He Makes My Heart Beat

A story I write about my dreams. It includes Twilight and Vampire diaries and many more. I hope you like my story.


3. Alice

We run to Alice, who sits on the floor, broken glass pieces all around her, blood from a cut.

"Alice" I begin to say then look at Alice, her eyes stare in a dazed look, like she's seeing something that all of us can't see.

"Mia, what's going on?" Stefan inquired. I look at Stefan going to remind him to be quiet then remember, he doesn't know about Alice gift.

"Alice" I repeat curiously. Alice eyes look at me, then she begins to cry, rocking up and down.

"Alice, what's wrong?" I asked, my hand on Alice's.

"Mia" she whispers hugging me tightly, her tears falling on my jumper.

"What is it Alice?" I ask, scared. What had Alice seen? I knew Alice saw the future, but something that she had seen had scared her.

"Mia, there coming, there coming" Alice repeats slowly.

"Alice, who?" I ask, then shake my head, knowing she's in no state to answer.

"Alice, it'll be fine" Rosalie mumbled, glaring at Emmet.

"Yeah, it'll be okay, not everything she see's is true, right Mia" Emmet lied. I look at Emmet, of course there is a probability that Alice vision could be fake, however since I know her, all her visions are true.

The future can't be changed.

"Mia" Alice whispered.

"What is it Alice?" I asked.

"Be careful Mia Flora Mikaelson, your past is coming back, beware of the 29th February of the 25th hour, the glass wolf is coming" spoke a strange voice coming out of Alice mouth. I looked at Alice's eyes, something was wrong.

"Alice, it's not funny" Jasper retorted shaking Alice. Suddenly Alice looked at me then at Jasper confused.

"What happened?" Alice asked confused.

"You know what happened Alice?" Jasper replied.

"NO, I DON'T!" Alice shouted angrily.

"Seriously Alice, 29the February, 25th hour, glass wolf" Jasper began saying.

"I didn't say that" Alice cut off. I looked at Alice, and knew she was telling the truth, she looked at me confused.

"I know you didn't Alice" I exclaimed. Jasper looked at me, in confusion.

"I don't think Alice said that, yes it was coming from Alice mouth, but she was not herself then, I looked into her eyes and the voice, definitely not Alice, I think it's a warning" I explain.

"From who?, those warning don't make sense though" Rosalie asked.

"I don't know, but I know that warning for me" I replied. Stefan looked at me scared, then grabbed my hand in reassurance.

29th day of February

25th hour

glass wolf

What did they all mean?

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