worry about Laurel she's tuff you should see her on a motorbike she's better then then any guy I know and when she plays football she's a beast the guys on the call her crusher." Laurel turned red as Louis praised her.

"Oh god Louis stop and I haven't been called crusher in years! He exaggerates, don't get me wrong I'm pretty awesome but not that awesome." We laughed again, I liked her cockiness.

"Can you really ride a motorbike?" Dad asked.

"Yeah one of Aunt Terri's old boyfriends taught me, we're still very close. It's great they stayed friends, Tommy is a great guy I love him."

"Wait Terri's Ex-boyfriend Tommy is he tall, blonde hair, mole on his adams apple?" His face seemed angry and my eyes grew big as he described my Uncle Tommy.

"Yeah do you remember him? He told me to call him Uncle Tommy since wow my whole life." Dad's face turned beet red and he grabbed his phone out of his pocket. 

"You still talk to him?" He asked, Laurel looked confused.

"Yeah he was at moms funeral and he texts me almost everyday to see if we're okay." Her confused looked move to a very worried look. "What's going on?"

"Tommy's my uncle!" I uttered.

"What your uncle? Why didn't he tell me about you guys?" She questioned as tears formed in her eyes. Louis grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her as she cried. "Why can't people just tell me the truth!" My heart ached why did he hide them from us, he has never said anything about seeing them. Dad was now in the other room I could hear him on the phone.

Jeremy's POV

My blood was boiling in my veins I felt like I was going to impload. I quickly dialed my brothers number, he was here just last week and he never mentioned anything to me he knew where they were and had spent time with them…that was my time.


Tommy's Voicemail

Hey sorry I missed your call, if you want a call back leave me a message or I won't call you back. See ya!

"How could you not tell me you still saw them, YOU SON IF A BITCH! How could you hide them, you know how much I missed them and you knew where they were the whole time. Tommy you helped raise Laurel how could you not tell me. You better get back to me Tommy!" As I hung up the phone I noticed Laurel was standing in the doorway with tears falling from her beautiful eyes. I dropped to my knees. I miss so much of her life she's not that cheeky little two year old anymore and my brother was there the whole time watching her grew.

"I love you Jeremy!" Laurel was sitting in front of me with tears still falling onto her cheeks. I pulled her onto my lap as I pressed her into my chest and I held on to her not wanting to let her go ever again.

"I love you too Laurel, I always have." We didn't notice that everyone had walked in and just stood watching us. I had my little girl back and I'm not going to lose her again.

"I'm so sorry mom kept me from you I wish she didn't do that, Ugh I'm mad at her. I should have asked about you more I'm so sorry!"

"Laurel please don't be mad at your mom she had her reasons, we're just not sure what they are. Laurel baby it's not your fault at all, okay please remember that." I cried.

"Okay!" She cried into my chest.

We sat there for what seemed hours but it's just been minutes. I looked over to Margo she had tears in her eyes. "Why don't we head to the kitchen and see what we can make for dinner." She said softly. We stood up and Amanda came to Laurel's side giving her a hug. We all walked into the kitchen and Margo opened up the fridge checking out what we had. "How about Lasagna we can make a meat and then a spinach one, how that sound? I'll grab everything we need!"

"Music to my ears…Mmm!" Louis said. "May I?" Looking at the mixed fruit on the platter.

"Go for it Louis, we want all of you to treat this like home okay." She said I love her so much, she's so sweet.

"Your going to regret that, he's going to eat everything in sight." Amanda laughed as she poked him in the rib.

"Just wait till football starts up, then your fridges are in trouble." He laughed as he tossed a grape into his mouth.

"You play football?" I asked, I always wished Justin stayed in school but he was to busy for regular school.

"Heck yeah ever since Peewee, I taught the girls so they could help me practice. Like I said before Crusher is awesome so is Gunslinger here." He wrapped his arm around Amanda's shoulders kissing her hair she just smiled. "Their pretty good I wanted them to join the team but the other guys threw a fit so they didn't accept the coaches offer." Laurel went to stand next to Louis and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder also giving her a kiss forehead.

"Hell yeah they were afraid we would kick their asses." Amanda cheered, ha they sure are awesome kids I thought as I looked at the three of them. 

"Everyone ready? Justin you make the sauce okay your better at it, Crusher and Gunslinger ha ha chop up the veggies, Louis darling grate the cheese, Jeremy the salad is all yours and I'll brown the meat." She said as we all moved to our stations. It was nice and I love every second of this a house full of kids. We all are laughing at everything mostly because Louis kept eating more cheese then he was grating thank goodness we had a lot. Amanda and Laurel had a small veggie fight Laurel still had a sliced mushroom in her hair, everyone knew but no one told her. I can really get use to this, I wish Anna was here to see and be a part of this. We put the lasagnas together and placed them in the oven. Then I just heard the front door close it could only be one person my blood boiled and fist clenched instantly when I saw Tommy walk into the kitchen. Everyone turned to look at him as he leaned on the wall from the hall.

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