He Makes My Heart Beat

A story I write about my dreams. It includes Twilight and Vampire diaries and many more. I hope you like my story.


1. Moving to my other Family


I sat at my bed, combing my long black hair with my golden brush. I looked around my bedroom, it wasn't like a normal girl's house bedroom, and it was huge, massive even. My bed was king sized, draped with gold satin. But then I'm not a normal girl, how much I try to be, I can never be and my father doesn't help. My father is Elijah Michaelson, he's horrible to me. I hate being related to him not saying that I'm his daughter. I want to get away from him far away, that when an idea sprang into my head; I could run away from Elijah, from being and original, from being a Michaelson. I pack my bag remembering to pack only what I needed, a bracelet my mother gave me before she died, some clothes, a music box, a teddy bear I had since I was little, a brooch of the original family and various others. I put on the ring my fiancé Stefan had given me. I put the bag on my shoulder and quietly jump out of the window. I land on my feet safely, I stare up and my bedroom and turn around bumping into someone. I look at who it was and froze, there standing was Stefan. He didn't look angry but he looked surprised and as handsome as ever.

“Mia, what are you doing” Stefan asked.

“I, I” I mumbled thinking of something.

“Running away” Stefan suggested.

“Of course I can’t stay living with Elijah any more” I exclaimed angrily, I couldn't stand a day with Elijah any longer. I was going mental living with him, he gave me no freedom and never allowed me to live as I wished. He always said that I was his daughter and as I was living in his house, I had to do what he did. But not now, now I was not going to live in his house and I could be free.

“I know but you can’t run away” Stefan murmured shaking his head.

“But I have to” I protested, he didn't know how I felt living in the Michaelson family.

“Then I'm coming with you” Stefan announced.

“But, I don’t know where I'm going, I'm going to start a new life” I replied, I was going to get away from being an original and live a normal human life.

“Wherever your going, I'm going” Stefan exclaimed strongly brushing a lock of my hair and tucked it behind my ear.

I smiled at it, Stefan was amazing, he understood me like no one else did and supported whatever I did. Just then I heard Elijah knock on my bedroom door.

“Come on, before Elijah comes” I protested grabbing his arms as we ran speedily.

We ran to a pretty cottage, flowers around it from daises to roses and a big sign that said C

“Whose house is this” Stefan asked anxious probably thinking I was taking him to a dangerous place, oh Stefan I sighed.

“Shush, let me do the talking” I whisper knocking on the door, I knew what I was doing and I was going to let us live happily.

Esme opens the door; she looks surprised seeing me, she blinked her eyes repeatedly like she didn't believe I was here.

“Mia, I can't believe your here” Esme announced.

“I know Esme, but I need a family because my family are horrible” I mumble.

“Of course Mia, you know that you will always be welcomed by my family” Esme replied beckoning me to come in.

I walked inside warmly, Stefan behind me. I looked around at the house, looking for the Cullen’s.

“Carlisle is at the hospital working, Alice is in her room, Emmett and Jasper are hunting and Edward and his family are going to join us soon” Esme mumbled.

“Edward’s family” I asked.

“Edward got married to Bella and they have I daughter Renesmee” Esme answered.

“Edward got married” I gasped.

“Yes he got married a few years back, Mia we didn’t know it if it’s right to invite your family as there were humans” Esme whispered.

I nodded my head, I didn’t drink blood from humans unlike my family who drank human’s blood happily, believing they were the predators while the humans the prey.

"I'm really happy for Edward" I replied, I really was, Edward was like the brother I never had and he was so kind and treated me like his younger sister even though I was older than him by loads.

"So were we, Bella is god's gift" Esme announced proudly.

"She must be as your saying it, I must meet Edward's daughter and oh Esme I missed you and the Cullen family so much" I whispered hugging Esme.

Esme stroked my black hair lovingly, Esme was like the mother I never had. Esme knew my mother before she died and I would come her from a young age and stay with Esme and that was 27,897 years ago. I am 27,897 years old, older then the Cullen's but I was treated like a little girl.The Cullen family were like me, they never drank blood and they treated me like their own. I got on with all the Cullen's, they were a fun playful family unlike my own. When I was little I wished I had been born as a Cullen and had family as wonderful as theirs. But they didn't treat me differently and made me feel like a real family and I loved them a lot.

“Hi Mia” a familiar voice exclaimed coming from behind me. I turned my head and stood open mouth, terror freezing me and I froze in shock. 

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