I Won't Give Up.

Savannah was tired of her life. Her mother just died five months ago. Her best guy friend had became her boyfriend and helped her back up. But as time progressed Savannah became more depressed about her mothers passing. Her boyfriend Luke was getting upset because she never did anything with him. Luke started to hide her from the world and then started to beat her. Savannah finally gained enough strength to leave. She ran away in the middle of a cold winter night. She ran in to Harry Styles and he helped her be more confident and to love herself again. This is her story and how she won't give up.


3. Traveling, Movies, Concerts, Elevators And Pools


I was sleeping with my arms around Savannah's waist. It felt right, like God wanted this to happen. Some time last night we started to leave Pennsylvania to our next state. I remembered Savannah's voice from last night I had a dream about her. We were sitting down and we were just about to kiss. Savannah got up quickly, startling me. "Are you okay?" I said to her. She was breathing deeply and heavily. I sat up. She hugged me. "Please don't let Luke find me. Please." She said. I stroked her back. "I would never." I looked her in the eyes, and came closer inch by inch. I was just about to kiss her when there was a knock at the door. My heart dropped, I was so close to getting that kiss. I let out a sigh. I opened the door. It was Zayn. "Pancakes anyone." This is why he interrupted my moment? "Yeah." Savannah said. She got up and ducked underneath my arm,. and walked into the kitchen, she grabbed a plate and two pancakes. She sat at the table. She grabbed the syrup out of Niall's hand. "Excuse me." Niall said moving his head side to side. Savannah ignored him and poured the syrup onto her pancakes. "Excuse me?!" Niall said with more emphasis on the 'me'. She looked up. "Your excused. But may I ask did you burp or something?" She asked with a smile on her face. She shoved a piece of pancake in her mouth. Niall stood up and looked as if he was waiting for Savannah to stand up. She looked up at him. "Oh are you going somewhere?" She said sarcastically. "If so are you going to eat your pancakes?" Savannah said looking up at Niall. Niall gave her an evil look. "Your like a little baby doll, you don't scare me." Savannah said taking another bite out of her pancakes. Niall sat back down,finishing his pancakes. He got up. "Do you want any milk,Savannah?" Niall said with a smile on his face. "Yes please,only a little though." Savannah said. I went over to Niall. He grabbed the sugar and salt and dumped in there. I couldn't help but laugh. I went over to Savannah and handed her the cup of milk. Niall sat back down and pulled out his phone. He started a twit cam. "Hey guys this is Savannah and I put sugar and salt into her milk. She doesn't know!" He whispered. He put his phone on the table and acted as if he was texting. Savannah took a drink of her milk and out it went. Niall and the rest of the boys laughed. "Niall!" Savannah  screamed. She went to the sink and took a drink of water. "Say hi!" Niall said bringing the camera up close. "Oh- What?! Your recording this?!" She said. "Not such a little baby anymore am I?" Niall said with a smile. I grabbed the phone away from Niall. Savannah got a cup of ice and filled it with water. She pretended to drink it. When she got enough of water she spit it all on Niall then shrugged her shoulders turned to the camera and said. "Should I?" I looked at the feed. "Yes" "Yes" "OMG YES" Everyone commented. I put up a thumbs up and with that she stood on her tippy toes and poured the rest on Niall. We all broke out into laughter. "Even?" Savannah said through laughs. "I guess. But you better watch your back!" Niall said shaking his hair. 

After everything died out and Niall changed clothes, we sat down to watch a movie. Savannah changed too. She put on a pink shirt and some big black sweatpants. She put her hair in a big messy bun. She looked adorable. She went to the kitchen and grabbed some water.  She at down at the corner of the couch. I sat down next to her. "What are we watching?" And with that the words "Devil Inside" showed up on the screen. Liam pressed play. I got up and grabbed a blanket and put it over me. "Based On A True Story." The words showed up. Then the scene where they were trying to help this girl get rid of the devil. Savannah got scared she turned  towards me and got under the blanket. The girl then popped up in the camera. Savannah ducked her head underneath the blanket and onto my chest. I couldn't help but laugh. She pinched me. "Ow!" I screamed. She started to laugh. The movie ended with everyone dying. Nice ending huh? She finally got out of the blanket,she stayed under there for the hole movie, not looking once. "Is it over?" She said looking scared. "Yeah." I said stretching out. "Good." She said. "Another movie?" Zayn said. Louis went to the desk with all of their movies. "Since Savannah almost died watching the Devil Inside let's watch  um Titanic!" He said looking at Savannah. "Yeah, but it's so sad, I might cry." I looked at her. "I'm here." I said with a smile. She smiled back. "Good." She said under her breath. Zayn put the movie in. half way through Savannah leaned her head onto my shoulder. My heart was beating loud and fast. She started to cry as the boat was sinking. I put my arm around her. The movie ended as we entered our place where we were going to preform it was Madison Square Garden. Our last place where we were going to preform for 2012. It was December 3rd. Savannah wiped her tears. "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing, just pray to a God that I don't believe in. 'Cause I got time while she got freedom. 'Cause when her heart breaks no it don't break-even." Liam's phone rang. He jumped up and grabbed the phone.

