A world of weeds and flowers

I was given a poetry assignment for Religious Studies to write a poem beginning with the negatives of the world and ending with the positives and...this was the result!


1. A world of weeds and flowers

It saddens me sometimes

To live in a world

Where insults and jeers

Are so frequently hurled

By those who preach kindness,

Compassion and love

And mercy and faith

In the heavens above:

This pitiless planet

Where beggars are scorned

For having the insolent

Cheek to be born

To a family whose livelihood

Was stripped from their hands,

And were made slaves to the greed

Of a far-distant land.


It saddens me often

To live in a nation –

O, how it fills me

With violent frustration! –

Where people are judged

For the things they believe,

Where people are quick

To rape, murder and thieve.


It gladdens me always,

When I see the sun rise,

And in glorious splendour

Ascend to the skies,

When I hear the soft cry

Of a warbling bird,

Or see a new calf

Embraced by its herd.


While many may spurn

The stranger in need,

There are some who will comfort

And tend to and feed

The beggar, the leper,

The AIDS-stricken mother,

The orphan who has

Neither sister nor brother.


When at night-time I gaze

At the heavens unfurled,

I’m grateful to live

In this glorious world.

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