Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


22. Chapter 22

Justin's POV

I stood by the fire place glancing at the photos then I noticed her standing at the door, for a moment I noticed the smile on her face. She looked so beautiful just standing there. God what am I thinking she could be my sister and my dad loves her so much. Shit what the hell are the gossip sites going to say about all of this when they find out and they will. She finally walked away from the door slowly walking towards me. "So how are you doing with all of this?" I asked.

"It's pretty crazy isn't it? I'm doing fine, how about you are you doing okay? You don't hate me do you?" She questions as she reached me I noticed her playing with the end of her hair and biting her lower lip. The last question stuck with me. 

"No, I don't hate you how could I? You just want to know who you are. Yesterday I was shocked and afraid that you were just trying to get in the news or money but now that I see everything between you two the stories and tears I know it was all true. Do you think your his daughter…you know by blood?" I asked.

"Hey do you want to go out on the balcony it's still nice out, we can talk out there." She asked.

"Yeah that would be great I love it out there." I said. We walked out to the balcony and stood by railing I looked out to the beach there were still people out there playing a game of volleyball, running, making out or in the water. The view is just amazing.

"If he is that would be great but even if he's not I'll be okay with that I just want him in my life. Because he knows apart of my mom that I don't and with him it's like having a part of her back. I miss my her, I love her so much and it's so hard that she's not here." She cried, she looked so hurt and broken a little breeze came by catching her hair. I went to her side and wrapped my arms around her, she hugged me back she smells so good. She cried into my chest for a while I felt happy that I was there to comfort her. 

"I know we just met but my dad loves you and I just want you to know that whatever happens I'll be here for you as a friend or brother...okay?" I mentioned, She looked up at me meeting my eyes with teary bright green eyes.

"Thank you so much Justin, at first I was hoping you didn't come but now I'm glad you did." She said. "So why don't we talk about you now?" 

"Okay ask me anything?"

"So are you like on tour at the moment?"

"No, I'm actually working on a new album, I still do some gigs and shows but I'm not jet setting to different places every other day, I kinda miss it but I'll be on tour in a few months." I explained.

"That's so cool, you love it don't you?" She smiled

"I do, it's a feeling you'll never get use to, so are you a fan?"

"Ha sorry, I know your songs and seen some video's but that because of Amanda she is like a crazy fan I'm actually surprised she didn't fangirl on you." She laughed, We talked about everything me, my life, the music and my on a off relationship with Amelia. I asked her about herself, she's so cool and down to earth. I totally forgot about being hungry and wondering when dad and Margo coming back.

Jeremy's POV 

We noticed the place right away, it was so busy it must be really good. When we walked in there was only standing room thank goodness we weren't staying everyone was smiling and laughing it was like we entered the twilight zone.Then a large black woman came out from the back she had an infectious laugh she was chatting with a man seated at the counter. I finally got the attention of a bus-boy and asked him where I could find Sandy he smiled and pointed to the laughing woman I noticed before. We made our way to the counter and I tried to wave her down. 

"HEY SANDY!" Margo shouted.

"Yes Baby Girl how can I help you?" She then looked right at me searching my face. "Wait I know you!" She said as she pointed her finger right at me. Hmm she knows I'm Justin's dad until she said. "Your the man in the picture that my baby Laurel showed me, you might be her daddy!" I noticed everyone behind the counter and some of the custumers stop eating when she knew who I was. I just stood there in shock for a moment I looked at Margo her hand was covering her mouth.

I finally got myself together. "Yes, I'm Jeremy Davis and this is Margo my fiance." I said.

"Did everything go well?" I could hear the seriousness in her voice I smiled at the thought of laurel being so protected, everyone then got back to what they were doing.

"Yes everything went very well, we're here to pick up dinner for all of us." I explained.

"Good to hear, she's my baby, So what can I get for you?"

"Laurel want's her Dinner Usual, Justin will have The Santa Monica Best, I'll have the Hatch Burger and Margo what would you like?" I asked turning to her, she was looking at the menu hard then at the man next to her. He took a bite out of his burger with a huge grin on his face.

"I haven't had a burger in years, I want what he's having he looks so happy eating it." She said smiling.

"Oh Baby Girl you just stole my heart, that's our Green Bird Burger you'll love it but Laurel ugh that child she never expands taste first this morning and now. I'll be right back you two." I grabbed two stools at the counter so we could wait, I was looking around it was a great place no wonder they love it here. Then I noticed a board on the wall it was covered with pictures then I notice that most of them were of Laurel and  Anna, then I recognized Terri, Sandy and Laurels friends in some. It was Laurel at different ages, birthday's, trips to the beach.

"Are you okay honey?" Margo whispered she followed my gaze and saw the pictures. "Oh Jeremy you'll be there for the next one I promise." Her words made me smile thinking about Laurel's birthday in November.

"Your right I will be, we will be!" I gave her a kiss then walked out Sandy.

"Is there anything else you need?" She asked putting the two paper bags on the counter.

"Oh yes Laurel wanted cookies she said you know what she likes and Justin wants peanut butter cookies." I said then I remembered about the different boxes and noticed she already had Justin's in it's own box, then grabbed an assortment of cookies mostly chocolate.

"Make sure Laurel don't touch these ones." She stated.

"I know, thanks!" I said.

"Is there anything else you need handsome, I must say Anna, god rest her soul had good taste?"

"Ha ha thanks, no this is fine we better get this back before it gets cold. It was nice meeting you Sandy I hope to see you again." I said.

"Actually could I get a strawberry milkshake." Margo smiled she looked like she was in heaven.

