How my life came to be..

Emily wa your old regular teenage girl. She went to school, did HW, watched TV and you know everyday things, but Emily had always wanted to be a singer but she was too shy to sing in front of people. No one supported her except for her 16 year old sister Alex. One day, one out of the blue day, Emily got her courage up and went to audition on the X-Factor UK what happens next...


3. Happy Birthday!

I woke up kind of confused, because of my dream. I dreamt I auditioned on the X-Factor? Well whatever today I shouldn't worry cause.... I'm 16!!!!! I went to he living room to find.. No one there. Huh? That's weird! I went to the kitchen as always and found all my family and friends jumpin in the air yelling "Surprise!!!" I jumped out of this world because I was so scared and I was so happy! Todas was good! Sorta. My friends just have to ruin it by fighting and bossing me around. Like what the fuck! I mean its my birthday! Sorry I gott a little mad there. The big thing that happened today was that tommorow, August 19, 2010 I was going to audition for the X-Factor UK!!! I can do it right? Right?
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