She didn't see it coming...

Melissa didn't believe in ghosts. After challenging the spirits in the local cemetery, Melissa begins to notice strange happenings... Paranormal activity,maybe?


1. How it all started.

Halloween. Its that time of the year to go trick or treating, decorate your house in spooky decorations, and dress up in scary costumes, of course! Whether your tricking or your treating, every aspect of Halloween was appealing to Melissa. If only someone told Melissa that this Halloween would change her forever. 

Melissa was your usual teenager, boisterous, daring, always up for fun and a good laugh. She was a tall brunette, with hazel colored eyes. Pale skinned, you knew she was British from a first glance. 



 Who doesn't like Halloween, right? Its one of the top 5 most celebrated holidays in the world! Obviously some people take it more serious than others, I just think its a great time to spend with friends. You know what the best thing to do on Halloween is? Spooktime Dares. Each person has to complete two Spooktime dares, like walk in to a abandoned house or wear a costume and scare a random stranger. My dare? Changed my life.


Halloween, October 31st, 2012.

Running out of the house, Melissa shouted quick goodbyes and ran out of the house. 

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