I Won't Give Up.

Savannah was tired of her life. Her mother just died five months ago. Her best guy friend had became her boyfriend and helped her back up. But as time progressed Savannah became more depressed about her mothers passing. Her boyfriend Luke was getting upset because she never did anything with him. Luke started to hide her from the world and then started to beat her. Savannah finally gained enough strength to leave. She ran away in the middle of a cold winter night. She ran in to Harry Styles and he helped her be more confident and to love herself again. This is her story and how she won't give up.


8. Happy Birhday

Savannah's POV:

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Savannah happy birthday to you." the boys sang to me. I sat up and smiled. Harry put a bed table on my bed. On it was pancakes and bacon. All of the boys left the room and I ate my food in peace. When I was done I took a shower. I went downstairs in the living room.

"Goodmorning birthday girl!" Louis said to me. I gave him a high five. "Thanks." I smiled. I sat down next to Harry. "What do we have planned for today?" i asked. "DA BEACH!" Niall screamed. I laughed. "Alright when are we going?" "Now." Niall said. "Hey we'll meet you down there." Harry said. The boys nodded and walked out of the the house. Harry put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. "Wanna get ready?" I nodded my head and we went upstairs.

I looked at Harry. "It's in the closet. He answered. I smiled and got my bathing suit. The last time I wore it I saw Luke. I shook from the thought. I felt something around my waist. I knew it was Harry. I dropped my bag. "How did you like the food?" He whispered in my ear. It tickled. "Eh. It was okay." I said. "Really." I nodded. "You'll just have to repay me." I said. "Oh yeah with what?" I turned around and kissed him. Butterflies entered my stomach. I pulled out of the kiss. "Get ready dork." He smiled and went to the bathroom. I quickly changed. "Ready?" I nodded. We walked out the door.

It was pretty hot out. Me and harry walked hand in hand. "You walk so slow." I said to Harry. "You challenging me?" Harry said stopping in front of me. "Yup, 1,2" I stopped at 2 and went off running I heard footsteps behind me and I laughed. I soon saw Harry run infront of me. "Took you long enough" I yelled. He ran faster and turned around and started running towards me. I screamed of joy and ran the other way. I lifted into the air. I was laughing uncontrolably now. "You win Harry you win." I said through laughs. He put me down. I got on his back and we walked towards the beach.

We finally got there. I spotted the boys and we went towards them. "I'm going swiming anybody want to come. Liam got up. "Me." I walked to the water with Liam. "Can I ask you something Liam?" "yeah go ahead." I took a moment. "What if the girls don't like me." Liam looked at me. "Savannah, they will love you." I smiled. We swam for 10 minutes and the rest of the boys came in. Harry swam underneath me. I screamed and jumped to Niall and held for dear life. "Niall help me there's a ... shark." I saw Harry come up. "Harry don't do that to me!" "Hear Niall let me see the new born baby." Harry grabbed me. "Awe look how cute she is." Liam said. "Stop" I whined. "Awe I think she's ready to take a nap." Zayn said. Harry carried me out bridal style. I yawned. "you tired." yeah." i said. "Boys I'm going home." "Harry you can stay." "nah I'm good." I shrugged my shoulders. Harry let me on his back. It was 3 o clock when we got home. I got off his back and walked upstairs. I changed in confortable clothes and climbed into bed. Harry came in soon after. Time to take a nap.

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