Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


24. Chapter 24

Laurel's POV


"Ugh who's calling right now I just want to sleep…where's my phone?" I mumbled out loud.

"Turn it off!" Amanda groaned from the other side of a sleeping Louis a freaking train couldn't wake him up.

"I reached over to my night stand and fumbled around a bit until I found my phone. I pressed to answered the call as I got up from my bed as I walk out to the balcony so I didn't wake anyone up.

"I'm sorry, uh hello?" I mutter into the phone.

"Is this Laurel Bates?" The man asked in a deep voice.

"Why yes it is, who is this?" I said as leaned against the railing, waiting for the man to say something.

"Laurel it's Mark Kindle." He said quietly it sounded like he was whispering into the phone. I slowly moved and dropped down on my sofa when I heard his name and tears quickly formed in my eyes. "Laurel are you there?" I didn't say a word I just listened. "I'm so sorry for hanging up on you the other night you just caught me by surprise, can you forgive me?" I couldn't hold the tears back, I was crying softly now. I couldn't say anything I was glad when he continued talking. "Just hear me out real quick I can't really talk right now but I wanted to get in contact with you. I do remember Anna she was the only girl I was with during any spring break in Santa Monica. I want to talk to you further but I do not want my family to find out about this yet." I just listened to the words he was saying I had stopped crying I wanted to hear everything. "Do you think I can call you later on?"

"Yes, please you can call me whenever it's good for you." I said fast into the phone.

"Ok great I will call you later today, I promise. Thank you Laurel!" 

"Your welcome Mr. Kindle."

"Good bye!" He said.

"BYE!" I said before ending the call. "He doesn't hate me!" I said out load to myself, I sat on the sofa for just a few seconds and then I walked into my room past the two sleeping bodies on my bed and into my bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw a girl that was unbelievably happy with crazy bed head. I giggled to myself in the mirror and then walked to the shower and started the water. I undressed and stepped under the warm water and letting it run down my body. I was happy that everything was turning out with Jeremy and now Mark, I just hope that everything stays this way. I finally started washing my hair and body my mind did drift a bit as I thought about yesterday with Jeremy and his family, and then I remembered Justin wanted us to visit him in the studio oh my god the studio like a real studio how awesome is that. I finished and put on my robe as I walked into my closet I grabbed some shorts and a crochet tank top that flowed at the bottom. I put on a bunch of bangles and a long necklace that had a owl on it. Then I heard some clattering from the kitchen I looked over to the bed and Louis and Amanda were still sleeping it must be Aunt Terri. A ran down the stairs and found her taking a bite of some cold pizza from last night. I looked over at the clock on the stove it was 11:30 now.

"So where's officer boy toy?" I said as I walked into the kitchen. She shot me a playful glare and then smiled.

"He had to work but I'll see him later, so tell me about everything that happened yesterday!" She laughed when I told her about the large group of girls surrounding Justin and everyone and us running away to the cars. She teared up when I brought up the last fight he and mom had. "Your mom was so sad when he left she was so close to calling him and telling him to come back."

"Why didn't she then?" I said.

"We drove to his parents house she knew he would be staying there. He was, then when she was about to get out of the car he walked out of the house holding Justin in one arm and then Nancy's hand in the other. Thank goodness you were sleeping because you would of blown are cover you loved him so much. Anna then sat back in her seat not wanting them to see her they didn't. He put Justin in his car seat and bent in down Nancy's window and gave her a kiss that's when she started to cry and started the car and left. She drove us to here to the pier but you were so cranky because you were hungry so we left and found the diner. We sat at a table in the back of the diner, Sandy's dad saw you and gave you a coloring book while we waited for the food. Anna was so upset she ran out crying I asked him if he could keep an eye out for you and he did. That's when we meet Sandy she came out of the apartment in back of the diner. She talked to Anna about maybe needing change and that's when everything came into place. You know us moving here into the apartment, your mom working at the diner when we followed Sandy back in side you were no longer at the table we freaked till we heard you laughing from the kitchen. Sandy's dad was having you help him make pies, oh you two were covered in flour we all couldn't help be laugh. I miss him so much."

"I miss him too, I loved making pies and cookies with him." I said as I thought of him. "So she never tried calling him again?"

"She did a couple times, but she always hung up when he answered I think she just wanted to hear his voice. She always loved him she never stopped but she was stubborn you know that. So when are you going to see him again?" She asked. 

"Jeremy I'm not sure but Justin invited Amanda, Louis and me to a recording studio today in L.A. Oh crap I have to call Mr. Machol about the paternity test. Oh and you'll never believe who called me this morning?" She just gave me a puzzled look and nodded her head. "Mark Kindle!"

"What…what did he say?"

"Just that he was sorry about hanging up on me and hope I can forgive him he was just caught off guard. He said that he did remember mom she was the only girl he was with on spring break in Santa Monica. He said that he didn't want his family to know about me yet and that he's going to call me later today." I told her as I grabbed a piece of cold pizza from the box on the counter. Just then Amanda and Louis walked into the room straight to the box of pizza.

"So when are we leaving?" Amanda said with a mouth full of pizza.

"Amanda you look so hot right now, I love the pizza mouth." Louis said as he laughed. She just about choked on the pizza as she blushed. 

I just laughed. "Well I have to call Mr. Machol about the test to see if I can drop it off today and Justin said that he would text me with the info…wait where's my phone?"

"I think I last saw it on the bathroom counter." Louis said.

