the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


4. on the plane

JASMINE(POV) so said go bye to my mom and my brother.yes i have a brother he is  14  i am 18 .ok soo we have been on the car for 1 hour so we can get to the airport  i was in the between  HARRY AND NIALL and they were looking at me . now  we are at the airport all of us were getting out  of the car when i feel to hands on my waist  and i look back it was NIALL. he kiss me on the cheek and he say's u did not  say good morning to me .and then i smile and i say good after noon it was 1:00pm . the plane will leave the UK at 4:00pm so we have 3hours to go my dad gives u are  bording pass  and i was next to HARRY and NIALL was with LIAM  MY DAD with LOUIS and ZAYN with some one . i was going to be next to harry and then he smiles and say's i am next to  and he go's yes yes yes yes in your face NIALL i told u i will be next to jasmine . i look at him and then he smiles and say's sorry . and i say it is ok but do not scream next time ok . ON THE PLANE we  are waiting for the plane to take off me and HARRY  were talking  and talking then he ask's me do u have a boyfriend i i was like  O.O ...

no i do not  why i ask him then he say's u look like u have one i say no .

HARRY(POV) jasmine dad give  the bording pass  and the i see my seat is with jasmine i was so happy i was screaming  at NIALL  YES YES YES  IN YOUR FACE NIALL and then i look at jasmine she was looking at me  and i say sorry and the she says it is ok but do not scream next time . when we got on the plane we were talking and taking  and then  i ask her if she has a boyfriend . and the she looked at me and said no. i was sooooo happy the she say's why i told her u look like u have one she smiles and she say's no again we were going to the USA that was like 13 hour flight . i could not go to sleep i look at jasmine and she was not sleeping i told her u have to sleep i she said i can't   i look at her ans ask her why not ? she looks at me and then kisses me ok the cheek and said why are u not sleeping i was blushing  . and i say i can't too . she said do u know what time it is it now ? i tell her it is 5:00am i the UK . then she look's at me and she say's 5:00am !!! yes . then i ask her how old are u ? then she say's 18 . i tell her u look like a 15 year old. she say's  really wow !!?!!? 

NIALL(POV) i got up and the i look at HARRY AND JASMINE and i see her get up and kiss him on the cheek i got man that i put my head on the pillow and i was crying but then i say if she is happy with him  i am happy . and the i harry is asking her some stuff but the harry say's he will go to sleep  and LIAM was up and i look at him he smiles  and then i look at jasmine she get's up and go's to LIAM if he can go with HARRY and he said ok i was happy. she say's hi to me and the she kisses my cheek i was  blushing but then i tell her u are with HARRY . then she look's at me like i was crazy and the she say's no i am not with any one . i was soo happy that she said that . so what is up she said nothing i can't sleep and i saw u  up so i came . so what do u want to do i ask her ? want to play a game or put a  movie  ? i tell her a movie and then she said ok . the i ask her  do u know how to sing ? he say's yes . i ask her can u sing to me and then she say's ok . i was riding shout gun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car his got a one hand weal on the steering weal and the other on  my hart  look around and turn the radio down and say's baby is something rong i say nothing i was just thinking how we don't have a song and he say's are song ........ by taylor swift . and then i tell her u are a grate singer and the she say's thx love . and the we put the movie on  then i look at jasmine she was sleeping  she looks so cute when she is sleeping the i look at the time said i will go to sleep to. thx all for the reading i am still new at this so i hope u all like it  plz i will need names for jasmine friend when she is on tour give me your name and u will have ZAYN  , LIAM and LOUIS so give me your name and then tell me who u want to be with  from the three and i hope u like it sorry for the short chapter  i will try to  do bigger chapters for all of u love u all and like if u like it  all of u have a nice day <3 <3 <3 :) ;D 

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