Analgesia at halloween

Alice has a problem, but the people at school don't respect her and make her life everyday hell... At halloween she decides to brave her tormentors and show that she is not a freak, but a girl with feeelings just like them. Will they listen...


2. Home

It was mid October, and the new school year had not started all that well. Her new teaching class were just as bad, if not worse than her last; no matter how hard she tried to get away from those who would cause harm to her, she just kept making it worse for herself- After all- the many who made it their mission to bully her everybreaktime, would still sek her out, accompanied by the newbies. She pondered this sad reality as she inserted her key into the scratched lock and turned it, bracing herslef for the attack...

As soon as she opened the graffiti etched door, the sound of her fathers angry voice roared down the stairs 'And where have YOU been, young Lady? Where were you when i needed your help taking off my socks and starting the dinner? The television remote has gone missing- have you been watching my television? What have you been up to? No good, I expect! Hang around with your pathetic schoolfriends, skiving off the real work out of pure selfishness and Lazinesss... Where-'

Alice decided to let him get on with it and set to work preparing the dinners for the family. She switched on the gas and accidently left her thumb near the surface. Within a few seconds, however, she noticed the light that was flickering around her red thumb, and quickly withdrawing it, running it under the tap, as her old teacher had showed her.

She carried the beef stew up to her fathers room 40 minutes later, with a scoop of cool, chocolate ice cream in a bowl on the side. He snorted and rumbled- 'Where's the drink?' Alice ran to fetch it, lest not to anger him this early in the evening, and then settled down in the basement by the washing pile. She heard an order- 'not near the telly, either, Lazy girl, you had better finish all the chores before nine tonight!'

Alice snorted derisveley out of earshot- 'as if I'd ever have the time to get near that thing!'

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