"Of course Margo baby." She walked over and made it then handed it to a very happy Margo. "Tell Laurel I said hello, you all have a great night."

"Oh wait what do I owe you?" I said.

"It"s on the house tonight!"

"Thanks!" We walked out then I saw it the house that they lived in. "Hold on I'll be right back, why don't you sit in the car." I know she knew what I was doing so she happily went to the car to give me a moment. I walked over to the little house it was so small and peaceful no one was living there.

"Do you want go inside?" I jumped when I heard the voice behind me it was Sandy.

"Please!" I felt my eyes swell up about to cry.

"No ones lived here since they left, my father wouldn't get anyone live here just in case they needed it. Sometime employees stay here but not for long. There pictures some of their thing from back then I don't have the heart to get rid of them. I couldn't have children of my own so Anna shared Laurel with me."

"Thank you so much for taking care of them!" We walked in and there was pictures everywhere even of me thats when I just lost it. She handed me a tissue then one the wall leading to the kitchen was the marks of laurels growth even up to now I ran my fingers on it. "I missed so much how could she still want me in her life I don't deserve it?" I cried.

"She just lost the most important person in her life, why wouldn't she want you and you do deserve a second chance. Anna was no angel she told me everything, she called you several times just to hear your voice, she loved you till end, she was the one being selfish. I loved her so much and how she talked about you she shouldn't of let you get away. You have a chance to be in Laurel's life take it and if you ever need to talk you know where to find me okay?" She pulled me into a hug, this woman is amazing.

"Thanks, I will not let her down I'm always going to be here, no matter what the test says. I better get going the kids must be starving." I said as we walked to the door, I waved her good-bye as I got into the car and drove off. When we got to the gate I called her and she buzzed us in. 

Laurel's POV

Justin is so amazing he has done so much he's not caught up with all the fame and everything he's such a normal guy. We had such a great talk, now I know why Amanda likes him so much ha ha. Jeremy and Margo should be here real soon. So we're clearing the table from everything that has collected like magazines, nail polish and other junk.


"I got it Laurel!" Justin shouted as he ran to the door to open it for them. "MMM that smells so good I can't wait." 

"You should smell the car it smells amazing, Laurel what time does the diner close I might want to grab a milk shake for the drive home?" He started handing everyone their food Justin's eyes got so big when he got his I know he's going to love it.

"It's open 24/7 the club and bar crowd are Sandy's favorite their hilarious. Oh and I can make you the the milk shake for you I'm the one that made the recipe for it when I was 11." I said giving him a smile.

"You did?" Margo said surprised.

"Yeah Amanda and I were craving shakes but they weren't so good at the diner. So I asked Pappi if I could try to make my own so he let me of course he would he let me do everything. Amanda wrote down everything I did each time. When I finally got it right I told Pappi it was way better then his so he challenged me. He took a few cups of mine and of his then gave them to some regulars and they all picked mine he couldn't believe it so he tried it and loved it. So now they use my recipes and I get 50% of each shake sold." I smiled with pride.

"That's amazing but who is Pappi?" Jeremy said.

"That's Sandy's dad he way like a dad to mom so that made him my granddad. It was so hard when he passed away two years ago I still miss him so much." 

"Oh my god this burger is amazing Ellie!" My eyes instantly filled up tears when I heard him call me Ellie only mom called me that.

"I'm sorry, I'll be right back I just need a minute." I ran up to my room as fast as I could, Oh I miss her. After a few minutes I heard footsteps on the stairs then a slight knock on the door. "Come in!" I was sitting in my chair in the corner of my room looking out at the ocean through my window.

"Are you ok?" Jeremy quietly said as he walked in, I stood up from my chair as he slowly walked towards me.

"Mom was the only one that ever called me Ellie." I said and then he just pulled me into hug it was so nice we just sat there in silence.

"Are you ready to eat?" He said as he looked around then something caught his eye and he walked towards my mirror. "How long have you had this up?" He was pointing to the pic of us sleeping as I was laying on his chest.

"I've always had it up, it use to be in a frame but it broke when we moved so mom taped it here."

"Can I get a copy of this one please?" He asked.

"Sure you can, I can print it downstairs for you." I said and we headed down to the table but first I put the photo in the printer it would be done in minutes. "I hope I didn't make you feel bad, you just caught me off guard when you called me Ellie my mom was the only one who called me that." I said as I sat next to him to eat.

"I'm sorry!" He said as he turned to me to give me a hug.

"It's ok, so you liked the burger huh? I knew you would."

"I love it, I'll have to visit once a week." He laughed.

"That's fine with me." I laughed. We all ate are food and talked about everything today we laughed at all the girls crowding Justin. Today was amazing we all agreed, everyone enjoyed their food and said that we have to all go eat at the diner soon. I walked into the kitchen to make them all strawberry shakes for their drive home.

"Whats this?" Margo said to the picture in the printer try.

"It's Laurel and me." He smiled so big.

"Aw that's so sweet, is this one yours?" She asked as he nodded his head.

We all said our good-byes, Jeremy didn't want me to walk them down to the parking garage that way I didn't have to walk around alone. He really went into dad mode I like it, Margo said that she would call when they got home. I really like Margo she's so cool, I can't wait for Amanda and Louis to get here, there was still a few hours till they get here. So I'll just watch some t.v. after a while, I was watching Jersey Shore when justin called telling me he got home and that he'll text me later. Then as soon as we hung up Jeremy called for the same reason, he told me to have fun with my friends tonight and to remember to take the test in. I told him I would and we said good night.

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