The Last Time

Harry Oneshot... I write alot about this idiot... But here it is! Inspired by Taylor Swift's new song: The Last Time :)


1. Introductions

Harry stumbled up the sidewalk and the few steps that led to the porch. He had driven with his head slightly spinning and his eyes drooping. He shouldn't have done that; and frankly, he didn't care anymore. He had ruined everything that meant the world to him. Everything. Now, he was going to the one person who mattered most and he somehow knew she was going to be the last person to hear him out. 

Harry stood on stage in New York, lights made it hard to see the crowd. He was silently glad to not see thousands of screaming girls. He put the microphone to his lips and raised his arm. The other boys sat down on the couch while they waited for what would be his solo.

"How are we all tonight?" Harry called out, extending his mic to the crowd as he walked across the stage. The arena screamed and shouted an inaudible response. Harry took that as a good thing. He let out a small chuckle while a little girl reached her arm onstage, he brushed his fingers against her hand. She grinned and her eyes lit up. Harry gave her a warm smile before returning to the middle of the stage. 

"Hey, listen," Harry paused, waiting for the crowd to quiet down, "I want to share something with everyone in this arena tonight... As you all might have noticed, I, uh, kinda 'dropped off the radar' of media. I want to share that reason with all of you."

He could hear the boys behind him try to communicate. "Harry, what are you doing." Liam muttered between his smiling teeth. 

Before the boys or any of management could stop him, Harry raced into one of the backstage wings. The crowd started to get louder and louder, protests and cheers echoed through everyone's ears. The rest of the boys on-stage froze, quickly improvising and going into a Tweet reading. 

Harry pushed past some of their stylists that were behind the curtains and approached the make-up department. There she was, sitting in his make-up chair. One of her olive-jean clad legs crossed over the other, her thin arms resting on the two bars outside of the chair, she slouched back as she scrolled through her iPhone. Harry knew she was on Twitter, it was her latest obsession. Her small cream tank-top was riding up in the back, showing off a sliver of her lower back. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and planted a kiss on her cheek.

She jumped in surprise and quickly settled when she saw Harry standing above her. "Hi, baby." 

"If you ever want to see this phone alive again," Harry plucked her phone from her loose fingers and hopped away from her, "You'll follow me..." 

Harry raced back to the stage, he could hear Paul yelling on the other side of the stage, where the rest of management was. Harry shot him a sly wink before turning to grab his girlfriend. Madeline stood right behind him, and took back her phone. She could hear the crowd's cheers roaring in her ears, he knew she had stage fright. He had kept her a secret for a reason.

"Harry..." Madeline said as her eyes narrowed at the other side of the stage, where people were yelling into headsets and making hand gestures.

"They aren't going to be pleased with my actions in the next five minutes..." Harry said over the crowd, which was cheering again after another answered Tweet. "Trust me?"

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" she sighed with a dramatic shrug of her shoulders. 

"Not at all." Harry grasped his hand in hers and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. Harry licked his lips and pulled her onto the lit stage. 

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