I Won't Give Up.

Savannah was tired of her life. Her mother just died five months ago. Her best guy friend had became her boyfriend and helped her back up. But as time progressed Savannah became more depressed about her mothers passing. Her boyfriend Luke was getting upset because she never did anything with him. Luke started to hide her from the world and then started to beat her. Savannah finally gained enough strength to leave. She ran away in the middle of a cold winter night. She ran in to Harry Styles and he helped her be more confident and to love herself again. This is her story and how she won't give up.


1. I Have Got To Go

Savannah POV:

"Luke, it's time to get up." I said a little scared. It was 8:50 at night. Luke had a 3rd shift job so he slept all day. "I'll get up in a minute." He said with his voice cracking. I went over by the bed and shook him softly. "Luke, you got to get up now or you will be late for work again." I said still shaking him. He got up, startling me. He pulled my hair and pushed me on to the bed,  putting his hand over my mouth, preventing me to scream. "What did I just say, bitch?" He screamed in my ear. Luke pushed me off the bed and onto the floor. He jumped on top of me. "Luke,stop!" I screamed. "Don't tell me what to do,ass!" He said punching me in the eye. "Ahh!" I screamed. "Shut up!" Luke screamed. Punching me in the other eye. I was so scared and I was hurt so bad. I gathered up my strength and kicked him, in the groin. As he fell over riving in pain I ran out of his reach. I guess I didn't run fast enough because he grabbed me by the hair and pushed me against the wall choking me. "I'm so done with you!" Luke said putting his finger in my face. "Then why don't you just leave me?" I said screaming while crying at the same time. "Because, you've got no where to go remember?" He said with an evil grin. "Why would you bring that up?" I screamed in his face. And was when it got bad. He threw me on the ground with my back facing him, he punched it and then turn me over and did the same to my stomach. He dragged me by the hair,arms and legs. Anything that you could think of, he did to me all in five measly minutes. At this point I was wailing and my tears wouldn't stop rolling in. He had finally realized that he was actually going to be late for work. "I'm leaving for work whore." He said a little more relaxed. I turned onto my stomach sniffling and covered my face. I shrugged, I didn't care where he was going. I just wanted to lay here alone. But that was a mistake. Luke doesn't like when I shrug my shoulders, I forgot all about it. I soon regretted it because he came back and kicked me. He had kicked me so hard i couldn't breathe for a second. Luke stomped away and slammed the door behind him. I heard the car door shut and the car drive away.

 I got up wincing in pain. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was black, blue and purple all over. My eyes were bloodshot red from the crying and big and blue from Luke. My eyes were probably the worst it hurt just to even blink. "You don't deserve this, Savannah." I said to myself through sobbing. I walked into my room and grabbed my blue bag out of my closet. Luke and I had different rooms because I didn't do enough with him during the night. I went over to my dresser, I put all the pants, shirts , and undies I could fit into that little blue bag. I closed my drawers and stood up. I saw the last thing that my mother and I did together. It was a painted tile. Half of the tile was the British flag and the other half was the Irish flag. And in the middle it had the two words that made my life 'One Direction'. A tear fell down my cheek,stinging my swollen eye, and falling onto the tile. "Mom." I whispered to myself. As I was about to put it into my bag I found a picture of me and my cousin that was taken 5 years back. I was 13 years old. She was like a best friend to me, but I never got to see her, because after my mothers death I was reported missing. Luke hid me from the world, no one knew where is was. They had a memorial for me, everyone thought I was dead. I shook from that thought. I put on sweatpants, Ugg boots and my favorite purple sweater. I walked into my mothers old room. I went to her dresser and put her sunglasses on. They were big enough to hide my eyes, so no one would ask what happened to me. I was finally ready to leave. I walked outside. It was in the middle of winter so it was freezing. I walked back inside. "You got to do this Savannah." I said to myself. I ran into my closet and grabbed a Myrtle Beach hat and a pair of matching gloves. I tried it again. I was much warmer now since now my whole body was covered.

 I walked to anywhere that was warm. I never stopped to look back. I started to remember all the good times i had with my mom before she died. I couldn't help but smile, I had missed her so much but every-time I think of her, I can't help but smile. A tear of joy slipped out of my eye. I looked down to get it out of my eye.

Harry POV:

I looked down at my feet, shuffling through the cold snow. One Direction was on the middle of a tour. Everything about being on tour made me happy  except for one thing. We would get tired of each-other  We spend a year together in one little bus, I mean who wouldn't? I needed space so I decided to go for a walk. I looked up to see the sky, it wasn't very clear, I saw a couple stars. I looked back down at my feet. I was dragging them through the snow to see the sidewalk. BAM!

