the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


22. i am soo sorry

HARRY(POV) when Niall called  me  answered it and then he said can u put it on speaker and so i did and then jasmine said hi to him and he said hi back but then he said i am sorry jasmine but this going to brake your heart and then he  said  her that I had cheated on her and then she said what?!?! then he  said  it again and then jasmine said i need to go and then  she ran and i got up ran after her  but then she got in the car  and left i fell to the floor and i stared crying so much but if she only new what happened i was going to tell her now but why did Niall have to do thins to me ? i hope she does not see the pix of me and the worst part that taylor came to me and said can i have a picture with u so i said yay but then the second thing i know she is kissing me  and i slap  her and then she said WHAT I AM TAYLOR SWIFT AND THAT GIRL U ARE WITH THAT IS A NOBODY AND I AM A SOMEONE AD U ARE A SOMEONE AND U WANT TO BE WITH A NOBODY. and i say she is not a nobody she is a everything to me and dont u say anything about her like that or i will kill u  .then she said i want to see u do that and i go to her and slap her so hard she fell to the floor and she was crying .but i hope she will let me tell her that so i got a cab and i was crying so hard that i was thinking that i said to her i will never brake her little heart no matter what so then i made it i gave the man the money and i want in and when i went it i can see jasmine crying and i went to run up to her but Niall took her to his room and then he came back down and he said how can u do that to her ? i and i say u can't take my girlfriend like that then Jasmine comes down and said I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE AND THEN SHE SAID U SAID U WILL NEVER BRAKE MY HEART BUT U DID !!!!  and then  she said DONT COME BACK TO ME  OK ,and then she said u want a song go to youtube and put PART OF ME  and then she left and i was crying so hared that she said she was not my girlfriend anymore then Zayn said that how can i do that to her and he said that she was like a sister to him  and then Niall screamed to me saying that he loved her soo much and it hurt him seeing me and her together and then he said no matter how much i killed me  inside i wanted her to be happy no matter what and he said that how can u do that to a girl that gave all her heart to me and trusted me and loved me and that what i did to her  was the worst thing i have ever done . then i screamed saying LOOK ALL OF U DONT U THINK THAT IT HURTS ,ME SEEING HER CRY LIKE THAT AND I NEVER DID CHEAT ON HER TAYLOR SAID SHE WANTED A PICTUR WITH ME AND SO I SAID YES BUT THEN THE SECOND THING O KNOW SHE IS KISSING ME AND I START TO CRY SO MUCH .knowing that me and Jasmine are never getting back together and after that i ran up  to jasmine's room and i see her crying and then she look's up and then she stared crying so hard but she did not tell me to get out so i stayed i went to her and i said sorry to her but she did not say anything and then i went to her and grab her and hug her and then she hug's me back and then she said what did i do ? i pull her out and look at her and say nothing then she said yes i did if u wanted to be with her did i hurt u ,did i bother u ,did i do something stupid ? and then i look at he and tell her no then she said then why ? why kiss her ?it hurt me so hard for her to say that and i tell her every thing but the look in her eyes said she was thinking should she trust me  and i looked at her and said u can trust me .



hi doll's how are all of u doing ? sorry for not updating now i have exam's so i have to study so hard but on tue and wed i will update i hope so i hope u all like this chapter it was fun making this chapter so much i was playing all the 1D songs  so it was fun making this soo much and can u like this for me and fav it will mean so much to me i need like 13 till 1k so plzz let me make it and i need friends for jasmine that she will meet so tell me your name and u will be in and no mater how many i et all of u will be in the story soo plazz tell me thx and all of u have a nice day <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :) 


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