Instruments of the Faithless (working title)

A current project I've recently started and hoping to actually see this one through.


1. Prologue

Instruments of the Faithless Prologue


The Garden of Eden- before the dawn of life on Earth

“Why do you continue to resist Him Lucifer? He does nothing but love and care for us, for He is our Father after all. Why do you try to deny Him His designs for His Earth?” Upon the soft grass of The Garden, Gabriel and Lucifer walked shoulder to shoulder with no disturbance other than a gentle breeze that shifted the feathers in their great wings.

“He wants to put an intelligent species upon His pride and joy that hold the ability to care for themselves and the world they live in and the awareness to realise that He is their Creator yes? He promises them Heaven for a good life devoid of evil both in action and intent yes? But what He fails to tell them is they must forgo pleasure, that they shall be condemned for not recognising Him as their Father and that our gates will remain closed to them all until a Saviour is given to them so that he might…what? Die for them? Teach them that he is the only one that can save them? That only through him can they reach the gates of Heaven? It’s sacrilegious Gabriel! ” Waiting for a response, Lucifer could see on his soft and inviting face that somewhere inside, Gabriel agreed with him. Silent the blonde seraphim remained, and he only searched the lushness of the green around them with his golden eyes as if expecting to find a retort. A gentle sigh escaped his lips as he looked on; Gabriel could not see the answer he needed. He stopped walking and as his black haired brother turned to him, Gabriel met his eyes with a solemn expression.

“Ours is not to question. Only He knows the full extent of His plans and He alone will make alterations to those plans…not us brother.” As Lucifer turned his head away as if in disgust, Gabriel stepped with the motion, maintaining eye contact.


“You mean to say that we should just blindly follow Him while He destroys everything here? While He destroys everything down there? We all know the happiness He felt when it was finished and, whether he denounces it as sin Gabriel, He felt pride! Whether He denies it or not is of no consequence! He…felt…pride! And why wouldn’t He? Only He may create, or so He says. Only He may destroy, or so He says!” Planting a hand firmly on Gabriel’s shoulder, Lucifer emphasized his point with a shake, “We are naïve children…or so He says…” a dark look presented itself in the angel’s eyes and his brow furrowed in frustration. Gabriel knocked away his brother’s hand and mirrored his expression.

“You cannot be suggesting what I fear you are…” looking around again, Gabriel searched for eager and listening ears instead of answers. A hushed tone consumed his next word, “…Rebellion?”

The darkness in Lucifer’s eyes was negated by the appearance of his trademark grin and he placed both hands on Gabriel’s shoulders and gripped them gently in affirmation. The concern in Gabriel grew to an unparalleled height and once again he swatted aside his brother’s hands.  Still he remained silent as he attempted to calm his swimming head, the thoughts rushing through it like he had never known. His tone still hushed, Gabriel’s words now also held a mixture of concern and rigid authority, “Lucifer what you suggest is heresy! Please consider the consequences of your actions should you proceed with your desires.” Seeing his words were falling on deaf ears, he added a desperate concern for the wellbeing of his brother. “Brother please! Do not tempt your destruction! You will be cast from The Garden along with your followers. Lucifer, I beg you! Do not do this!” a moment more of intense eye contact was all that was left for them before Lucifer’s solemn face, with those eyes darker than the deepest shadows in Eden, turned away giving Gabriel his back; long black hair hanging loosely between his silver wings.

“You will be granted neither mercy nor favouritism, brother, when the time comes. It is with deep regret that the next time we see each other we shall be as enemies.”

A pain rose in Gabriel’s eyes; touching his cheek, the blonde angel felt a wetness and wondered at what this occurrence was. No physical pain presented itself but inside he felt as though a void threatened to consume him. Touching his left breast, Gabriel spoke to the back of Lucifer’s head, “I will not fight you nor kill you.” Water trickled from both eyes now. “Brother please…” Voice catching in his throat, Gabriel was powerless to stop Lucifer as he spread his wings and flew as fast and far away from his now disowned brother to prepare for rebellion.

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