the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


2. geting ready for the tour

JASMINE(POV) the next day. oh man  was that a dream  that i saw the one direction and i will go on them on tour for a year naaaaaaa. i go down  so i can eat ya i did not do to school do not know why ? i go down in my  short short short's and a shirt and then i see HARRY  there  looking at me  up and down  and the he say's hi to me and then i look down and i see why hi was looking at me my short's were super short i go and run up to my room and i got some thing better to put on  and  then i go back down to see if he was really there and he was and looked at me agin and smiled and said hi to me  and i said hello to him  ad it was like 9:00am and i said to him why was he up and he said he was hungry .

HARRY(POV) i see  jasmine come  down the with a really short shorts  she looked hot  the i see her run back up  and  then she  came back down  with a dress  and she looked hot still 

JASMINE(POV) i took a dress out i love this dress it was red with a black belt ok now i know that was not a dream . then i go back down and he had no shirt on  and i say sorry i had to change  i tell him he said it was ok . ok i was hungry and the he said are u hungry i  tell him yesssss! and then he gives me a plate with egg's . i was the best egg's i had ever had  i tell him he said i know  right . i smile at him then i see NIALL come down and he say's hi to  me  and he smiles  at me and then he said you look nice today  u don't look bad your self i tell him and he smiles but the i look  at HARRY and the smile left i and the i tell him u look nice and cute . the i see the smile come back to his face . i love it when HARRY smiles and then NIALL takes my hand a kisses it and i start to blush and the HARRY kises my cheek and i blush even more. now what one of them will kiss me on the lip's . then i some one put's  his hand on my  waist and then i look up and it was HARRY and i look in to his eye's and he was smiling  so much that he made me blush

HARRY(POV) i see her and i ask her are u hungry and she say's yesssss! i i gave her a plate with egg's and she  ate it soo fast  the NIALL comes down  and he say's hi to jasmine  and then he kisses her hand and the she blushed and the i got mad and i kiss her on the cheek and the she blushed even more. and then i put my hand on her waist and she looked up and the she saw me and the she saw me smile and that make her blush i love this girl soo much  i can't wait to be with her for the hole year  and then i could win her but i cant let NIALL win i must do every thing it takes to win her hart  and if that means i have to buy every thing she want's  then let it be but i will win her not NIALL . and i hope she likes me more the NIALL that will give me good start . man i wish i can kiss her on the lip's but that will be not right to do and her dad will be with her every min and she will have her own room  in the hotel  and that mean no fun with out her and i can't be with her at night to talk to her well if i can see her in the morning that is ok.   hope u like it i can only do 2 chapter today   i will try to do more tomorrow   love u all

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