the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


7. why do u have so many bags ?

ZAYN(POV) well me and jasmine have been here for 1 hour we where asking stuff like  do u like food and crazy stuff like that. so then jasmine says do u love to rap? and i was like yaaaaa. and then i ask her do u like Harry and Niall and then she just say's yesssssssssssssss!!! ok and then i ask her what is wrong she said nothing sorry .and then i say it is ok ,and then she said can u rap for me and i was like ok . i was raping some song that got in to my head and she said WOW u are good at that now i know why u call your self DJ malik . and i say yup we where playing for like 2 hours till she said i want to play just dance 4 and i tell her we do not have  a wii and she said i do in my room come on. we went in and the room was so big and the she put's the game and  we start playing and then she is like so good and and the she look's at me and said u dace like a girl .and i look at her and then she is like what ? and then i tell her u dance like one and then  she said i am a girl what do u think i will dance like a boy ? and i was like man she is good at stuff like this . and the i say ok that is it no more another  game  and she said like what ? un truth or dare and then she look at me and the she said we are only 2 we need more then all the boys come in with all the bag's on the hands and then jasmine looks at the and said what are all the bag's for and i get up and take all the bag's from them and i tell the they should keep them in the car and they all agree and the jasmine said do u need help ? NOOOOOOOO!!! Louis say's and jasmine is like OKKKKKKKKK !!!! and then Louis is GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! then jasmine like WHY ARE WE SCREAMING!!!! Louis I DOOOOO NOT NKOWWWWWWW !!! jasmine LAT'S STOPPPPPP SCREAMING !!! Louis OKKKKKKKK! jasmine why are u still screaming?  and we all are  like hahahahaha LOUIS!! and then i say bye to jasmine she look at me a said where are u going? and i say out ok bye .

HARRY(POV) when we were going to go out i wanted to stay we her but Zayn said he will stay and i got mad the hole time i was thinking what to get her i was thinking to get her a dress but the i do not know what size she is i mean it had to be in the small i think it was x small but louis got her a dress the i said will get her and i phone 4s ya that is good and with a pix with me and her on it ya that is good i whent to the apple store and got it they all ask me what did i get her but i did not say anything  i was so happy what i got her ,but what did Niall get her ? i ask Niall and he said i will not tell u it is so  nice it is fit for a QUEEN he said  if u tell me what u got her i will tell u what i got her  1 he said ok  he said u go first i said i got her a i phone 4s with a pix of me and her  and u he  said i got her a crown with  a gold crown with a hart on it and it has N & J he said i was like WOW ! but then i said she will love my gift and he said what if she has one and that did not come to me till he said it. and i said OMG what if he  is right what if she has one we will have to see till tomorrow. i hope she does not have one . but ya I think JASMINE will love Niall gift more them mine .  then we got to the hotel room and i see Zayn and Jasmine there she look at us and she smiled and then she said why do u all have many bags we did not know what to do the Zayn said to keep them in the car the JASMINE ask if we need help  so Louis said NOOOOOO! and Jasmine said OKKKKK !!....... then i come back with my bag and then she ask's me what is that and i tell her nothing it is for me and the she said can i see it then i say why did i have to say it was mine no sorry it is my old phone i got it fix and then she looks at me and said ok . all the boys went with Zayn and her dad to the she said she want's to go swimming and i tell her if she want's we can go she said yes yes yes plzzzz and am like ok and the she is like yes yes yes yes she go's get ready and i dod to she comes out with the shirt i saw her with the first day i saw her the one that said i love british boy's  it was cute and then i tell her that i am british and then she said then i love u . and i say  yaaaa u love me and then she said ok lats go happy british boy and and the she said wait i mean CAT! and then i tell her ok Kitty lat's go then we go and no one was there that was good  she took off her shirt and short's and it was so hot on her it had hello kitty on it it was pink and i love girls in pink so ya it was hot on her .


hi all i hope u like this chapter it was only harry and zayn sorry but i will tray to pue mor of liam and louis on next time  i hope u like this chapter ok am  getting the hang of this so  i hope u like it i  know it is still short sorry but i have like soo much H.W and school . so i will try to do every day but i may only 2 time a week so sorry i will do more to day or tomorrow so i hope u like this chapter hope u all have a nice day to day and i love all of u who read 


love jasmine have a nice day :) <3 <3 <3 <3 :) ;D

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