Love Me

Brittney thought her and Justin Bieber would last, but she was wrong.. Justin cheats and Brittney is Heart broken, read as Brittney encounters people that thought she would never see again


1. About Me ! Brittney's POV

My name is Brittney. I'm 18 years old, and Im madly in love with Justin Bieber.   I told myself because that is all I wanted to remember. My parents were murdered by Jason McCann, I remember that night like it was just yesterday. But I think i will save that story for another day. I moved to London to live with me Aunt Valerie..."Aunt Valerie!" i yelled but no answer "Aunt Valerie?!" i yelled again but still no answer.. I went down stairs and I seen a red liquid splattered on the white wall. I hope it wasn't my Aunts blood. I yelled for her again but still no answer. i heard some rustling outside of the kitchen window and the stupid teenager I am i decided i would go see what it was. Something jumped out of the bushes and of course, I screamed but it was only my Aunts cat Chester. I went to the pool side and found my aunt sleeping on a tanning chair by our garden. I woke her up and asked her what was on the wall. She said that she spilled her wine and forgot to clean it up. I said okay  but something was up and I am going to find out. I told her i was going out and she said okay, but I have to be back before 1:00 P.M


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