the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


14. what did u do to her

NIALL(POV) me and the boys talked for like 1 hour after they left and it was 11:00am and now it is  6:00pm and was thinking what if they got in a car crash , or she got kidnapped  ? ok niall she is ok she is ok and then the door opens and i see jasmine and harry and i run to jasmine and hug her and she said well some one look happy to see me  she said ,and then i look up and look at her face and she had s scar on her head  and i tell her and then harry and i scream at him saying what did u do to her / and he said nothing she hit her self on her head today and i took her to the doctor . and  look at her and she said yes that is the truth and i say ok then . and i look at herry and i ask him if i can talk to him and he said ok mate . we went to my room and then i tell him look harry i love jasmine and if u do anything to brake her hart or make her sad i will make u wish u never born ok ,and he said i will never brake her hart in my life and if i make her sad i will kill my self . and i say ok go back to her .then i wanted to tell him what jasmine said to me but then jasmine will hate me her hole life and i do not want to brake her hart .

HARRY(POV)ok when we came back well u know the rest .when he told me to go back to her i ran out the room and i run to look for her and i did not fined her then i go to her room she was in bed watching the T.V and she was crying  i run to her and ask her what is wrong she said look at the T.V and i look and there was a pix of me on the floor and she was with me and then ther was i pix of her between the boys and then it said harry gets punch by a boy in the face and the lady in the news said harry gets punched on the face . well the girl that made this happen her name is jasmine and i say how did they get your name and she was crying and i hug her and tell her you did not do anything and she said no there right i do not belong with u and i tell her no u do i will never live if u left me . and then i start to sing to her one thing from the album up all night and then i look at her she was sleeping and then her phone rang and there was a tex from her dad saying jasmine u better not be dating harry u are not dating any on the boys ok , and when i get back u are not talking with the boys ok miss . and then i tex him back say but dad so what if i am dating harry i love him and u will not stop me from talking to him and loving him .and then he tex back saying u do not talk back to your dad . and then i se jasmine there saying why are u on my phone and i look at her and give her the phone and she said OMG may dad never lets me date any one and then when i tell him i like some one he will tell me you will not date any one till u are  finish with school . and then she starts to smile and i look at her and she kisses me say oh harry i love u to  and nothing will keep me from talking to u and loving u and then i tell her what do u want to watch  and she said umm what about cats and dogs and i smile ok and she said no what are we 5 ? and i tell u said u are a kid ya but not that much  and i tellher then what do u want she said what do u want ? i say what do u want and then she said the hunger games and i say ok , but then i tell her it is not out she said it came out on AUG 13 and then i got it and the next day it was my birthday the day u got me this  and i smile and i tell her u like it and she said i love it and she said but want to change the pix and i stop smiling and she said i whant the pix with me and u kissing and i say ok and the i kiss her and she put on the lock screen and home screen  and then she said there and then we put the movie on till her pone was going crazy and she opens it and she said take it way from me and i take it from her and it was tweets from fans saying u bitch . and she needs some one better then u and i was glad she gave it to me and thn we went back to the movie and she was like that is me and i tell her but you are more beautiful then her and she said and u are him the baker boy and she said but u are cuter and nicer then him and then the last thing was when i look at jasmine sleeping and she had a smile on her face and then starts to sing and then i smile and then i tell my self she has talent and i cant wait till she go's to the X factor 


thx for reading i will not update for a long time so sorry :( and i hope u like plzzzzz comment and tell me if u like it  and like plz if u like thx to all hope u like it  day friday 2-november -2012 


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