the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


23. like a first kiss

HARRY(POV) when i said to her u can trust me she kisses me  and when she kissed me it felt like a first kiss . she pulled way and she said i trust u  and then i smile and and i pulled her  to me and kiss her again and i tell her when i say i will never hurt u  i will never ever hurt u  and she smiles  and i smile at her and then she said:  harry u are one of the most  cutes boy's i have ever met . and i slime and tell her and u are one of the most  cutes and then most crazy girl on Earth . then she said but u like it  and 1 i am not crazy well sometimes .i look at her  and then i tell her want to have some ice cream and she look's at me and said what do u think  this face say's and i look at her and i say no and then she said ,.what this no this face means a yes and i say ok and i get her hand and pull her to the door  and take her down and then  Niall stop's us and he takes jamsine's hand and said r u ok and then she said yes and then i pulled her to me  and i take her out  the door  and then she said 1 min i for got my jacket but i pull her and said u are not going in then she said and why not  ,and then i tell  i have  my jacket and i give it to her then she said thank u and we started walking then we made it to a ice cream shop  we got what we wanted  i payed but jasmine said she does not want me spending on her but then i tell her u are a girl tat need's the best  then she look's down and smiles then i  tell her dont look down look up then she looks up then i say not that up but up so i can see u then she said that i should make my self more clear and i tell her what do u think i want u to look at the sky ?then she said well yes because it is so beautiful then i tell her but as beautiful as u  then she said well thank u my dear boyfriend  then it started to rain i look at her and she was smiling at the sky i take her hand she look at me and then i kiss her we kissed for a long time  till she pulled way then she said harry i think we should go or we will get sick then i smile and take her hand and we start to run then i say man today no came and to pictures of us then when i said that  a flash came then i say well they came  now then jasmine said lats got then i tell her well i did not enter running class then she said no u just don't want to run  then i say me then i run as fast as i can then i stopped till i saw taylor then jasmine came next me and took my hand then she came up to me and said so this your jasmine then one u said that is better then me ? then i say yes and i say she is better then u will ever be . then she go's up to jasmine and slap's her on the face then jasmine fell on the floor then i go down to get her then i see her crying in pain then she get's up and go's to taylor and slaps her harder then then she takes my hand and said lats go and i took her hand we started walking then i stop i go down and pick her up  she smiles then she said harry i can walk u know ? then i tell her yes but i want to do it then she said ok we walked well i walked till we go to the hotel  i opened the door but as soon as i opened it all the boys ran  to jasmine and saw the big red hand on her face then they took her then Niall started screaming at me and i tell him i did not do it be he still was screaming till jasmine said Niall u can stop he did not hit me Taylor swift did . then they all look at her and said she hit u ?then she said yes she did . then Niall came back and said sorry then i tell him it is ok matte then jasmine said ok now what then she said what about we watch a movie ? we all screamed yes . well i will tell u what never let a girl pick a movie she made us watch spongbob the movie well ok it was nice well all the boys fell a sleep but me and jasmine who knew that i will have a great girlfriend like her 

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