the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


15. X factor

jasmine (POV): ok i cant wait to day i will go  to the X factor but to bad my dad was not with me he will come tomorrow but it is ok but i wish some one in my family can come but my mom is back home and  my dad is at another city   so only the boy's and me and my boyfriend Harry will go  so i am ok with that if i have my boyfriend i am ok .ok now what am i going to wear i have to look good wait not good nice wait not nice cool and every thing i need to look super  good today so i go and look for something to put on and i look and every thing is like black or red or hot pink or blue ok i thing i will put a black shirt that say's SO WAHT !  and some skinny jeans  and some makeup but like some lipgloss and blush but nothing more . i was going out till i see the door open and i see Niall and he  was crying i ran to him and ask him if he is ok and he said yes and then i look at his hand and blood i start so say to him to get in and i start to clean his hand from the blood  and he was still crying i asked him what did he do to his hand and he said not me Harry ,and i look at him what do u mean ? he said that he said to Harry that he still loved me so much   and how if he broke my hart that he will kill him, and i ask him so what does your hand have blood ?he said that Harry started to punch me saying to back off and he got my hand and broke it and i started to fight back but he got super angry that he picked me up and dropped me on the floor  . i was like wait what did he do that and i got up and ran and Niall came with me  and i see Harry siting with the boy's and i scream at Harry saying HARRY HOW CAN U DO THIS TO NIALL U PUNCH HIM AND BRAKE HIS HAND  WHY WILL U DO THAT TO HIMIT IS NOT LIKE HE KISSED ME OR SOMETHING SO WHAT IF HE STILL LOVES ME I LOVE U HARRY AND U KNOW I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING TO BRAKE YOUR HART AND I WILL NEVER CHEAT ON U OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT BUT BRAKE MY BEST FRIEND HAND AND PUNCH HIM !! i start to cry so hard that i ran to the bathroom  and locked the door HARRY and the boy's cant run as fast as me i am a runner and i swim and a model so  i was fast .Harry was screaming saying jasmine plzz let me in plzz plz plz and i know he was crying because his voice was not clear i felt bad  but i did not want to let him in that fast so i was in the bathroom for 3 hours till i open the door and i see harry on the floor crying  he look u and says sorry sorry sorry i did that to Niall i did not mean it i did  not want him to like u then u will like him and u will go with him  i look at him and tell him saying i will never in my life  i love u Harry  only u Harry  ok no one but u no matter what . he still was crying i felt so bad it was killing me so much  so i did something i went down and start to kiss him and and stayed like that till it hit me i had only 30min to get to the X factor then i pull and i see Harry his face was like did i do something wrong i tell him no and he face was ok now but i tell him we have to go   the X factor so come on  he said what now i tell him yes it was 7:00pm i had to be there at 7:30 so only 30min 's i start to fix my self  because i was crying my makeup was every place on my face so i just took it off and did not put anything and i saw Harry in the car waiting for me i ran to the car and then Harry takes out flowers red flowers it was so beautiful i tell him u are the cutes boy on earth he smiles and said so u forgive me and u like them  and i kiss him and tell him does that answer you and he smiles and said u are a flirty one  u are a keeper and i tell him ya i got it from u  . 15 min later we made it to the place it was big like so big  i took a number i was 5522 and they are know at 4999 so i still had time so me and Harry sat talking together  and we had nothing to do we played truth or dare  so he will like ask me truth or dare i will say dare and he will like i dear u to  do your nails and write HARRY STYLES on them i was like umm ok no  problem and  i started to do them and at the end he was like man u are good at this and i tell him like hell ya i am better then u and he said no u are not and i say ya i am and the i say ok back to the game and i ask him truth or dare and he said dare i tell him i dare u to scream i love my girlfriend jasmine soo much that i will kill my self for her . he was like ok i will go now if u want i tell him the door is over there and he smiled and said ok and he ran screaming say i love my girlfriend jasmine i love her so much i will kill my self for her !!!!!!! every one was looking at him like he was crazy or some thing then some one came in to the room saying i am on in 5 min i was like ok thank you Harry said what did she want i tell him i am up in 5 min he was like jasmine u can do this it is ok i am with u i smile and say i am happy that u are with me  the the next thing i know the call 5522 and i ran up to the stage and they ask me say what is my name and how old am i and stuff like that then they ask me say what will i sing i tell then i will sing taylor swift never getting back together  4 mins later i was done and i got 2 yes and  1 no he said a cow can sing better and i wanted to say to him that well i have a better voice then u but i did not so i thank the and left Harry ran to me saying you sang so beautiful and i thank him and he said call your dad and tell him u made it and i was going to call him til o got a tex from him saying congrats of the X factor and said he will still talk about what Harry sent him witch i did not send but it was ok i did not mined 



hey all i updated because i saw how many of u are like reading it so that made me so happy that made me want to do one today and sorry i did not put any of the boy (pov) so sorry  but i hope u like it. i started at 3:30am  and now it is 4:30am so sorry it is a short chapter i wish i was bigger but i am soooo sleepy right now so i hope u like it and happy reading and enjoy it  plz comment if u like and like it plz it will mean sooo much to me if u write something about this i was trying to make it better  so plzz comment and like thx and happy reading to all :) <3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) :D 

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