Dream Come True

While Ellie is living the dream on The X-Factor, she can't help but let old memories flood in. Being on the stage in front of millions of people is everything she ever wanted, but does that mean everything goes right?


1. Judges Houses

Okay, so I got through the auditions and boot camp, but now I just need to keep my fingers crossed about this stage. I've sing my heart out here in Venice with Nicole, showing her my full potential. Right now I'm waiting impatiently to be called trough to the singing area, on a huge balcony where the cushioned bench is. That's where Nicole will tell me the truth. I believe I done my best, but was it enough to get through? I better introduce myself; my name is Ellie Childs, but most people call me El. My hair reaches my bottom, with small curls. It's a very light brown it could be mistaken for blond. Many people describe my eyes to shine as bright as the sun, but obviously as a crystal blue colour. My freckles only show in the sun, like now and I have very rosy cheeks, so when I blush you could say they go as red as a tomato.

Moment it truth time now...

"El, come, take a seat sweetie."

I love how Nicole calls us girls sweetie or honey; it really makes us feel like she cares which of course she does.

"I absolutely loved your performance as much as I loved the others you performed. You really show potential and projection. I can tell you take this all very seriously and love to show people what you're made of."

I can't wipe the smile away from my face now.

"I have come to a decision, but sadly...."

And this is where my dreams shatter to a million pieces.

"You will have to work extra harder to make sure you win this thing girl. I'm taking you through to the live shows."

We both instantly jump up off the bench and laugh as we celebrate by jumping around the balcony.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squeal.

"Your welcome honey. Now save your voice, you need them beautiful vocals."

Of course i do if I want to win this thing. And I sure do!
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