Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


25. Chapter 25

Laurel's POV

We just got back in the car from dropping off the test, Mr. Machol was in a meeting when I got to his office so I left the test with his secretary. She's a heavy set woman with short red curly hair and the most beautiful emerald eyes. I like her she's funny and always so cheery. Right as I turned on the car Amanda turned up the music of course it was a song by Justin we were all moving to the beat even Louis I watched him for a bit in the rearview mirror. I still can't believe were going to see him working in the studio today. We all laughed and told stories from when we were younger and then making fun of Amanda because she kept bringing up Justin. The drive to L.A. was pretty good yeah there was a ton of traffic but still not as bad as I thought. I followed the way that the GPS was taking me when it said that would be there in fifteen minutes I had Amanda called Justin from my phone.

Justin's POV

Ring! Ring!

"Hey Jake can you hand me my phone?" I asked into the mic from the booth.

"Who's Laurel?" He asked taking a peek at the screen.

"She' a friend, dude just give me the phone." I laughed as he opened the door and tossed it to me. "Hey Laurel, are you almost here?"

"Sorry, It's me Amanda! Laurel's driving she wanted me to call to tell you that we'll be there in about fifteen mins if traffic stays how it is." She explained I could tell that she was excited by the tone in her voice.

"Hi Amanda, Okay cool I can't wait for you guys to get here. I'll have one of the guys outside waiting for you. Tell Laurel to park in the back of the building she has to go  through the alley." I instructed.

"Ok great see you soon!" She said excitedly.

"See ya" I said and then hung up I couldn't help but smile.

"Damn are you getting some on the side from this Laurel chick or Amanda? You sure seem happy to see them." Jake laughed over the mic that echoed into the booth.

"Ha ha very funny!" I scuffed. "Laurel is just a friend of the family!" I really didn't know what else to say I can't be like she might be my half sister that I think is totally hot…Oh my god that is so wrong on many levels plz be the other guys.

"Is she single?" He said with a huge smile smeared across his face.

"Yes but stay away from her!" I said.

"Why you have a girlfriend maybe she wants some chocolate!" He laughed.

"Ha Aren't you busy with your baby mama at the moment." I snapped back he just laughed.

"Marcus they'll be here in ten minutes could you please meet them out in the back so the paps don't hassle them." I asked the huge guy in the back texting on his phone.

"Yeah sure, how many are coming?" He asked as he put the phone in his pocket.

"Two girls and one guy their names are Laurel, Amanda and Louis."

"Ok no prob, I'll be back." 

"Thanks man!" I said, he nodded as he walked out of the room.

"So what does Amelia think of this FAMILY FRIEND coming to visit you?" He snickered. 

"I kinda didn't mention it to her and plus she's busy on set today."

"I don't know man there's a lot of guys out there just waiting for you to mess up." He said I know it was true there always trying to get dirt on me and the thing yesterday there were already pics of me from the pier.

"Well come on man let's get back to the track." I said. I had totally forgot about telling Amelia well it's not like we talked much after she came over. Damn Oh well the shit is going to hit the fan. The beat started to play in my headset and I started to belt out the words to the song. 

Amanda POV

I'm trying to hold in my excitement but I was failing miserably. I just about melted when I heard his voice over the phone. 'Ok Amanda calm yourself, you don't want to look like a freak!' I thought to myself. I turned to Laurel because she had switched off Justin's music to the radio. Now we were listening to Katy Perry's new song we all sang to the words.

"Ok so we're just around the corner, you said to park in the back right?" Laurel asked as she kept her eyes on the road.

"Yep that's what he said. Ugh his voice is so hot!" I smiled totally regretting the words that just came out of my mouth. I was hoping I didn't say it to loud but of course I was wrong Laurel and Louis busted out laughing and just them Justin's new song  played on the radio I know I turned beat red. 

"Holy shit! Look at the paparazzi guys out front, is that where we're going?" Louis yelled with eyes wide open.

"Wow! Um that' what the GPS say's." Laurel said slowly driving pass them turning into the alley and parking the car. Now the men with cameras ran behind the car shoving the lenses in our faces asking who we are. Just then a huge man came towards us from the building spreading his arms out holding the men away.

"Are one of you Laurel?" He said in a deep voice.

"Yes I am! She said, but he didn't turn to look at us he was to busy trying to hold back the men surrounding us."

"Laurel who are you? Are you working with Justin?" Said one of the man. "Are you and Justin hooking up?" Yelled another, Wow these guys are crazy, all I hear is questions being thrown at Laurel and the clicking of the cameras.