Savannah POV: 

I fell to the ground hitting a bruise on my bum from Luke earlier. I was scared it was Luke trying to kill me for leaving. So I did what anyone would do in my situation. "Please don't hurt me Luke! I'm sorry for leaving!" I screamed out, covering my face. " I'm not going to hurt you, love." The boy said extending his arm. I looked at his hand. Man those things were huge. And that accent, a British accent? You don't hear those much in Pennsylvania  I put my hand in his, they looked like they belonged to a giant compared to my little hands. He helped me up. "You OK love?" He asked me. "Uh. Yeah thanks." I said smiling. "Whats your name?" He asked. "Savannah Jackson. And uh, you?" I asked. "Harry. Harry Styles." Harry Styles? The Harry Styles? I couldn't help but smile. I think he saw it. "You know me?" Harry said smiling, revealing his dimples. I love dimples. That's probably why i fell so hard for Luke, he had gorgeous dimples. "Uh uh. Yeah yeah, I know you." I stuttered out. "You're in the band One Direction." I said a little more confident. "Yeah. You look cold, do you want to go to Mcdonalds and grab a hot chocolate " He asked me. How could  say no? I was standing i front of one of my five idols. "Uhh, yeah sure." I said walking with him.

"Hi, welcome to Mcdonalds. How may I help you?" The cashier girl asked. "I would like some hot chocolate." Harry said. "And for you ma'am?" "Uhh, make that two please." I said. She walked away getting our hot chocolates ready. I looked around,  Harry and I were the only people here. I was kind of glad. I didn't want to have any screaming fans around us. "Here you two go. Have a nice night." The cashier said taking me out of my thoughts. "Thanks." Harry said, giving her a smile. We sat down at a two person table. Neither of us talking, just sipping down our hot drinks. 

Harry POV:

We sat there in silence just sipping our hot chocolate. I had finished first. As I was waiting for her to finish I noticed how beautiful she was. Her hair was brown and full of curls. I love curly hair. But her eyes I couldn't see them through those big sunglasses. I wonder why she had those on. But the big mystery was who was Luke and what had he done to her to make her be out her all alone. I realized she was done when she tilted her head back and took a big gulp. "Erm, you ready?" She said polity. "Yeah." I said as we got up and through our trash away. I opened the door for her. She started shivering. I had a coat on and a sweater underneath on so as we walked outside I went behind her and put the coat over top her shoulders. She smiled at me. Wow. Her smile made me have butterflies in my stomach, and I haven't had those in a while but it felt nice. But I wanted to know what happened. "So," I said nervously. "Yeah?" She answered. "What are you doing out here all alone?" I said almost whispering. I was afraid she might run away or ask me the same thing, but thankfully she didn't.  "I guess I should just tell you my story from the beginning " She said. She sounded like she had been crying. "Okay. My dad died when I was 18 months old, so I didn't really know him too well. I guess not knowing my father made my mother and I closer. We weren't like those other mother daughter things where we fought all the time. I never said I hate you or I wish you weren't my mother. Well, anyways. When I was thirteen I met my Best friend Luke. He was always there for me. When I was sixteen he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. He was the most sweetest boyfriend a girl could ask for. He would bring me flowers or chocolates every morning. He once even bought me a One Direction t-shirt." She said laughing. Her laugh was beautiful, it made me laugh."When I was seventeen my mom was diagnosed with cancer,but they found out to late. The tumor was too big for them to do anything. Instead of crying, my mother and I did everything that we always wanted to do together. We did something everyday. One day we made a tile together. We painted it as the One Direction flag, then the words One Direction across the middle of it." She said  I could hear it in her voice that something wrong happened that day. "Well after we had painted it I set it out to dry outside of her room. And when I came back, she was gone." She started to cry. "I have to go." She got up. She was leaving, no she couldn't  What to do what to do. I jumped up blocking the exit, wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her. I held her close and didn't let go. To be honest I never wanted to let go. At first she didn't hug me back but after a while she wrapped her frail little arms around my stomach. "I didn't even get to say I love you to her!" She cried out. "She knew that you loved her. I promise you that." I said in the most soothing voice possible. I was rubbing her back while she clutched onto me. She had been crying for 5 minutes. She started sniffling. "I'm sorry for bothering." She said between sniffles. She pulled out of the hug. "No, no you weren't bothering!" I said. "it's just that I miss my mom so much, it's so hard to do life without her." She said close to tears. I knew those tears were also coming from someone or something else, but I wasn't going to ask her today. "Where are you going after this." I said. "Why?" She said. I felt my heart beating faster and faster. "Well, erm, you uhm have a bag with you so I thought you were going someplace." I finally stuttered out. "Oh." She looked down, "I have no idea where I'm going." She said so quietly i couldn't even hear it. "Huh?" I said. I lifted up her chin ever so gently. "I have no place to go." She said tears rolling in. I pulled her into another hug. I have an idea.


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