the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


18. every one hates me !!!!!

JASMINE(POV)today we went out i saw my dad and so we ran but then there was so many girls screaming say OMG IT's HARRY !! and i was like oh no and then they started saying are u jasmine and harry said do not say anything love and i was like ok and then they started say OMG IT IS JASMINE and the started saying  Harry needs some one that look better then u and the started saying stuff that i could not take anymore i ran so fast that Harry could not get me  then i could see Harry running faster and i ran faster i was crying like crazy then i made it   to a game place and i found a game that i played when i was small  we had to put my hand on a scanner and it will scan it and say what i was thinking and so i did it and this time it was right it said i am sad but at the same time in love and then i feel to hands on my waist and i look back and i see Harry  and it looked like he was crying and i tell him why are u crying i should be the one crying every one hates me !!!!! and he said i do not care if they do i love u and thats all u need to know ,and he said that do not run that fast u know i cant run fast and he was trying to give me a kiss but then i said if u want a kiss u have too get me and i started to run and i saw him that he ran so fast that i stopped and he pasted me and he fell on the floor  and i was like Harry i am over here  and he said well if u did not stop i would have not been over here and i was like well i run to fast so u need to run faster and he said well i do but u are to fast and i was like well i am in track and i swim team and gymnastic team  so u cant do anything  about that .then he said u are in gymnastic team ? so then i tell him yes and he said u never said anything to me about any of this and i tell him well i do not want too and he said can u show me some stuff and i think i can do it and i was like ok so i did stuff and he was like ok ok ok i got it i cant do it and i was like ya because u cant move your body like me  .and he said ok  and he said and why did u run and i look at him and said didn't u see all the girls hate me and then i got a tex from my friend saying i do not want to be friends with u and i think u know why !!!!!! and i was like OMG . and i think Harry saw my face and said what is wrong baby and i was like my friend well my ex friend now said she does not want to be friends any more and i think is because that u are like her idol and now that i am dating u so yay now i have only u boys no friends back home and she said well u have us and i was like thats all i need so ya today was a long day i mean i had so much fun people hating me me having fun with Harry whats next getting drunk ? now Harry said lats go to a night club and i was like ummm ok so then we went well i will tell u one thing Harry got so drunk he was falling every were  and so Harry cant drive so i have to and i took harry with me he said last have and i say not know harry i say u are drunk and he said fine but when i am not can we i say i will see and he said ok and i tell him what will my dad say he said it is ok i will be with u and i was like thx but i will get killed today so know it has been 1 hour drive well because harry took us to this very big night club so we made it and i took harry and the first one i saw was niall i was soo happy to see him i took harry to the bed and went back and said i miss talking to u and he said me too and i was like how is life and he said good u i say good he said good so how are u and harry i tell him good i mean he got drunk now soo not sleeping with him and if i did my dad will kill me so no sleeping with him .    


sorry  for the short chapter hope u like it

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