Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


20. Chapter 20

"Do you two want to talk alone?" Margo said as she turned to Laurel and me.

"Actually I'm fine with you two being here and plus your his family." Laurel stated, I just watched her she's so sweet and considerate.

"If it turns out that Jeremy is your father then we're your family as well." A huge smile grew on my face when Margo's words hit my ears.

"I want you to know that if I don't turn out to be your father I still want you in my life no matter what…okay Laurel?" Tears formed in her eyes I could tell she was trying so hard to hold them back, she grabbed a tissue and blotted her eyes.

"Thanks that means so much to me especially right now." I finally took some a moment and checked out the place Anna really did good for herself. We were sitting in the living room, it was beautiful high ceilings, pictures everywhere of Laurel and her friends, Anna...god she got even more beautiful since I last time I saw her. My eyes started to water and a lump grew in my throat then I cried out. "How did Anna die?" The question caught her off guard well everyone, Margo and Justin watched her as she stood up and walked to the fire place picking up a photo it was one of her and Anna dressed up as hippie's. A smile grew on her face as she remembered the memory.

"It was a drunk driver...he ran a red light and T-Boned her car while she was in the middle of the intersection, she was on her way home from a meeting with a client. Louis and Amanda were with me when the police came we were waiting for her because it was movie night. They said that she went quickly and didn't feel any pain, I hope thats true." She said softly as tears ran down her cheeks. I couldn't help but cry to her words Margo held my hand she was crying too I think more for my pain. Justin grabbed a tissue from the coffee table and walked it over to her, he had tears in his eyes too. "Thank you Justin!" She whispered. She looked so small , like the little girl I left behind.

"Is your Terri a good guardian for you?" Margo asked wiping away her tears.

"Yes she's the best, right now she's meeting with a man who wants to buy moms wedding planning business." Laurel smiled.

"She was a wedding planner?" Margo eye's lit up.

"Yeah she was the best in the area, her business is called Two Hearts." 

"Are your kidding me, Two Hearts! I had an appointment set up with her two weeks ago for our wedding. I was so sad when I heard that the woman passed away...Ohmigod I'm sorry." Margo looked even more hurt now realizing the connection. "She was amazing at planning I've been to many events that she had done." Margo glowed I turned to look at her, I didn't know she had hired Anna for our wedding I was shocked.

"Wow small world, that would of been awkward, huh dad?" Justin snickered from the seat next to me.

"Uh yeah very!" I muttered.

"Yep that was her she loved planning things so I guess her planning everything for when she died shouldn't be a surprise." Laurel let out a little laugh. 

"I wonder if she would of kept the appointment after she found out about Jeremy." Margo said.

"I don't know maybe we could of met in a better way, ha ha but this was a fun meeting." She laughed. She had Anna's laugh cute and giggly it made me laugh. "So your not Justin's mom right?"

"No...his mom's name is Nancy, we get a long pretty well." Margo said.

"That's cool!" Laurel said putting the picture back in it's spot. 

"When do you plan on doing the testing?" Justin asked I saw him sneak a look at her I know that look oh no he likes her.

"I actually have the test here, I got them from moms lawyer he ordered two for me. We can do it now and then I can give it to Mr. Machol and he'll send it in. The results take less then two weeks to come back depends on how busy it is. I just want you to  think about it you don't have to now. I waited this long, it's not a big deal."

"Do you want to do it now?" Margo asked as she turning towards me.

"I always wanted to know the answer to this, I would love to if you don't mind." I said.

"Okay we can, let me just go get it from my bedroom and I'll set it up in the kitchen." She said heading towards the stairs.

"Hun are you okay?" Margo asked holding my hand.

"Yeah I wanted the answer to this for a long time now." I said giving her a kiss as I stood up.

Laurel's POV

"Oh where did I put it, come on remember" I said to myself and then I noticed the boxes on my desk chair. I rolled the chair out and grabbed one of the boxes. I walked downstairs all eyes were on me everyone was standing by the counter. I placed the box next to where Justin was standing he gave me a smile so I smiled back.

"Your place is so beautiful, may I ask are you capable to pay for the apartment okay?" Margo ask as she walked towards the island in the kitchen.

"Margo!" Jeremy snapped at her.

"I just want to make sure she's taken care of." She snapped back.

"She's fine, actually mom paid for it a two years in advance. With the selling of her business, life insurance, the settlement, and what she saved is going to go a long way for Aunt Terri and I. So we don't have to worry about anything for a while. I also have my CD loans, savings and the money put away for collage mom started when I was born." I told them, now thinking I told them to much but I guess it's to late. 

"You still have the collage fund? I was with your mom when we opened it for you we each put in $50 in it to start, then $25 each every month." I smiled at him.

"Do you still, you know put money in there?" Margo asked him, I turned to look at him.

"No Anna asked me to stop when you were five because I would always put $150 for your birthday and christmas. Actually when ever I thought of you, she didn't know I was still doing it." He said he looked so sad, I felt so hurt for him. 

"Why did you leave?" I asked I turned to him tears grew in my eyes then ran down my cheeks and Margo grabbed my hand to comfort me. We turned to look at him tears slowly fell from his eyes. 

"Anna and I were fighting a lot those last days, It was my fault I cheated on her with Justin's mom Nancy again. I was young and Justin was 4 years old at the time things just went further then they should have one night. Terri heard me on the phone with nancy I told her it was a mistake and that it should of never happened. Terri confronted me about it and said if I didn't tell Anna she would so I did. We fought for hours Terri had taken you to the park so you didn't see us argue. I hurt her so bad so I thought she just wanted to hurt me back and that's when she yelled that you weren't mine I didn't believe her I wouldn't and when Terri came back with you they left. I grabbed you I just wanted to hold you forever then I put you down for bed after you feel asleep in my arms I sat in your room watching you sleep for hours. Till they returned we continued to fight when she got back and she just repeated it over and over again. It was 3:15 in the morning when I started to pack my things I just thought it must be true if she was so adamant about it. She didn't want me there anymore so before I left I went to your room it was like you were waiting for me because you were sitting up in your bed with a smile on your face and you yelled daddy when you saw me then you asked me "Why are you sad?" I cried like a baby you gave me a butterfly kisses and said you loved me. I told you good-bye and that I'll always love you but I had to go bye-bye. You started to cry and screamed for me not to go. Anna came into the room and I gave you one last hug and kiss then put you in her arms I told Anna that "I love my girls" She wouldn't look at me but she started to cry. You kept screaming "DADDY DON'T GO, DADDY DON'T GO." It broke my heart I gave Terri a hug and then I heard Anna yell "Don't you ever come back we don't need you!" She never answered my calls then she changed her number I went to the apartment a week later but I was to late you were gone she moved and I had no clue where to look. The only thing I had was the collage account the only information they gave me was that she was going to transfer it somewhere else but couldn't because I would have to be there to sign my name. Then on your 5th birthday she left a note on the account telling me to stop putting money in it, because she didn't need my help. I put in the $500 I had and got to the car and cried I didn't have Justin that weekend so I stayed home and cried I knew I had to let you two go, So I went on with my life and made sure I was always there for Justin. Laurel I want you to know I never forgot about you and I love you just as much as I did then. I don't care what the test says I need you in my life if thats ok with you that is?" He walk towards me with his arms opened wide, I hesitated for a second but I knew he loved me everything that happened today told me so. I let go of Margo's hand and went to him as he engulfed me onto his arms laying his cheek on top of my head. I felt safe in his arms to be true I felt like I belonged there.  

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