Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


18. Chapter 18

Justin's POV

"Wait Margo did you hear that guy he just yelled out LAUREL!" I said turning to look at the guy then to the girl he was waving at and there she was, wow she's pretty. Margo turned to look in the direction I was looking to the girl in the purple shirt.

"It's her! Wow isn't she gorgeous the picture doesn't do her justice." Margo said staring at her as she walked back.

"Yeah she is, let's follow her." I mumbled.

"Hey she might be your half sister!" Margo laughed as she was walking beside me, Laurel was a few people ahead. We made sure that we weren't too close, we didn't want dad to see us well Margo cuz my disguise is awesome.

"Ju…Um Tyler let's get some more people between us okay." She said.

"I was thinking the same thing." I stated as we moved behind a young couple he looked like a jock and she was hot.

"Wait she stopped I think she's looking for him. Poor thing she looks so nervous." Margo said as I almost ran into the couple. 

"Do you see dad? Wait no let me get closer I'm the won he won't recognize." I said. Then I slowly walked in front of the guy and girl that stopped as well. When I got about six feet behind Laurel I spotted dad right away he was looking down fixing his shirt. I looked back to Margo and nodded at her, she was signaling with her hands but I  wasn't sure what she was trying to say. I glanced at the girl from before she looked back at Margo too, was she watching us? I then turned around towards dad he stood up and Laurel was no longer in front of me she was walking towards him. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Amanda's POV

"Hey Amanda wanna ride?" Charlie yelled from one of the game booths.

"Not right now Charlie, maybe later!" I yelled.

"Ha ha I'm not talking about that kinda ride baby." He laughed. Ugh I just want to punch him sometimes. I just flipped him off and walked on. 

"Ha ha he wants you!" Louis Laughed. I punched him in the shoulder as we followed Laurel. A guy and woman walked right in front of the people in front of us.

"Ugh what is it with cougars …EW!" I mumbled to myself. The guy was really hot but I would make him shave the bread. I looked up at Louis god he's gorgeous I really want to kiss him again. Ugh what am I saying, I really need to figure this out.

"Hey come on your dragging." He said as he pulled me ahead. The guys and woman slowed and were behind us now. We slowed when we saw her stop by the bait shop she was looking around now. We stopped altogether when she was staring at a man sitting on a bench. 

"It's him!" I whispered.

The guy from before walked in front of us a few feet behind Laurel he was staring at her then the guy on the bench.

"OH MY GOD! IS THAT…" I said. Crap he nodded at me…wait not me the woman behind me…it's him. What is she doing she pointing to the bottom of her ear then to him I turned back to him.

"It's him!" I mumbled.

"Yeah I know he's walking up to her." Louis said sarcastically.

"No stupid it's Justin Davis…you know his son, wait the beard...is falling off." I said slowly walking up to him. 

"Amanda what…where are you going?" He shouted behind me.

I tapped him on his shoulder. "Excuse me…um your beard is falling off." I said pointing to the piece under his right ear.

"Oh god, thanks I'm sorry but kinda busy." He said patting down the side that was coming off.

"Yeah I know." I told him looking over to Laurel. "Your Justin Davis." He turned around his eyes were as big as saucers.

"No I'm not…Uh your funny." He said looking back at the woman.

"You followed your dad, to check out Laurel didn't you?" I was looking right at him.

"Amanda what are you doing?" Louis said as he walked up to us. 

"How do you know Laurel?" Justin said looking at us both.

"No! How do you know Laurel?" Louis demanded.

"Louis calm down it's Jeremy's son Justin the bread is fake…see!" I grabbed the beard and pulled it off.

"NO DON'T!" He yelled as he cut me off.

"What are you kids doing to him!" The woman yelled as she came running up to us.

"How do you know my dad?" Justin yelled grabbing the beard from my hand, the woman stopped when she heard him.

"Don't you get it, we're here watching over Laurel and your here to watch over your dad." I explained to everyone. "I'm sorry for ripping off the beard but why are you wearing it?" I asked confused.

"He doesn't know that we're here and he didn't want us to com…" 

"OH MY GOD IT'S JUSTIN DAVIS!" A group of girls yelled.

"Crap that's why! What are we going to do?" He yelled.

"Wait go over there behind the mexican restaurant." Louis said pointing to the back of the building.

"Did they noticed anything?" The woman asked looking at Laurel and Jeremy.

"No their sitting down." I said  then I saw a girl run down to the end of the pier to where another girl was standing a few feet away from Laurel. "Oh my god please be quiet!" I said to myself.


"Oh this is bad…" The woman said. Jeremy looked right our way as Justin was being mobbed by girls and more were coming.

Laurel's POV

I smiled when I saw him stand. Wow I can't believe I'm doing this he could be my dad. We started walking towards each other. A tear drop onto my cheek I didn't know I was crying. I didn't take my eyes off of him but neither did he. 

"Hi Laurel!" He said extending out his hand.

"Hi Mr. Davis!" I said as I placed my hand in his.

"Ha ha you can call me Jeremy, Wow you look so much like Anna when she was your age, come on lets sit." He looked me over he was so happy and I was clam not nervous at all. I followed him to the bench and sat down.

"How are you doing, are you ok?" He asked.

"Yes I'm fine, how about yourself?" I asked.

"I'm a lot better then I thought, how's your Aunt Terri doing, I know she and Anna were very close?"

She's sad but she's getting through it, So you know my aunt?

"Yeah we all used to hang out, she dated my brother for a while after me and your mom broke up. We haven't talked in a few years. This is so crazy I thought I never see you again." He said as he was still holding my hand running his thumb over a scar just below my wrist. "Do you remember how you got this?"

I looked down at the scar it was about inch long and faded, I had it forever. "Mom said I fell off a swing or something I think."

"Actually it was a slide one of those old metal ones Anna thought you were going to bleed out. I grabbed you and ran you to the car and cleaned up the cut, you weren't crying at all you were so brave. It wasn't deep so I put a band ad on it and you ran back to play." He laughed. We then  heard screaming and noticed a girl she ran to another girl behind us.

"JUSTIN DAVIS IS RIGHT OVER THERE COME ON" The girl screamed and so did the other.

We both shot up from the bench. "WHAT?" Jeremy screamed. "He can't I told him not to come!" We walked over to the side to see Justin, my friends and some lady surrounded by girls.

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