the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


19. SHUT UP!!!!!

HARRY(POV) i woke up this morning and i turn and i do not fined jasmine next to me i get out of bed ad run out and i see her with her dad and i  look at her face and it looked like she was about to cry and ten she look up and saw me and the her dad did to and he said we need to talk  and then i sit next to jasmine and take her hand and then he starts and he say's i told u that u will not date my baby girl  and stuff like that and  and i tell him that i love her and no mater what i will never brake her heart but then he starts screaming say i do not care if u brake her heart  and then he said if u want her take her  the last time she had a boyfriend he hit her every day and said if she said any thing he will kill her and i told her that after that she will not date anyone but here she is going giving her heart to  and then one day u will tell her i do not love u  and then u brake her heart  so if u want her and she wants u then let it be he said i will not care for her i will not do a thing if she gets pregnant or something u will be with her not me !!!! i look at jasmine and she was crying  and then her dad was going to say something till she screamed at him  saying "SHUT UP !!!!!!!!"  and i look at her and the she gets up and said lats go harry and i  get up as fast as i can and take her hand   and she ran out   i look at her and tell her if she is ok and she said i am fine .then i tell her did your ex hit u ? and she looked at me and said yes . i tell her why did u not brake up with him  the she said i did then the next day he came to my house my mom and dad went out wit my brother and then he .... and i look at her he what ?!?! raped me  !! and i look at her did your dad know and she said no he said if i tell him or my mom he will kill them or me  so no they do not know plzz do not tell them and i was like never and i hug her and i tell her that boy will never get u no matter what and she smiled at me and said what do u want to do ? i tell her we can go and buy some stuff and then she said umm ok so we took the car  and we went too the mall and every one was passing and i was like yes the do not know me and jasmine looks at me and said ummm i think it is because of what u have on and i was like right and then jasmine was like now what and i look at her p and down and i say lats go get u stuff and i ask her what is the shop she loves to go to and then she say's lindex and i was like ok so we went in and most of the stuff was black and red and i loo at her and she said what i tell her the colors are to dark and then she said just wait and see how i work my magic so then she started getting stuff out   and the she said if u like something u can get it for me and i will try it so i did i got something that said live your life  like a ones a pon a time  and i looked around till i saw a shirt that had the H on it i took it and then said ti her this is the best and then she said H and she said let me guess H is for harry and i say yup and then she said cute and i say can i come in and then she said is any one out and i look around and say no and then she said ok then i got in and then i say wow u look good with what i got out and she said  yay but it makes me look to fat and i look at her and the she said what id does and i tell her u are thin and she said no  i look fat and i hit her stomach and tell her i do not she the fat ad then she said well i see it but not u and i tell her how can u see it and i do not then she said because your eyes are so beautiful and i say ya what do u think and then she said wow u love your self and i look at her and say no i love u  and then she said ok and the i did not know that she has been changing  and i look at her and then she said what ? and i say nothing love and then she said ok and then i ask her what is your worst habit and then she said why ?then he said well i want to know and the she said well it is like yours and i was like what ? and then she said what is your habit and i was like still thinking  and then she said getting naked  god harry u have to think about it and i look at her what u get naked and she said what i have been doing it when i was only 4 and i still do  and i say ok but when do u do it and then she said when no one is at home and when i sleep some times and i was like ok and then she looks at me with her eyes and then she said like u do not do it  and i was like NOOOO!! and she was like oh really and then she gets her phone and she look at this and it is me walking around with nothing on and the boys are putting a book so u not see the place and i look at her and then she said u did that in public and then she said ok i will take this one and that one and i was like take them all and she said no and i took the and ran out  and got then all for her and then she said harry u are a one of the most crazy boys on the planet 




hi all i hope u like it i worked so hard on this and i hope u enjoy reading it and i am doing a compation i will make a new story and if u want to me the main one in it i want u to  comment the best joke and the one who will win will be the main one in the story there will be 4 winners so get ready and start it will end on -23- dec-2012 so hurry  and the winners will date one of the boys   so hurry 

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