the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


16. party time

HARRY(POV) ok so jasmine my beautiful girlfriend made it i am soo happy for her that she made it but like that man was mean to her she was like the best i when she came to me she was crying and i say why are u crying love ? she said nothing just so happy i never even dream of doing this when i was small i wanted to sing but never think i can do it and here i am doing it made it and do not know u know and i was like ya when i made it i wanted to scream at every one  and she said so u get me ? and i was like HELL YAY and she said ok ok and i say we need to party so lats go home . i take her to the car and she was in her own world thinking of stuff but i bet she was thinking that she made it and know she can live her dream of being her own pop star she was meant to be  . so was thinking to call the boys and fix the house so she doesn't have to lift a finger so called the boy and the all agreed and i bet jasmine was still in her world  i was smiling the hole time till i see her look at me and said what ? and i tell her that u made it .she said ya i know, and i was still smiling  and she said harry i have to tell u some thing and i look at her and she starts to cry and i tell her do not cray and she said i do not love u . my hart stopped i start to cry and then she comes and kiss me and said HARRY I LOVE U WITH ALL MY HART  HARRY U THINK I WILL BRAKE YOUR HART LIKE THAT I DO NOT LOVE U I AM IN LOVE WITH U !!!!!!!! i started to look at her and i tell her but u where crying and she said i am a grate actress when it comes to crying . i look at her i love u to but do not do that next time u gave me a hart attack !! then she said u have  a problem then i say yay that i love u tooooo much and she said and who would not ? and i say um  i o not know ? and i was smiling and she said only the boys that think i am a nerd and she smiled . i look at her and i say who said that she said  the boys that think i am a nerd she said again  . i tell her well i think u are smart and sweet and nice and cute and do not take this the wrong way but HOT!! she looks at me say only because u are my boyfriend . i say yay and only me no one but me not even Niall !! she said me and him are very close friend so he can call me beautiful but not HOT  only u can say that  and i smile and then i tell her why didn't u let me in when  u ran to the bathroom ? she said i felt bad but i did not want to give up that fast  and make u think of what u have done to Niall  . and then she said OMG Niall i look at her she said i left him hurry up Harry   and then she said hey HARRY AND HURRY are the same and i look at her and ask her if she is ok and then she said ya why ? i look at her say u are like OMG YOUR NAME IS LIKE HURRY !! i say in a sassy voice  and she said  my voice is not like that your voice is and i tell her no u and she said no u and we start to fight and then in the end she won by kissing me on the lips  and i tell her say u won  and then she said i will win every time we fight and i tell her no not all and she said ohhhh yes i will and we start to fight again till we made it to the house and jasmine jumped out the car running to the door and when she got in she was like OMG there is cake she ran i put her face on it and said chocolate  i love u all and i say um u know we are all having and she said over my dead body and she ran with the cake to Niall's room i was thinking why did she go in there my not my room but then i here jasmine say cake fight and  she was creaming and she said NIALL NOT MY T -SHIRT  and the she said NOT IN MY BRA and i got so mad i ran up say how dare he but cake in her bra i open the door and jasmine  and Niall siting on the floor and there was no cake on the floor of walls  and i ask her where is the cake she said we ate it sorry but u know i love food and i love cake so next time bring 2 not 1 and i say ok but we will have KFC now and she said not if i get it first she ran fast i mean fast she got the food and rand to Niall room again and when i open it again they had food on there face and  there was a 1 spoon i tell them for who is that one for and she said mine and was happy that she said that because if it was Niall he will have and then give it to her so then she said if u will stuff your face with food stay but if not go plz and i was like ok bye and i left and then i see jasmine run and say no kiss and i was like u did not give me one and she said ok then she kisses me for a long time till she said there u go a kiss for a food and i was what and she said i got me a food and i was like ohh yay i did and then i tell her one more kiss and then she said ok and then she gives me like 10 kisses  and then she ran back to the room .i was thinking that we give her a drink  holestin drink it is a beer  then i call her saying she needs to come she came down in less then a 1 min she said yes and then i put the drink in front of her she said OMG i love this soooo much and she drinks it so fast that i say she will get a hang over tomorrow and she said i had so many of them i can have like 7 of them and i will be ok and so she did  and she was still ok and she wanted more and more i tell her no more and then she said plzz i say ok sh had some and then she said have some and i never had it so i was like ok i had it i was like how can u drink this and she said do not think about it and she took it from me and had it all 


hey all um i want to thank all who is reading it plzz tell your friend about this and can u comment and like it plz it will mean sooo much to me and thax for reading  

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