I Cant Believe I Did It.

This Is What I Do.
I'm Sorry If You Don't Like It, But This I'm Proud Of.


1. Not A Chapter Cause Its A Poem... Duh

I Didn't Want To

My Hands, My Head, And my Broken Heart Took Over

It All Happened So Fast. To Fast

I Was Crying. Hard

I Couldn't See

My Hands Were Moving Fast. To Fast

It Was Almost All A Blur

My Eyes Were Flooding With Tears

I Was Blinded

All I Could Think Of Was You

You Aren't My Cause, Your My Motivation

I Knew It Would Hurt You

I Knew You Wouldn't Appreciate It

Its Not Your Fault. Its My Dad

He Doesn't Care

He Left Me Alone With No One, With Nothing

He Saw

The Tears, The Blood, The Cutting

He Didn't Even Try To Stop Me

Your The Only One Who's Truly Made Me Smile Lately

The Smiles Around You Are Real

They Aren't Covering My Scars

Maybe Your Right

Maybe I Do Love You And Don't Know It

I Promise You I Wont Do It Again

The Bleeding, The Crying


Its Done, I Promise You And Only You

Just Dont Leave Me And I Wont Do It. I Promise

I Love Youu So Much!


10/22/2012 Means More Than You Think Sweetie.  






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