"Get out of here!" Said the man helping us. "Laurel you and your friends head for the door" He said still holding them back. Louis opened the door and we rushed in he stood holding the door for the man that helped us. We all stopped and looked around this place was amazing there were posters and albums all over the walls. People were running around everywhere different music coming from different rooms. 

"This is so cool I can't believe we're in a recording studio about to hangout with Justin Davis!" I said.

Laurel's POV

I looked over to Amanda she was so exited I love seeing her so happy, then Louis walked over to me with a huge smile on his face.

"Laurel this is so awesome, but is she going to be like this the whole time?" He laughed turning to look at Amanda jumping up and down like a crazy person, I couldn't help but laugh.

I walked up to the man that helped us. "Excuse me but whats your name?" I asked looking in his huge light brown eyes.

"Oh I'm Marcus and your Laurel right? I wasn't sure which one of you said yes." He said with a confused look on his face.

"Hi Marcus, I am Laurel and thank you so much for helping us. Ha ha it was kinda crazy out there." I laughed as I introduced myself and extending my hand towards him. He smiled and wrapped his large hand around my much smaller one.

"It's nice to meet you Laurel and your friends are?" He asked.

"Oh sorry this is Amanda and Louis their my best friends." I said as they all shook hands.

"Well just follow me and I'll take you to where Justin is at." He said, we all checked out the albums there were gold and platinum ones everywhere. Marcus then opened a door and the music filled the air it was a fast beat and then I heard Justin's voice drifted in the air.

"Thank you Marcus!" I said as he held open the door for us. I smiled when I saw Justin in the booth then I noticed a smile form on his lips. I felt my cheeks turn red I then quickly turned away. There were two men sitting at a huge board with buttons everywhere. They both followed Justin's gaze and smiled when their eyes turned to me. Oh my god what did he say to them? 

"Hi I'm Laurel and you are?" I collected myself and walked right up to them with a flirty smile on my face as I extend out my hand.

"Hey girl I'm Jake!" He shook my hand as he bite his lower lip I followed his dark brown eyes as they ran up and down my body noticing that he was pleased with what he sees. He had beautiful dark skin and was really hot, ha ha I didn't mind this kind of attention it was nice actually. I just smiled at him and turned my attention to the other man sitting next to him then the other man smacked his shoulder.

"Excuse Jake he don't got much manners, ha I'm Eddie." He said as he stood up, he was so tall and muscular he had a huge smile it big an beautiful gosh another beautiful man. I just giggled and shook his hand.

"Sorry now it's me being the rude one, these are my friends  Amanda and Louis." I said as I gestured in their direction. Then my eyes moved towards Justin as he walked out of the booth and moving towards me I was about to put my hand out but he had his arms open for a hug. I let him wrap his arms around me, taking me in pressing me into his chest. I couldn't help but take in his scent of soap and held me pretty tight for a while i was getting a bit awkward.

"Sorry!" He said as he released me I noticed that his cheeks turned red.

"It's ok your fine." Then I lean towards him and whispered into my his ear. "So what's the story?" I turned to look at him as I leaned back to face him.

He then leaned towards me, I can feel his warm breath on my neck as he started to speak. "Your a friend of the family that's all I said!" He then pulled away with a smile on his lips. When we turned away from each other to face everyone else they were starring at us. Both of our faces turned scarlet red, oh god I wonder what they were thinking ugh just the thought of it creeped me out because Justin might be my brother well half-brother.

"A friend of the family…RIGHT!" Jake chuckled.

"Oh that reminds me, your dad said that he'll be here towards the end just to make sure we get out of here ok." I said as I turned to Justin he was glaring at Jake but quickly put I smile back on his face.

"Haha that's no surprise." He laughed. "Well I better get back to work." He said as he went back into the booth. 

"Laurel why don't you sit next to me I'll let you play with the buttons." Jake said patting the chair next to him, Louis then moved in front of me blocking my path. 

"Louis I'm fine, I promise!" I said as I placed my hand on his arm. 

"Don't worry man you all can push buttons." Jake said in a cocky voice. I took the seat next to Jake and then Justin started singing but not taking his eyes off of us.

We were having a blast everyone was laughing and enjoying ourselves the hours just passed so fast. Eddie and Marcus are really cool guys we never stopped laughing. Justin was on a roll he just finished up another song and came out of the booth for a break he came and stood behind my chair placing his hand on my shoulder. We all stopped laughing when the door opened abruptly and then walked in oh my god…Amelia Cruz.

"Oh I didn't know you were having a party!" She shouted, Justin quickly walked towards her and grabbed her hand then walked out the door.

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