That Boy In The Camp

Rebecca has been forced from her parents to go to a camp with her grandparents in Ireland. Who know that her camp changed her life ?


1. What ?

Rebecca's P.O.V:

Summer vacation just started. I was bored because I didn't know what to do. Summer school ? Meh.. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in !" I shouted. My mom came. I couldn't read her face was blank. "Yeah, Mum ?" I said confused. "So, you're going to Ireland for the rest of the summer." She said quietly. No, Ireland my grandparents !

"What ? Now way !" I said.

"Yes you are because you're dad and I are going to a business trip, you're going tomorrow start packing." She said. "Plus, you're grandparents are going to camp and you're going with them, there's internet." I sighed at that. I will at least communicate with my friends. I live in Cardiff, London. There's not too many stuffs but okay. My mom walked out of my room afterwards I took my bag and started packing tomorrow will be a long day. I finished and pat my bag in my closet. It was 8 PM now. I was hungry like crap. Yes, I eat a lot but never get fat. I did my hair in a ponytail and got to the kitchen. There was a note on the table, I took and and read it.

We're going to the groceries !! See ya later :)

Mom and Dad xx

Lonely night. I sighed and opened the fridge. There was a lot of stuffs. Yum, I took some milk and strawberries and pat the in the mixer. I mixed them and pat them in a cup with some decorations. I took it and drank it fast. I ate some junk food too as it was already 10:00. My parents weren't home yet. I was tired as I needed to get up at 6. Ugh ! I'm lazy ! I got to bed and fall asleep. The phone rang. I got up it was 3:00 AM.

"Hello ?" I said half asleep. "Miss Jones ?" Unknown voice asked. "Yeah." I said sleepy voice. "Well sadly you're parents had a car crash and we couldn't find they're bodies so they are dead." Tears started streaming down to my cheeks. I was broken. How could my parents just leave me. I'm just eighteen. I wiped my tears but there was no use there was always new ones. No funeral too. "I'm sorry miss." She said quietly. "Thank you for the info's." I said in a cracking voice. I hung up and started sobbing quietly. What's going to happen to me ?


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