Analgesia at halloween

Alice has a problem, but the people at school don't respect her and make her life everyday hell... At halloween she decides to brave her tormentors and show that she is not a freak, but a girl with feeelings just like them. Will they listen...


1. School Days

Alice was walking home, allowing the gum to flick into her hair and the water to drench her from the windows of fellow trick or treaters above. She did not flinch when someone pulled her hair, she did not notice the water dripping down her neck, or consider confronting those behind it. She turned a deaf ear to the taunts, a numbness to the punches and kicks, and did not make a sound as she was tripped over and fell to the ground.

The truth was that, despite being so damaged- bruised and battered, with endless quantities of cuts and gashes, the jabs and the cold that she should have felt pricking relentlessly against her bony arms did not register.She resignedly stood there, her eyes flickering across the scene as people laughed and pointed  while she scrambled up, and continued along the lane to her house...


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