Analgesia at halloween

Alice has a problem, but the people at school don't respect her and make her life everyday hell... At halloween she decides to brave her tormentors and show that she is not a freak, but a girl with feeelings just like them. Will they listen...


3. No fun

Alice was sitting at her desk, watching , fascinated blood oozed out of a pencil-sized hole in her arm. When the teacher strolled, carelessly down the row, she flipped over her page and began scribbling nonsense words on the paper, appearing, hopefully, to be working hard. Sir was not easily fooled, however, and, unconvinced, he held out a hand for her book, and she handed it to him.

She held her breath as his eyes flicked across the first line and back at her. 'Saty behing after lesson.' He commanded simply.So, Twenty minutes later, she walked, gingerly up to his desk and sat on the proffered chair beside it. After a few seconds of his eyes, re-tracing the letters, 'Hodfafdjrufvvhfbsjissn', he looked up. 'Alice', he began in a patronising tone that she instantly resented.' The essay was on  halloween. Did you know that?'

The word struck a nerve in her mind, as she had not thought about that particular time of year in months. Moreover, she had always had a poor experience with halloween, as people had made unfunny jokes about it towards her and made a point of constantly repeating them when she was nearby: 'Do you know what Alice is going trick or treating as? Oh yeah, I forgot- shes wearing it now!' Or 'Your costume willprobably be a great improvemnt... FREAK!!!'

Yes, overall, her experience was not entirely enjoyable, and a heavy weight seemed to fall into her stomach. Had she been able to see it, odds on, she felt, it would have been a huge rock labelled haloween  that was causing the discomfort.

So, as sir waved her out of the room, with a sastisfied expression on his face, after a relentless conversation on standards and paying attention, her face was composed in an expression of dread...

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