Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


2. Chapter 2

"I'm so sorry Officers are we being to loud?" Laurel asked them, Amanda stopped chasing Louis when they noticed the Officers standing in the hall.

"Are you Laurel Bates?" Said the older Officer she noticed his name plate says L. Douglas.

"Yes I am…Why?" Laurel asked quietly, she started fingering the bracelets on her wrist it was a habit of hers when she gets nervous.

"May we please come in?" Asked the younger cute Officer his name plate read A. Paxton.

"Um...yeah!" Louis said as he walked up behind her.

"Thank you, Miss Bates can you please take a seat?" Said Officer Paxton.

Laurel just looked at them her heart started to feel so heavy in her chest. Amanda grab her hand and Louis grab grabbed her waist and slowly pulled her down to the couch he let go and she then grab his hand giving it a  tight squeeze.

"Wha…what's wrong?" Amanda asked looking at the Officers standing in front of them all.

"We're so sorry but your mother Anna Bates was in car accident..."

"NOOO! YOUR WRONG…IT'S NOT HER, WHERE IS SHE I WANT TO SEE HER!" Laurel fell to ground Louis and Amanda quickly sat beside her.

"What hospital is she in." Amanda cried.

"She passed away, I'm so sorry Miss Bates." Said Officer Paxton he had tears forming in his eyes.

Laurel just sat there crying, she couldn't say anything she just felt completely numb. Her mom is gone she's never going to walk through the door ever again and the thought of that broke her. 

Officer Douglas put his hand on her shoulder then asked "Can I call someone for you, is you father coming home soon?"

Laurel looked up at him and said "I don't know my father, but you can call my Aunt Terri." Laurel was now wishing she knew who her dad was, she really needed him now. She started to cry even harder thinking about it all. 

Louis and Amanda stayed with with her because Aunt Terri couldn't get here till the morning. Laurel called Sandy she's  Anna's best friend and like a second mom to Laurel. She got there in no time it was like ten minutes, Laurel sat on her lap and cried together as she held her in her arms.

The Officers finally left they said how sorry they were and that if Laurel needed to talk to a counselor they could provide one for her and that sometime during the day someone would have to go identify the body to release it. She started to cry even harder when she heard him say "The Body!" She was no longer her mom but a body. She thought. 

everyone staid in the living room no one moved or said anything, Laurel couldn't fall asleep she felt like she'll never sleep again. The others fell asleep around four but she just sat in the in the middle of the coach looking out the window Louis was still holding her hand. The time is going by so slow she couldn't help but think of what she was going to do now? Where is she going to go? She didn't want to leave their home it's the only thing she has left of her mom. "I can't leave our home, I won't!" She said quietly.

she slowly got her hand out of Louis grip and stand up to go out to the patio and watch the sun come up. It's a tad chilly because of the ocean but she  didn't care. Her mom is gone and today is the start of a new life without her. She promised herself that she will make it and become a woman her mother would be proud of.

"Laurel where you are you?" Sandy yelled "Louis check her room, Amanda chec…"

"I'm right here, don't worry I'm right here." She said walking into the living room as she cut her off.

"You scared me child, please don't do that again?" She gave me a huge hug Laurel could hardly breath as she was being squeezed into her large breast. 

"Sandy I can't breath." She mumbled into her.

"Oh sorry baby, sorry!" She said as she let me go.

Then they all turned to the door when they heard a key in the lock. "It must be Aunt Terri" Laurel said as she walked towards the door but then stopped, because the last time she opened the door was for the Police Officers…She took a deep breath and put her hand on the handle and opened it. She let out breath when she saw Aunt Terri standing there with red rim eyes and fumbling with her keys. She then opened her arms and took Laurel in the girls started to cry as they both slid down the door frame holding each other for awhile. Louis helped them up and on to the couch Aunt Terri cried herself sleep.

It was noon when she woke up, everyone else were sitting at the table. The phone then started to ring, Laurel got up from the table and answered it. It was Officer Paxton reminding her that someone had to go identify the body today before 5:00 she thanked him for the reminder and said that someone would do it soon. She said calmly. 

"I'm going to change so we can get this part over with" She said putting the phone back down on the dock. She just kept her eyes down to the floor but she could feel everyones eyes on her. She walked upstairs to her room, went into my closet and shut the door all the way. She just wanted to be alone for a bit. She cried, cried and cried "Laurel get a hold of yourself you gotta be strong, you can do this…I can do this!" She told herself. She got up and grab a pretty dress it had a flower print it looks country she then grab a tan belt and her mom's old boots. She set everything on her bed and then got into the shower. She stood there for awhile just letting the water beat down on her. After a while she got out got dressed, did her hair and make up. She grabbed the necklace her mom gave her for her thirteenth birthday it was a heart locket with their pictures in it. Laurel stared at herself in the mirror and said "I can do this!"

While downstairs Aunt Terri was surprised by how Laurel was taking it. "She's being so brave I just can't seem to pull myself together. I feel so bad I wish I was as strong as her. I'm the adult I'm  suppose to be the strong one and I can't bring myself to go down there I can't see Anna like that." She told them as she looked up to the stairs. Her niece really is brave is it weird that she looked up to her, here she is twenty-eight years old and Laurel is only sixteen she thought.  

"It's really quiet do you think one of us should go up there?" Amanda asked. Aunt Terri did notice it was very quiet and started to stand up.   

"No we should let her be, you know her she likes to handle some things on here own when she really needs us she'll let us know." Sandy said. Aunt Terri looked up to Sandy she is another amazing woman she was glad that she's here. She then started to cry again she just couldn't stop. Everyone turned and stood up when they heard foot steps come down the stairs.  

"I'm ready!" Laurel said as she walked downstairs. Aunt Terri was still crying so Laurel went straight to her and said "Everything is going to be fine." She wanted to cry but she push back the tears thinking that if she did she probably wouldn't be able to stop.

"I don't think I can do it, I can't see her like that, I'm so sorry!" Aunt Terri cried

"It's ok I can, Louis could you please drive?" Laurel asked quietly. 

He gave her a hug and kissed her hair "Yeah I will." he left her side and grab the keys. Amanda came with, Sandy stayed with Aunt Terri. When Louis opened the door Mrs. Scott from down the hall was about to knock.

"Hello Darling, is your mother home she said she give me a ride the store today?" She asked, just then tears started to run down her face.

"Why don't you kids get going I'll talk to Mrs.Scott." Sandy said as she gave Laurel a squeeze on the shoulder.

"Thank you Sandy." She said as they walked out the door. They were down the hall when they heard Mrs. Scott start to sob, Laurel felt horrible as a lump grew in her throat. she looked back down the hall and there was Mrs. Scott holding her hand over her mouth in Sandy's arms.

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