That Boy In The Camp

Rebecca has been forced from her parents to go to a camp with her grandparents in Ireland. Who know that her camp changed her life ?


3. The First Activity Day

Rebecca's P.O.V: 

I headed to the woods. The weather was cool. A little breeze breathed in my face. Tears started forming in my eyes, I was still upset. "Are you okay ?" Someone told me. I turned around and saw Niall James Horan. From One Direction. I nodded still crying. He lift my chin up as I looked at him. "Really ?" He asked worry. "How could a beautiful girl like you cry ?" I blushed at this comment. He was sweeter than ever.

"I'm Fine." I mumbled sniffling quietly. "It's just my parents died in a car accident yesterday so I had to move here." I sobbed harder. 

"Oh, Sorry. Um What's your name ?" He ask. "I'm Niall." He introduced.

"Yeah I know about you but I like a guy to introduce his self." I winked. He blushed. "I'm Rebecca." I said taking my hands for a shook. He lifted me up making me collapse on the ground, I made him fall to. We we're on the ground laughing like maniacs. I had mud all over my body. I guess I made a new friend. "Do you want to meet the boys ?" He asked me. I nodded and smiled. He leaded me to some campfire place where four boys we're sitting. "Hey Ni, you brought a girl ?" Louis asked. He nodded. "This is Rebecca." Harry got up and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Rebecca." He said in a Spanish accent. I laughed at that and sat near to Niall. They brought hot dogs and a bunch stuffs to eat.

"Hey it's the first time I see someone eat more than Niall." Zayn said. I smiled.

"No one eats more than me. I MASTER OF FOOD." He said proudly. I smirked.

"How.Dare.You. No one puts Rebeca Jones in the second level." I said in a threatening way. He looked scared. "Oh lil' baby cries." I said in a baby voice. He rolled his eyes as I laughed.


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