I Won't Give Up.

Savannah was tired of her life. Her mother just died five months ago. Her best guy friend had became her boyfriend and helped her back up. But as time progressed Savannah became more depressed about her mothers passing. Her boyfriend Luke was getting upset because she never did anything with him. Luke started to hide her from the world and then started to beat her. Savannah finally gained enough strength to leave. She ran away in the middle of a cold winter night. She ran in to Harry Styles and he helped her be more confident and to love herself again. This is her story and how she won't give up.


6. Plane Ride

Harry's P.O.V

Tomorrow's Savannah's Birthday? We looked at her as if she was crazy. She looked down. "Are we going to have cake!?" Niall shouted out breaking the silence. Savannah laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "I really don't want a party, just some cake and presents with my five best friends." Savannah said with a smile. "So, you two." Liam said moving his eyebrows up and down. "Yup!" I said proudly grabbing Savannah's hand. She looked down slowly while smiling.

We pulled up to the airport. Savannah had a confusing look on her face. "Where are we going?" She asked. "To our vacation house." Liam said. "Do we have my clothes? My bag? My tile and my picture of my cousin and I?" She said looking very scared. "Right here." I said showing her the bag and everything. I rubbed her back. We walked in. It was crowded with fans. "Hi Savannah!" Fans were screaming. Flashing lights everywhere. She looked surprised. We handed in our tickets. As we were walking towards the plane Savannah pulled on my shirt. "How do they know my name?' She asked me. I pulled out my phone and pressed the 'Twitter' app. I handed her my phone. Her eyes went left to right and then again, left to right. I saw a blush creep onto her face. My tweet said 'Alot of you guys have asked about the mystery girl..we are dating and her name is savannah :)xx' "Why?" She asked. "Why what?" "Why did you tell  everyone?" She asked me. "Because if I'm going to be in a relationship then I don't want it to be secret and stuff." I said. "But what about Manag-" Savannah Asked. Before She Could Finish The Question I Cut Her Off."Management Said It's Okay, As Long As I Think That It's Going To Last." I Saw Her Face Become Red As She Looked Down. She Couldn't Stop Smiling Either.

  We Boarded The Plane. I Had Sat With Savannah. She Got The Window. She Looked Out The Window. The Sun Hit Her Face At The Perfect Angle. She Was Beautiful. I've Haven't Felt This Way In A While. I Usually Meet Some Whore At The Bar. Take Her Home, Have Sex With Her And Then She Leaves. But Savannah, There Was Something Different About Her. I Even Want To Wait Before I Have Sex With Her. I'm Zoned Out For A Couple Minutes. Savannah Moved A Bit Bringing Me Out Of My World. I Came Back To The Real World To See Her Trying To Get Comfortable. She Was Still In Her Bathing Suit. "Would You Like To Change, Babe?" A Blush Creeped Upon Her Face. "Please?" She Smiled. I Got Up And Reached Into The Suitcase Holder Above Our Heads. I Grabbed Her Blue Bag And Handed Her The Bag. She Took It And Went Into The Small Bathroom.  When She Came Back She Was Wearing Gray Sweatpants And A White Shirt That Had The Words 'All For One For All' Written In Blue On The Back Of Her Shirt. I Moved Out Of The Seat So She Could Sit Down. She Stopped In Front Of Me. I Gave Her A Confusing Look. She Stood On Her Tippy Toes And Wrapped Her Arms Around My Neck Pulling Me Into A Warm Hug. I Instantly Hugged Her Back. She Let Got Reluctantly As The Same With Me. She Then Sat Down. I Looked AT The Boys As I Stood Up, All Asleep. I Sat Back Down. "What Was That For?" I Asked Her A Few Moments Later. She Looked At Me With Her Brown Eyes That Were Still Bruised But The Swelling Had Gone Down. She Leaned In Slowly And Began To Kiss Me Softly. Her Hands Came Up And Cupped My Face. My Lips Instantly Kissed Her Back And My Hands Moved To Her Back.  The Kiss Was Quick And Sweet. She Pulled Away From The Kiss. "And What Was That For??" I Asked Smiling. "You Saved Me." She Said Again While Blush Was Creeping Onto Her Face. "From?" I Asked. "Luke." I Could See It Even Hurt Her To Say His Name. I Hugged Her. I Pulled Out Of The Hug And Kissed Her Forehead. She Laughed And Yawned At The Same Time. "You Tired?" I Asked. "And Cold." She Answered. I Pressed The Button To Call For The Flight Attendant. Several Seconds Later An Attendant Came. "How May I Help You Sir?" She Said Smiling. "Can You Get Us A Blanket?" I Asked Flashing My Dimples. "Of Course. Just Wait One Moment Sir." She Said, Still Smiling. Her Voice Was High And Very Annoying, But I Didn't Show Her Through My Facial Expressions. 

   As She Said, The Blanket Came In A Few Short Moments. She Handed It To Me. "Thank You." I Said. "You're Welcome." She Said And She Walked Away. I Unfolded The Blanket, And Shook It A Couple Of Times. I Laid It Over Her Then On Top Of Me.

Savannah's P.O.V

As He Laid It Over Me He Looked Into My Eyes. "Goodnight." He Said. I Smiled. I Leaned On The Window Thinking It Would Be Comfortable. Well I Thought Wrong. I Saw Harry's Arm. Should I Lean Onto Him? I Thought To Myself. No! That Would Be Awkward. This Conversation Went On For 5 Minutes. Finally I Got The Courage To Just Lay On Him. I Curled My Legs So That My Knees Were Facing The Window I Leaned Onto His Lap And Not His Shoulder. I Thought He Was A Sleep Until He Put His Hand On My Hand And Held It Softly. I Got Comfortable And I Fell Asleep.

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