"Ok cool, I'll be back in a bit I'm going to call Mr. Machol and see if I can drop off the test today and I'll see if Justin texted me yet." I said as I walked up the stairs. When I reached the bathroom my phone was right where Louis said, I dialed  Mr. Machol's number and he picked up on the first ring.

"Hello Laurel I have been waiting for your call how was the meeting with Mr. Davis?" He said I heard the happiness in his voice.

"It was amazing and I got a call from Mr. kindle today also it was a lot better then the first call his going to call me again later today."

"That's great I'm happy to hear that. So did you get Mr. Davis to take the test?" He asked.

"Actually thats what I was calling about, I wanted to see if I could drop off our test oh and he don't want to know the results right away."

"You can drop it off at my office anytime today and I will send it out right away that way we have it when you decide to look at it."

"Thank you so much, your awesome!" I said into the phone. "I'll see you in a bit then thanks."

"Ok Laurel I'll see you soon I truly am happy that everything is falling in place for you. Good Bye!"

"Bye Mr.Kindle!" I said as I hung up the phone, I checked my messages and there were two the first one was from Jeremy.

Text from Jeremy:

Good morning Laurel I just wanted to remind you to take the test in ok, I hope you have a great day and hey you can call and text me whenever you want. Oh and the same goes for Margo too she told me to tell you that lol she's really taken with you :)

Text from me:

Hey Jeremy, good morning I already called Mr. Machol he said to drop it off anytime today so I will b4 I head 2 L.A. Thanks so much & I will & tell Margo 2 txt me her number that way I can message her. I really enjoyed meeting all of u, u 2 have a good day 2 :D

I looked at the other message it was from Justin so I opened it.

Text from Justin:

Hey Laurel I just wanted 2 snd u the addy so I'll attach it 2 the bottom. I hope u had I great time with ur friends I can't wait 2 c u all 2day I'll be in the studio frm 1-4 p.m. so come anytime. Call me if u get lost L.A. traffic is crazy or if u just want 2 chat c ya soon :)

Text from me:

Good morning Justin, I'll put the address in my GPS this is so cool I can't wait 2 c u in the studio, OMG & I wnt 2 apologize in advance if Amanda turns into a crazy fan she luvs u lol.  I'll call you when we arrive c ya :D

I got up and yelled down the stairs to Amanda and Louis. "Hey guys Justin will be in the studio between 1 and 4 so get ready so we can get going." I quickly moved out of the way because Amanda was going to run me down.

"LOUIS GET YOUR ASS UP HERE NOW SO WE CAN GO, I'M NOT GOING TO MISS JUSTIN BECAUSE OF YOU!" Amanda yell as he walked up the stairs very slowly on purpose. "HURRY UP!" She yelled again.

"Hey keep your bra on it won't take me that long to get ready." He laughed.

"Your an ass Lou!" She yelled as she jumped in the shower. Louis pulled on some plaid cargo shorts, a T-Shirt and topped it off with a hat. "Look I'm done before you even washed your hair." He said as he walked in the bathroom to brush his teeth. "Mmm your silhouette is so hot can I join." I couldn't help but laugh I bet her face was beet red ha ha only if he knew. 

"Oh yeah big man come on in and join me." I was surprise by her comment she's got balls, I looked at Louis ha he was the one with the beet red face.

"Ha ha your so funny, I would but I'm already dressed." He mumbled.

"Yeah sure you chicken." She said.

"Chicken huh, I'll show you chicken." I watched him from the bed he walked over to the toilet and flushed it.

"AHHHHH LOUIS YOU ASSHOLE!" She screamed as she fumbled with the faucet finally turning it off.

"Hurry up so we can leave." He laughed as he fell on to the bed he started playing with my hair so I laid down next to him. I heard the water start up again hoping she wouldn't take much longer. 

"So are you doing okay with everything?" He asked as he was staring out of the skylight over my bed.

"Yeah I'm ok, I find it kinda exciting you know? I'm finding out who I am." I wasn't sure if I should tell them about Mark calling but I think I'll wait till I talk to him again.

"Yeah I get it. I just want to make she you don't end up hurt in all of this." He said as he played with another strand of my hair.

"Aww my hero!" I cooed. He just laughed, I love his laugh. Just then I heard the hair dryer kick on thank goodness she only has shoulder length hair so it won't take long.


I grabbed my phone and saw it was Jeremy calling, so I slid the screen to answer. "Hold on Jeremy!" I stood up and looked at louis. "Hey I'll be right back!" He just nodded as he continued laying on the bed. "Sorry about that, what's up?"

"Why are you coming to L.A.?" He asked.

"Oh Justin hasn't told you, he invited my friends and me to visit him in the studio today. Are you ok with that?"

"No he din't tell me, but yeah I'm ok with it, I just want to warm you that the paparazzi follow everything he does so I just want you to be ready for that ok. If you want I can meet you all at the studio when it's about time  to leave just to make sure you and you friends are ok, do you mind?" I loved that he was acting so protective.

"I would love to see you, I don't mind at all. Justin said that he'll be there from 1-4 and as soon as Amanda gets ready we're going to drop off the test and then be on our way."

"Ok sounds great, I'll be there have fun and be safe on your drive." He said.

"Ok, bye!"

"Bye Laurel!"

"Ugh the paparazzi I didn't think of them, eh they won't care about us" I said to myself as I walked in Amanda was sitting on the bed next to Louis.

"Ok you ready to go?" Amanda said excitedly.

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