That Boy In The Camp

Rebecca has been forced from her parents to go to a camp with her grandparents in Ireland. Who know that her camp changed her life ?


2. Adopted


Rebecca's P.O.V:

I woke up at 6:00 AM with another call. "Hello ?" I said. "Rebecca, Its grandma." My grannie said. "Granny." I sobbed. "I know dear, you'll be living with me in Ireland with you're little cousin Amaya. She's one year old." Great I have a little cousin. Great means awesome I love children. "Yes granny, I'm flying at 10:00 so I should probably get ready see you at 1:00." I said quietly. "Bye, love." She hung up. I instantly felt a little better I wouldn't be adopted by some strangers. I took all my clothes, pictures, laptop, phone, iPod, iPad, money. Yeah I'm rich. I'm having 1 milliard dollars in my bank account. I was ready so I called a cab. I played some games in my iPhone then the cab showed up. I was looking from the window to the city of London. I will in miss you London. I tiped the chauffeur and headed to my plane. I sat down  in the first place and pat my earphones. 'Kiss me' by Ed Sheeran came. I felt asleep... 

I felt someone shaking me gently. "Miss the plane has dropped." She smiled. I nodded and exited from the planed. I stretched and waited for my baggage's. I looked for my grandparents and then I saw my granny. "Granny !" I ran and hugged her. There was a cute little baby behind her, that must be Amaya. She has a little curly golden hair and a little red cheeks. Her eyes we're blue greenish like mine. "Hello Amaya, I'm you're big sister Rebecca."I smiled at her. She smiled sweetly back at me. She didn't really know how to walk.  I hold her and walked with my grandmother. We got in granny's car and she drove to the camp. We arrived to an amazing green space places and a very big house. "That's your new home Cat." Granny said pointing at big home. It was made with white woods and the windows we're black I liked it. She unlocked the door, as we entered the house was huge. "Let me show you you're room." Granny said. She leaded me to some huge room with a bathroom and a balcony connected with. The walls we're perfectly painted in turquoise and white and there was a internet connection in it. My bed was California king bed and there was an LCD, A Wii. Everything. 

"I love it." I said smiling. Granny nodded. "Pack and join me to the living room." I nodded slightly and started packing. When I finished, I changed my clothes to some purple hoodie, some black skinny jeans and my black converses. I did my hair to a ponytail and headed to the living room. Maya (Amaya) was playing with a stuff teddy bear and granny was reading. When she saw me she closed her book and looked at me. She patted at the couch next to her. I sat next to her. "You know dear, there is some teen activities right across the woods why wouldn't you go ?" She's right I should go. Maybe I'll make some friends. I nodded and smiled.

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