Out To Find The Truth

Laurel is a happy, down to earth, beautiful, 16 year old girl but all that is about to change her, now that her mother has died, and she's on the search to find her father. The only clue she has is the two names her mother put in a letter written to her before her death. Is it the man the raised her until she was two years old who is the father of a major musical artist or a man that she knows nothing about?


17. Chapter 17

Jeremy's POV

   Why did I leave so early I'm going nuts maybe I should call her to meet up now. Oh never mind I don't want to rush her. I'll just sit in the car for a little longer I listened to the radio for a bit after a while I couldn't take it anymore I'll just call Margo. I got out of the car grabbed my phone and and punched in the number.


Huh no answer she's probably shopping, I looked up and noticed the rides wow I haven't been here in ages, not since Justin was younger. His favorite ride is the ferris wheel we had some great times here. I wonder if Laurel remembers me and Anna bringing her here almost every weekend, I loved the smile she got when we played games and the stuffed monkey I won her, she was so happy. Ugh come on 12:00 O'Clock, I looked at my phone it's 10:45, I'll try Margo again.

Margo's POV

RING…RING! "It's Jeremy again!" I told Justin.

"You should really get it this time he's probably going nuts it almost noon." He said.

"Hello Darling." I said. "How is it going are you doing ok?"

"I'm okay just thinking of some things, so what are you up to?" He asked.

"Oh I'm just doing some window shopping with Justin." I said as I looked at Justin.

"Okay well I'm walking up to the pier right now, I'm just going to wonder around then make my way to the end of the pier. I'm getting more and more nervous, what if she doesn't like me?" He asked I could tell his voice was shaky.

"Darling she's going to love you, don't worry it's going to be fine." I told him.

"Thanks babe, well I'll let you get back to your shopping, okay." He said.

"Okay I promise I won't spend that much." I laughed. Justin parked the car a few spots away from Jeremy's car. We could see Jeremy oh my poor guy. 

"Ha ha I'll call you after I meet her."

"Okay, I love you!" I said as I watched him.

"I love you too!" He said as he hung up. 

"HAHA!" I heard Justin snickered. 

"What is it?" I asked turning away from Jeremy.

"You don't see it? He's so nervous he's fixed his hair like ten times in the past few minutes." He said still laughing. I couldn't help but laugh and I started to watch him and Justin was right 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 more times aw my poor guy. I hope that this is real and that she's not playing him. 

"Are you ready to head over now?" Justin asked. 

"Huh?" I said still looking at Jeremy.

"Are you ready to head over?" He repeated.

"Oh yeah…ha ha…are you?" I laughed as looked at his beard.

"What is it coming off?" He turned to the rearview mirror.

"No don't worry it's fine!" I assured him. We slowly made out way to the pier, it was 11:15 maybe she'll up early.

"Hey call me Tyler instead of you know, just in case." He informed me. 

"OK TYLER! Let's play some games he's walking down to the end now he won't see us." I suggested. We actually had some fun playing games and grabbing some hotdogs.

"Wow I forgot how good these were!" I said as I took another bite.

"I like today we never get to really hang out like this, you really are fun Margo!" He sounded surprised. I guess I really don't do much fun things with them, huh you know what that's going to change.

"Thanks, we'll just have to do more things together then" I said as I hugged him trying not to mess up his beard.

Laurel's POV

"Okay guys are you ready to go it'll take us 10 minutes to walk there." I said to them. Louis was grabbing a togo cup for his soda. I gave Sandy a hug I could tell that she was nervous for me.

"Good luck baby girl!" She said as she let me go, we then walked out the door it was so amazing out the sun was shining. People were everywhere enjoying the day.

"So you two know what to do?" I asked.

"Yep we got it we'll stay away but not to far and we won't be obvious. Don't worry we got this, so how are you doing you okay?" Louis asked as he put his arms around both of our shoulders.

"Yeah kinda, What if he doesn't like me?" I asked looking forward, We were almost there, my heart is about to jump out of my chest. 

"Are you kidding me, he's going to love you and if he doesn't I'll kick his ass…ha ha just kidding!" Amanda said as she twirled around us laughing.

"Okay so if he goes nuts we'll jump him." He said as he smiled and then started laughing. "I'm just kidding! Well unless he kidnaps you." He and Amanda laughed.

"Okay I don't think he'll do that, but if he tries you can take him down." I laughed. "I love you guys your the best!" 

"Good luck!" Amanda said as she hugged me. 

We separated around Pacific Park by the games. I started to head over to the end of the pier when I heard Charlie yell my name. I turned to find him by one of the game booths and he waved as I walked by I waved back. I still can't believe I made out with him the other night…ugh he's cute. I looked back Amanda and Louis were walking pretty far behind me. I took my time to get to the end of the pier where Jeremy would be. My hands are starting to sweat eww, I'm so nervous. I open my phone and pulled up the picture he sent me I already knew it by heart but just one more look wouldn't hurt. I stared at it till I reached the end I looked at all of the men on the benches and the ones leaning on the railings, there were a few that were fishing. Then I saw a man he was tall and big not fat but muscular he had light brown hair. He was looking down at his hands and he kept smoothing out his shirt…It's him. I think he was a nervous as I am I felt a smile grow on my face as I watched him, tears started to form in my eyes. Then he looked up at that moment our eyes met. 

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