Liam: Hello?

Paul: Hello. Liam, are you five almost ready?

Liam: Ohh, uhh yeah.

Paul: Ok Be there in 20.

Liam: Ok.

Liam hung up the phone. "Who was that?" Niall said. "Paul, we need to get ready for our concert tonight." Liam said walking into the bathroom. Savannah got up and went inside my room. I followed her. "What's wrong?" I asked shutting the door. "I knew this as a bad idea." Savannah said sitting on my bed. "What? Coming here?" I said pulling out some clothes. "Yeah,I'm going to sit here doing nothing for two,three hours. And this is your last concert for the 2012,so you're going to go home and I'll just be doing nothing in England." She had some part of a point. "Well, we're going to a hotel tonight and we are going to a vacation house all winter." I said trying to convince that everything will be okay.She looked up and gave me a smile. "It's alright I'll be fine it's just,just." "Luke?" I said giving her a smile back. Savannah nodded at me. There was a line outside of the bathroom. Liam was already in there. The rest of us waited outside the bathroom door. It was a line with Zayn in the front, then Louis, then Niall, then me. Savannah was on the couch. She was going to wait to get a shower at the hotel. Finally we were all ready for Paul. I had texted Paul that we have someone else on our bus so he wouldn't be so surprised. And told him that she was a girl and her name was Savannah. "You guys need a girl there, maybe she could make you boys less messy." He texted me.

When Paul came there was already a swarm of girls out there. "What are we going to do?" Savannah said looking up at me. I grabbed her  hand. "Come on." I said I pushed open the door. Paul had said we don't ave time for meeting the girls in the crowd, that we were already to late. We pushed through the crowd and finally got to he limo. "Hi nice to meet you. I'm Paul." Paul said as we entered the limo. "I'm Savannah. Nice to meet you." Savannah said shaking Paul's hand. We drove to the hotel in silence. When We got there Savannah looked around. "This is what you have to deal with?" She said. Liam looked at her. "Pretty much." He said. "Okay boys  no time for autographs. You boys are going to be late." The gaurd opened the door for us. We all walked out. "Eww who is that girl with them?" "She looks like a man!" "Go back to the forest! Where you belong!" "Hey back off of One Direction fatty!!" "What does your mom think of you?"  All the girls were saying. Savannah looked down. As we got to the hotel door, a girl pushed Savannah. She almost fell down. We got our room. I would be sharing with Savannah.


I was so embarrassed. Stupid girls saying rude things to me. Seriously? I'm fat and look like a man because I'm with One Direction? I knew if I wasn't they'd all be super nice. That's not even the worst part. Some random girl screamed out "What does your mom think of you?" It broke my heart. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Well at least I was going to be sharing a room with Harry. He almost kissed me today but then Zayn opened the door. Which I am kind of glad of. I wasn't really ready to kiss him or to go into a relationship with him. I want to but he hasn't got time to know the real me. The way he pulled me close last night and sang to me it was just like magic, like we were ment to be. I was still looking down when someone touched me. I jumped. "Wow you okay?" "Yes." I said still looking down at my feet. I looked up, we were in an elevator.  I hated them. I started to breathe heavily. When I was six the elevator broke on me and I had to stay in it for six hours, so I was traumatized. Ever since then I've been afraid to go in one. I usually take the stairs. I grabbed Harry's hand, and held it tightly. Then I grabbed Liam's hand and did the same. "Savannah. Are you okay?" Liam asked me. I couldn't talk I couldn't breathe. I started to feel dizzy. What was happening? Why were the lights going out. The last thing I remember was falling onto Niall.

 I Woke up in a hotel room. Harry by my side. "Harry." I said almost whispering. He got up. I could tell he had been crying. "Savannah!" He hugged me. "How long have I been like this." I asked while pulling out of the hug. "A day." A day? A full day!? "Did I keep you from doing he concert?" I asked. I really didn't want to be responsible for that. All those girls not being able to go see their future husbands. "No, Paul Stayed and watched you last night." Harry said. I suddenly felt a burst of energy. I sat up in the bed. "I have to go to the bathroom." I said grabbing my bag. I didn't really I just wanted to go swimming. Every-time I go to a hotel I have to swim. I look at the clock in the room. 6:00 am It read. Nobody would be there. I walked out and Harry's Eyes grew and his jaw dropped. My cheeks changed to red. "Do you want to go for a swim?" I said trying to change the subject. "Ohh, yeah. Just let me erm, get my umm bathing suit." He stuttered out. When he came out my jaw dropped. His muscular body, it was amazing. I have never seen abs. And those were a great first. "Okay Lets go!" I said. We opened the door and headed for the elevator. "Can we take the stairs?" I asked. "Yeah!" Harry said grabbing my hand and running. He was running really fast. It was hard to even run because he had my hand. But I laughed. This was the most fun I have ever had in months. And I was going to enjoy it.

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