He Makes My Heart Beat

A story I write about my dreams. It includes Twilight and Vampire diaries and many more. I hope you like my story.


2. The ReUnion

"Edward" I gasped in shock, there standing was ever as divine as ever with lovely brown hair and warm gold eyes.

"Mia" Edward exclaimed. I walk to Edward smiling, he hugs me tightly, looking at me if he didn't believe I was here.

"Where's Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie" I asked.

"Looking for us" Jasper yelled running in, followed by an angry Emmett and a weary Rosalie. They stop when they look at me and run to me.

"Emmett as strong as ever, Rosalie beautiful always and Jasper still a troublesome as ever, I can't believe you guys haven't changed one bit, since the last time I saw you" I mumbled. Emmett ruffles my hair in a childish way and beams a smile at me.

"And Mia's just Mia" Emmett laughed in a loud voice. Carlisle walks in tired and drops his briefcase on the floor.

"What's going on" Carlisle asked.

"Look who's here" Jasper yelled. I step up from behind Emmett and yell surprise.

"Mia, what a great surprise" Carlisle replied. A young woman walked down the stairs followed by a gorgeous young girl, who I smell not human. I assume them to be Edward's wife and daughter by the looks of it.

"I don't think we've met, I'm Bella, Edward's wife and this is my daughter Renesmee" Bella mumbled shyly.

"I'm Mia Flora Michaelson and this is my fiancé Stefan Salvatore" I introduced pointing at Stefan, who looked away shyly.

Edward's daughter placed her hand on my cheek, she showed me images of myself. I smiled nervously another gifted Cullen, I assumed.

"Michaelson as in the" Bella began to say. I nodded my head embarrassed.

 "Fiancé, Mia you've been busy" Jasper joked. I punched him in the elbow and watched him wince in pain.

"You go Mia, I've been trying to shut him up all day" Emmett laughed. 

"And I've told Emmett to stop wearing a wig" Jasper exclaimed.

"And I've told both of them to be quiet" Rosalie muttered.

"While we've told Rosalie to stop having cosmic surgery" Emmett and Jasper chorused, high-fiving each other. 

"That;t it, you both are dead meat" Rosalie screamed, wrestling Emmett and a tired Jasper.

"Whose going to win" Edward whispered,

"Rosalie" Bella mumbled.

"Umm no, Emmett and Jasper could defeat Rosalie, any day" Edward shouted. 

I looked at Rosalie on top of Emmett, while Jasper pulled Rosalie blonde hair.

"Children stop fighting" Esme shouted. Suddenly Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie froze and stood up embarrassed.

"You guys, we don't fight in front of our guest, sorry" Carlisle apologised looking at Stefan.

"It's ok, it was fun to watch, please don't treat me like a guest but like your own son" Stefan replied.

"of course, because if you marry our daughter Mia, then you will be our son, as Mia is our daughter" Carlisle muttered.

I smiled happily and placed my hand in Stefan. When a werewolf ran in, Jacob I guessed.

"Hi Cullen's, how are you" Jacob exclaimed, then looked at me.

"Fine, this is my daughter, Mia Flora Michaelson and her fiancé Stefan Salvatore" Esme exclaimed.

"Michaelson as in the" Jacob muttered.

"As in the original family" Carlisle suggested. Jacob looked at me, puzzled.

"Yes, I'm the daughter of Elijah, so yes I am an original" I replied.

"Wow, that is so cool" Jacob exclaimed.

"Not really" I sighed, shaking my head, being an original wasn't really cool more like hell.

"It's nice to meet you" Jacob laughed.

"You too" Stefan replied coldly.

"I'm so happy to have all my family here, all together I feel so happy, here with all of you and I want to stay with you guys forever, but where's Alice" I asked.

Just then I heard a loud crack from the kitchen, like glass breaking. We ran into the kitchen quickly, hoping that nothing had happened to Alice and screamed in shock.

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